“Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya” Rikara FS : Part 7

Om came out of the room blushing thinking about the moment they had a few minutes ago he was happy that he had an affect on Gauri .”Duffer Open the Door Don’t do anything to Rii ,Ommm” Ishana’s shout broke him out of his thoughts, dressing up quickly he went to open the door , Ishana pushed him aside and came inside with a bag “Where is Rii you did not eat her up right “Ishana asked suspiciously ,Om was about to avoid the question when he saw Gauri coming out of the washroom in wet cloths, he had sudden urge to kiss her again again until she moans his name ” om control” he kept chanting he knew the coming days would be hard he would not be able to keep his hands off his wife .Ishu looked to the direction where is Om is staring to see Rii in wet clothes her eyes went wide open she was looking from Om to Gauri Gauri to Om ,Gauri was looking down she felt too shy to look up . Ishana Gaped”O my” her hands flew to her mouth ,at the same time Om and Gauri looked up to see her that’s when Gauri noticed Ishu feeling embarrassed she ran back to the washroom .Ishu turned back to see Om who was Tensed and embarrassed to see him running his fingers through his hair he was looking everywhere but at Ishu .”Ommm so this was the reason you got late to open the door ahh ‘ she gave a sly grin which meant danger for Om,Seeing her smirking “No Ishu no you not going to ,Ishu listen” giving him a sly grin she ran out of the room .Om knew today that there is no chance to escape “hope that i escape them oh my god ” he murmured ,Seeing the washroom door closed “Gauri i ordered set of clothes for you on the way yesterday have a look at them ,come out and change i am going out “saying that Om went out off the room ,he knew she was nervous so he thought to give her time to gather her courage.

After a while Gauri came out of the washroom and checked around to see whether he was there ,after what had happened she felt shy to look at him ,that’s when she a saw a bag kept in the bed she went and opened to see beautiful bright color simple shalwars with ornaments to go with .they were damn beautiful she wanted to thank her man hug him and kiss him for this awesome dresses .”Gauri stop it what happened to you now he is your man” she murmured but then her lips betrayed her and curved and in a smile “My Man” she smiled .She knew that one day she is gonna go crazy about him , she knew her man was handsome with a beautiful hair and killer smile to go with she had been drooling over him unknown to him ever since she met him the first time in the park where she had caught him staring at her the moment there’s eye’s locked something happened to her , She had thought that as silly crush she would be able to get over it but she couldn’t she always found herself dreaming about him and after around four long years when they met *sigh* she thought him as Ishana’s fiance *sigh* and now *sigh* he is her man but she couldn’t accept him she couldn’t endanger his life  *sigh* “I have to let you go , I am sorry ” Gauri hugged his shirt which was lying in the bed .

Getting Ready quickly she decides to go out of the Room she could not stay the whole day in and now it’s closer to Noon , her stomach grumbled reminding her she is hungry, taking a deep long breath calming her nerves she came out of the room ,she was hell nervous to meet the others .Soon as she came to the dining room she saw all the young oberois present the elders have taken a trip out and she noticed Om eyeing her she could not stop the blush crept up her cheek seeing her blushing he winks at her giving a sly grin and he signs her to take the seat next to his chair Ri shakes head in no ,he pleads cutely ,again Rii signs no “Ahem ,ahem”everyone starts coughing “O ithni besharam hogaya , u could tell bhabhi ” Rudy tells with a naughty glint , “Bahbbhi ” Rii almost shrieks ,”aah baabhi Rii the way u both are interacting i guess she became my babhi ,haina i heard that u both had some pani wala aahh ” before Rudy completed the sentence ,Om smacks his head with the usual line”Shut up Rudra” while everyone gives a lopsided smile ,Gauri felt as if she had some magic to disappear at this instant, her face was red as tomato ,Shivaay was the first one to notice Gauri being crimson red he wanted to play along with Rudy but for now her health was important if he starts to tease he knew that Gauri would run away in shame so to ease her “Rii come let’s have some food i am sure u might be hungry”ignoring the chair besides Om glaring at him she takes the seat next to Anika .The lunch went smoothly with Rudy’s and Ishu’s teasing.

