“Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya” Rikara FS – Part 5

The Voice Broke both of them out of their reverie . Both titled their heads Sideways still in the embrace to look at her , they were shocked would be a understatement . Gauri felt as if she could vanish in the thin air , she had no courage to face her she just wanted to runaway from her .Om made Gauri Stand and Went to her and hugged her in front of Gauri “Arre My Darling Why So much Anger aah ? Gauri heard Om asks her, She Faked her anger hugged Om back , Gauri Stood rooted to the Ground .

After Sometime They broke apart and Gauri saw both of them whispering something to themselves and approaching her , Gauri took one step backward . Gauri Knew she could not face her When She was about to turn and walk way , “Ri Stop I said stopped , Are you running away fro me Ri? Gauri Turned around to face her she was hell scared she cannot face her,what will she tell that she betrayed her friend ? No she cannot , Thoughts started racing her mind , when she finally came near “How can you Do this to me Ri ,How Could you Do this behind my back , You could have told me right ?, Why Ri? Why? She faked her tears and anger .If it was another situation Gauri would easily figured out that she faking but now …

Gauri burst out crying hugging her tightly “Ishu i never had intentions to do something like this ishu .. ishu .. please believe me i did not want to break your trust . it was him .. he married me ishu without my permission .. i never … she *hic* *hic* i never wanted too … be.. . “

Ishana broke the hugged and cupped her face “Pagli i was just joking i always knew one day he is going bring you home i was angry because you guys could have informed me right i would have arranged the homecoming rituals , Anyways Welcome to Our Family Gauri ” she told Gauri lovingly wiping away her tears .

Gauri took a step backward shocked “Ishu You have no problem that he married me? ” Come on Gauri if he wants to spend the entire life with you why will have any problem ? she smiled looking at Om , Om came closer hugged her sideways “I know That darling that’s why i never told you “Om replied her “Hey I am angry that you never told me you could have told me right at-least once i am not going to forgive you easily until you take me out for a drive and ice cream ? she replied with angry pout rolling her eyes ,Om chuckled pulling her more closer “Nautanki ” . Gauri felt as any moment her legs would give in “Her husband has bought her sautan home and she is worried that she could not arrange the welcoming rituals and moreover she knew that one day he will bring her home , how can she accept something so casually ? did she go mad with anger? Gauri wondered staring at her so called husband and her bestie in horror , Gauri cleared her throat to let them know that she still existed “Ishu , how can you ishu ? Are you for Real ? ” Gauri asked her shocked she could not ever in her wild dreams imagine her husband bringing another woman home and here ishu ,

“Ri What’s wrong with you , if he likes you and you like him why will have a problem ?Ishana asked confused , Gauri was furious by now ishu can accept but she will never ever “Have you lost it Ishu I hate him such a possessive and mad person he his he thinks i belong to him he is obsessed with me “Gauri shouted furiously then pointing her finger at Om “U I am never going to you accept you or either this marriage , samjhi app ” looking straightly into his eyes bravely in anger . Om was clenching his fist in anger and was about to answer her back but the whole young Oberoi clan had come down due to the sound .

Shivika came first followed by Rudy Gauri immediately went hugged shivaay crying “Bade bhaiya please tell him to leave me .. please bhaiya please .. she was crying hard shivaay immediately hugged her back while annika was wiping her tears and kissing her hair .

After sometime , Shivaay broke apart and cupped her face “Ri tell me what happened who is troubling you tell me Ri , bacha bola nah please” ever since Ishana had bought Gauri home for a week stay The Great Shivaay Singh Oberoi had found a sisterly connection in gauri if she cried he felt as if he is pain he could not see tears in her eyes , then Rudy barged in hugging her sideways “Ri tell me who is it troubling you i am going to beat him black and blue” ,Gauri pointed her finger at Om ,ShivRu were shocked , hell they have never seeing him talk to girl let alone trouble her ,Gauri spoke with tears brimming in her eyes ” He married me bhaiya without my permission and now he is forcing me into relationship , bhaiya i beg you please tell him to let me go .. please” .ShivRu almosted gasped “Om what is this ?,Answer me how can you marry her without her permission?” Shivaay yelled at him , “O i did not expect this from you ‘ Rudy told disappointed .”Om why did you do this ?” Anika asked in almost a whisper .

Om calmly replied “Gauri is my Wife now , yes i never wanted to marry her like this in this way but now we are married and she will stay with me in this house “

“I am going Omkara Singh Oberoi ” Gauri snapped back at him . “Om i do not know why you married her but Gauri is like my own sister you cannot force your decisions on her if doesn’t want to stay with you let her go ” ,”O i agree with bhaiya what you did is wrong at the first place let her go O ?.

Ishana who was a silent spectator decided to speak up for Om She knows that Om’s happiness lies in Gauri She has seen how madly he has fallen for Gauri , She herself has seen how whenever Om sees Gauri his eyes lit up , the smile the twinkle everything ..she has seen .The person who never believed in love is in love, she is his light in is dark life she cannot let Gauri go away .

Before Om could answer Ishana squeezed his hand assuring him she will be always by his side,”Ri Tell us What’s the issue that u do not want to stay in this marriage?”Ishana asks her calmly. Gauri who was is ShivRu embrace comes out and walks to Ishana holding her palms “Ishu i really can’t understand how could you accept that your husband has married your best friend?Gauri tells her with tears brimming in her eyes .


I know that this is a boring chappy but i promise next one will have some romance

Anyways let me know whether you guys liked it or not

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