TUNNEL OF LOVE (episode 1)


Hi guys it’s scarlet.I gonna start a new story based on kumkum bhagya .TUNNEL OF LOVE , a story that reveals about our rockstar abhishek mehra and a cool actress pragya arora, their love ,their hate,their fate, their destiny …..

Abhishek mehra: rockstar
Pragya arora: a lead actress
bulbul arora : sister of pragya
aliya mehra: sister of abhishek
Purab: abhi’s friend
neha: pragya’s personal assistant
ronnie: abhi’s personal assistant

In Mumbai. ..International talents award 2016
A tall man in black suit waves his hands .the crowd chears sharuk khan….he holds the Mike and starts to speak. He says I am really happy that now I am seeing the next generation talented people. Yathis industry is getting new talents.the anchor asked sharuk to announce the winner for this category. Sharuk says the award for the young lead actor female goes to …any guesses…yup she is favourite to me

Soon I gonna do a movie with her.before announcing I have to say she is such a talented girl who deserves this award.he says it’s none other than pragya arora.
The spot light shifts on a girl wearing pink saree with curly hairs ,classy accessories …she walks in a style. .all congrats her..she smiles seeing the crowd shouting her name . She waves her hand towards the crowd. sharuk offers a hand for her.they both reached the centre of stage.sharuk gives the award to her.PRAGYA recieves it.the anchor asked her to say yes words about how she is feeling after receiving the award.PRAGYA gets the Mike and starts to speak.she says ” I am really happy to receive this award and I want to dedicate this to my mom.because without her I would have not achieved it .thanks to all the people who supported me.atast but not least my fans. .really without them I am not here.keep supporting guys.sharuk gets the Mike from her and says for this simplicity all falls for her.PRAGYA smiles at him
The show ends up.

In pragya’s mansion
Bulbul walks here and there as she wants to here the happy news from pragya.PRAGYA comes with neha saying tomorrow come by 8 we will leave to set soon.bulbul sees her and runs to her asking..di..what happened

..neha says arey you di won.bulbul says di I am happy for you and hugs her.PRAGYA too hugs her.bulbul breaks the hug asking why you didn’t informed me..I am in stress .you know n.a…PRAGYA says arey bulbul .it’s not new to me.more over its not my first award.bulbul says I agree ,it’s not your first one…but I will get excited whenever you win.waise di ..its your 50 th award right.PRAGYA nods looking at her expression.bulbul says oh my god di..neha says I am leaving pragya,it’s late.pragya says take the car as it’s late because of me.neha says because of this care..this concern I love you pragya but I can manage.bulbul asked neha what you told you love di. ..it’s not possible..how on earth ,a girl loves a girl.pragya asked her to stop .neha says as a big sister I love her and holds pragya’s hands asking will you accept me as your little sister.PRAGYA says no.both looks on. Bulbul says but di..neha was about to leave ,pragya holds her hand saying I have accepted you as my sister five years ago.neha smiles and hugs pragya
PRAGYA was touched by her emotions.bulbul too hugs them and trio took Selfies.

I hope you all liked ….

Credit to: scarlet

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