That evening Omkara and Shivaay had Gone out Ishu ,Gauri with Anika were relaxing when they had Tej shouting across the hall “Omkara .Omkara Come here”, When he came to the living room he saw the three girls sitting , pointing his index finger at Gauri “How dare you marry My son ek sadap ladki , How did you trap my son aah a blo*dy gold digger ” he yelled at her furiously “Ek sadap ladki my bahu , my foot’ he shouted disgustingly “Is this your upbringing , no wonder you parents would have taught you ways trap to rich boys shame on you”he continued furious ,”Mr.Oberoi “Gauri shouted enraged tears stung her eyes but it did not dare to fall “Mr.Oberoi who are you to raise a finger on my upbringing “”an alcoholic “”a sadist””an unethical businessman””or a person who flaunts around with his mistress front of the own family ” she replied sarcastically , soon as the words left her mouth she was whiped around and slapped her eyes went wide open to see who had slapped ,Om her Om slapped her “How dare you talk to Mr.Oberoi like that , he is my father dammit ” Om yelled furiously looking at her ,Tej was proudly beaming at his son but within no seconds there was another slap sound heard everyone present around jaw’s dropped to see Gauri slapping Om ,Om’s eyes went wide open “Don’t think that I won’t give it back to you Mr.Omkara Singh Oberoi ,Mr.Oberoi Your Father” she replied sarcastically “Your cannot call your own father as papa and now your physically hurting me just because i raised my voice on your fath.. no no Mr.Oberoi ” she yelled at him furiously , Om had his palms on his cheek witnessing his Wife’s dabbang nature was a shocker for Om he knew she had temper but this ..

Turning to Tej ,Gauri “Even if Your Son offers the world in a gold platter i want run behind him, for your kind information it was your son who married me without my permission and forcing me into a relationship ,Mr.Oberoi You spoke so much today you’ll have to pay me back everything with interest ” she replied enraged then continuing with “Right now I am helpless that doesn’t mean i am fallen, Remember this day Mr.Tej Singh Oberoi to save your prestige and your hard earned name who will have to come to one day begging”

Tej let out a chuckle digustingly”Me,Tej Singh Oberoi coming to your feet to save my honor oh my poor girl how could you even think aah ” he finished the sentence with anger while Gauri let out a laugh “Think you are getting me wrong Mr.Oberoi I am challenging you ” she replied looking straight into his eyes with that said she turned around on her heels and left leaving the others spell bound .

At that moment Om understood that he is innocent naive chirrayai is not as she look she is confident and can stand up to anyone the way she challenged Mr.Oberoi he knew that she has another part of her life which is unknown to anyone he was determined to find out he knew asking her he would never get the information .she was an enigma .*sigh*

After Tej left Anika and Ishana came forward to see Om with the Slap mark still afresh on his face they let out a chuckle while Om glared at them , then Anika sobering up asks Om furiously “How could you slap your Wife Om ? you were a person who was against physical hurting right ?then why?” Om spoke “When I saw her yelling at Mr.Oberoi i couldn’t babhi ,he is my father true i hate him but when someone insults him i can’t see that babhi”he spoke with tears , Anika cupping Om’s face wiping away the tears “Om just like you only Gauri stood up for her parents it was Bade papa who started he was badmouthing her and raised his finger on her upbringing when you have hatred for Bade papa even you stood up for him without listening to your  opponent just think in Ri’s case she loves her parents alot , it is not you or me if anyone insults our parent’s we get anger we have to stand up but we have to make decisions wisely that too verbally not physically , think about it Om ” telling that Anika leaves with Ishana leaving a baffled Omkara .

Soon as Gauri entered Room she falls on the floor crying she was able to put up a brave act but now she couldn’t control her tears thinking about the incidents which happened few minutes ago “Why did you leave me Maa and papa if you were here will a situation arise like this ? Maa” she was crying her heart out thinking about her parents while on the Other side Om was sitting in the pool thinking about the events which occurred, he felt guilty he should never have raised his hand on her whatever it was , seeing the hurt on her face when he slapped he could not get out that image of his mind ,closing his eyes in pain then he remembers the way she slapped him back unknown to him, he touches the place where she had slapped, a smile crept in. he loved the fact that she was not a meek wife ,he fell in love with her all the more witnessing her dabbang attitude .He decides to check on her it was around 11 in the night since that incident he had been in the pool and did not see her around. He decides to take her food he knew she might have not come down for dinner like him .

