It’s my turn , love (Episode 1)

Hello guys!! Thank u all soo much for the lovely response on prologue. It really means a lot for a new writer. Guys the it will have swasan as main lead but ragini will play a very important role here. It will also have ragsan. Ragini will enter after few more episodes.


” But I really do love you ” said maira trying to convince the stubborn man

” I know baby ” he said while playing with her fingers and taking the essence of her smooth glassy hair

” Mr maheshwari…Pay attention ” maira complained

” Yes baby ” he said getting more engulfed in his work

” So we’re official right ? ” Maira tried to ring the bell.

He got up and and started to get ready to leave

Maira : wait…Where r u going… Sanskar !!! ?

Sanskar turned and said ” baby u ruined my mood… never love is official in my life…It’s a fun…

Maira : sanskar I really….

Sanskar : love me….Be sure of it…When u say it.

Maira : yes I’m…

Sanskar : then let’s get married…Now !!

Maira : what !!

Sanskar : yes…And we’ll elope from here… Leaving all blo*dy money of my dad…

Maira : ur not serious right ?

Sanskar : baby…I’m never serious….But when I’m by mistake I’m very Serious !!!

Maira fumbles to say something…

Sanskar : take ur time…Baby …Bye meet u tomorrow at XYZ club

Sanskar comes out leaving a shuttered maira…With the killer smile…

Sanskar : cause I know​ the answer… It’s just the damn ? money

He sits in his bike to drive for home…When he gets a call
He takes out his iPhone 7

Sanskar : yes baby ?

Vivek : scoundrel… Atleast the caller ID before babing someone…

Sanskar bites his tongue looking at caller ID

Sanskar : sorry dude…So what’s up ??

Vivek : aunty called all of us at Kapoor Villa… Anything hot ??

Sanskar : no idea…

Vivek : ok we are coming u reach soon…

Sanskar : ok cut the call baby is calling…

Vivek : moron…All are baby !!

Sanskar : dude…Who remembers soo many names….Just call them baby and they are on seventh sky…

Vivek curses him again for this much smartness

Sanskar cuts the call… Babying someone for times…Rides in high speed… Achieve some tickets.. Robes some hearts with scary stunts…and atlast reaches Kapoor Villa.

Kapoor Villa

A marvelous , gorgeous mansion with high quality architecture and interior design by the foreign architecture specialist .

Their Glamour, fashion and money can be calculated by this city famous Kapoor Villa.

Why not after all the gold medalist in architecture laksh Kapoor’s abode it is.

The famous Kapoors rule the fashion world since ages in Kolkata. Side by their bussines this is a representation of their high quality choice.

The head of the house

Ram Kapoor – MD of Kapoor industries

Sujata Ram Kapoor – MD of Kapoor fashion house

Sanskar Kapoor – recently joined office and a model

Laksh Kapoor – architecture specialist

Anjali laksh Kapoor – fashion designer

Koel Ram Kapoor – fashion designer

Money rules here and they have plenty of it . Their children are their soul and anything for them is their policy.

But until this phone call….

Ram : hello ?

Ajay : sir Ajay speaking…

Ram : hurry up..

Ajay : yes sir..We are added with one competitor..

Ram smriks in arrogance…

Ram : who can beat our performance…

Ajay : sir the Mehta…. They are also taking part in the project of Raichands…And all are saying​ their presentation is really good…

Ram sits straight with irritation…

Ram :hell…I want this Raichands deal any cost…
They are so unpredictable… Ignoring our power !!!

Ajay : tomorrow their son and daughter are returning​ to India…And I have an idea sir…They have a daughter…And sanskar sir…

Ram knew the rests…

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  1. awesome dear…i suggest u to take kavitha than ragini…bcs we swasanians cant imagine that pair as u know very well…

    1. Sus

      Ohh i am with you dear

      Why don’t you choose some other character
      You know what i am started feeling annoy by taking ragini and sanskar as combine

    2. Mica

      i’m with you Kat….:P

    3. Arshaanya

      M wid u ?

  2. nice..thank u for

  3. Sus

    Awesome dear
    Nyc starting

  4. ragsan… it will be good

  5. Sindhura

    I think you already decided about pairs so no need of pairs suggestions to you and it’s nice

  6. Seebu_s

    nice dear?but no rag____san pls?

  7. loving it dear?continue soon…rag___san?

  8. Mica

    awesome part….but if only you know both fandom didn’t much interest on opposite story dear… Swasanian can’t stand rag———————–san.. and rag————————san didn’t read Swasan story, or maybe read but no comment 🙂 ….
    sorry, if i hurt you but it’s only suggestion…

  9. nice…continue soon

  10. Arshaanya

    Loved it..
    Bt plzz we swasan fanz cannit imagine rag—san so plz if possible dan chnge her… u can take any othr girl in place of rag

  11. Saeedah

    Hey dear I like it but a suggestion!
    Well, not actually a suggestion but it is a request.
    Please no Rag_____________San! I cant tolerate them.
    I will surely love to read if it is ONLY SWASAN.
    Sorry if I have hurt anyone unintentionally.
    Best of luck for future parts. 🙂

  12. Interesting

  13. awesome..waiting for next

  14. nice dear

  15. Looking foward to it. I actually like swasans and raglak as couples but wen it comes to ragsan I don’t know it’s takes all my interest away but that’s probly bcoz we all loved watching swasans together in the serial and can’t see them separated. But I do read some ragsan stories and the writers are really good and has wonderful ideas. Sorry ragsan fans for hurting anyone with my opinions. no
    offence plz as I’m only stating my opinions. I’m not saying no more as I don’t want to hurt anyone. But adonia it’s your choice on who you want to write ur story on. Go ahead your doing great.

  16. NDSG

    Nice dear????

  17. Pramudi

    Awesome.. But dear can’t you select someone else? About rag san.. Eww.. ? it will take away all my interest from your story.
    Rest is up to you.

  18. A.xx

    nice like ragsan xx

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