He walks into the room with a plate of food to find his angel sleeping in the floor with her head rested in the side of the bed, his heart broke to see her tear stained face , keeping the food aside,he went near her scooped her up in his arms when he was about to lay down she opened her eyes and started  struggling to push him off but he laif her carefully amid her struggling.He stretches opposite to her in the bed pulling her to himself holding her tightly she struggled to get out of his grip at last she gave up and settled in his chest she loved being his embrace it felt home the warmth ,she felt secured ,seeing her giving up a smile spread on his face he liked being close to her.

For a while they were the silent “I am sorry” he whispered into her ears ,she looked up him he was feeling guilty it was evident in his eyes “I am sorry Gauri ,i know i should not have raised my hand on your but i could not control Gauri when you were insulting Mr.Oberoi “he closed his eyes whereas Gauri was looking intently “Gauri whatever you told him is true i was just fifteen when he bought his mistress home that was the day my family broke, my mother’s sufferings and everything took a toil on me, i hated him i hate him but yet if some one raises a finger on him i cannot seeing him bowing down Gauri” tears started flowing form his eyes ,he opened his eyes to see her wiping away his tears, he hugged her tightly finally he felt peace .

They were silent for some time ,he was sleeping off when he heard her say “I am sorry” ,Om came awake with a start ,he looked down at her to see her eyes showing pain and guilty ,”I am sorry i should not have slapped you in front of everyone i insulted you ” she tells him as tears spilled ,gently cupping her face in his one hand he wipes her tears away “it was my punishment Gauri even i should not have .. so don’t be sorry” she starts whining more in a child like voice she tells”When I was small mama used to tell it is not good to raise our voice or hand on our husband but i *sniff* i am bad girl she hugs him crying more”mama will be angry ” she cries more into his chest ,Om did not how to react whether to laugh out loud or to cry this petite women in his hands is impossible, in the morning she refused to acknowledge him as her husband now she is crying that she slapped her husband , with a gentle smile on his face he makes her look at him ” i am also a bad boy i also slapped my biwi so now don’t cry ” shaking her head negative holding his face in her little palms”i was just ten when my parent’s left me alone my parent’s loved me so much they thought me good values and everything when Mr.Oberoi started talking bad about my parents i could not stop myself , sorry even then i should not have slapped when you had no say in it ” , “i was wrong Gauri””No om i am wrong ” soon they started fighting who was wrong “stop”Om shouted “both are wrong okay now” letting out a chuckle Gauri again rested her head in his chest as if it was the natural thing to do . Om starts laughing “What” hearing her he starts laughing loudly , she frowns hitting him on his arm “tell idiot ” ,looking at her i thought about “us”,hearing him say”us” she loved rather “i” and “you” what “us” she asks smiling.

“I thought of the events that happened today ” Gauri looks at him puzzled “So what about that” .”First we had a dramatic wedding ,then villains following and then my biwi thinks that i married to someone else and creates a huge issue with it ” he grins at him seeing her smiling sheepishly “and and then …” he prolongs then sentence while Gauri starts wondering ” then what ” rolling on top of her Gauri gasps loudly seeing him on top of her ,then leaning down he whispers huskily “pani wala …” he winks at her leaning back to see her mouth going wide open pushing him off she starts to get off as a blush crept it in he pulls her back to himself she lands on his chest “I guess we have to try it once again in the shower u know it was ..” winking , she could not help but blush and then “we slapped each other ” ,”hmmm” Gauri muses ,”what hmmm”O imitates her “and now you on top of me ” om teases her that broke her out of her thoughts she hurriedly starts to get u when Om rolls to his back pulling her with him , she starts to protest but he holds her tighter after a while she gives up ,cuddling each they went to sleep it was one of the best night for both of them for one it was the happiness and peace felt that his dark phase of life is going to end whereas for her it was the night she had peaceful slumber free of nightmares .

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