“Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya” Rikara FS – Part 4

On the Way ,Om Stopped the Car near Dhaba as He knew that Gauri must been Starving . He turned to her side , she had dozed off maybe exhausted ,he thought .Even with a tear stained face she looked angelic and cute Om mused smiling , he could live all his life just staring at her.He did not have a heart to wake her up but he had to if not they would end up in hunger ,He gently tapped  her Shoulder “Gauri wake up , Gauri , Wake up”, Gauri without Opening her eyes she spoke sleepily   “let me sleep i’ll wake up in five minutes”  , Om chuckled he knew she was a heavy sleeper and making her wake up is hard task .Gauri Opened her eyes startled hearing a man’s voice ,Seeing a man in her Room that to on her bed ,So close , she shrieked almost trying to jump “What the hell are you doing in my bed ” Gauri screamed furiously .Om burst out laughing seeing her reaction. Gauri thought  “What had gotten into this Man ,  Did she tell Something Wrong  ?”Wait wait a minute this is Om right ,What the hell is he doing here?” she was damn angry by now , ” Om I asked you a question i need an answer not your stupid laughter , Understood?”. Om knew that AngryRi is had to control he had seen glimpses of AngryRi .Om Stopped laughing looked at at her lovingly “Gauri You are in my Car ”.

“What I am in Your Car “Gauri almost Shouted while gaping .She looked around the surrounding and now she understood she was in a car that too with man ,”how did i end up with him? Gauri pondered , then realization dawn upon  the flashes came before her eyes that now she is married to him , then she imagined her bestfriend walking up-to her “how can you do this to me Ri? i believed and trusted you so much , but at the end you betray me”Gauri heard her accusing her and crying bitterly ” Gauri you betrayed me , i trusted you ,Why did you do this to me” .Gauri could not take it anymore her mind was screaming  “how can you betray your friend ?.Gauri cried bitterly closing her ears and eyes she could not face her “No , I did not … betr..” she choked  Gauri started crying bitterly shouting furiously “No i did not ” She could not stay here she felt suffocated she wanted to run run far as she can from her .She was struggling to open the car .

Om was silently watching her she looked cute and innocent when she gaped when he had told her that she was in his car , then he saw her facial expressions it was changing , he knew that she was remembering about her marriage then when she started shouting furiously , “No and what was that be..” Seeing her crying bitterly he thought for a while whether did he force her into this ? but if she did not want to she could have stopped him right ? he thought , his mind screamed “was she in a situation to take decision ? she was trying to commit suicide you idiot?” ,He knew he can never justify his act but he loved her so much to never let her go .

Seeing her Struggling to open the car he pulled her ,with a thud she landed on his chest they had deep painful eye-lock . Gauri was the first one to broke she struggled to get out of his grip but his hold  was  stronger .”Leave me ” she yelled at him whining “leave me ,you have no right to touch me” , Gone was the patient Om , He had been always possessive about everything belonged to him ? Seeing The furious look come over his face she felt frightened , she had met him few times .On one such encounter she had seen his anger , she gulped her saliva she was scared but she was determined that she is not going to show him that , she put up a brave facade .

Om grabbed her arm furiously holding it tighter digging his nails into her arms , he knew that it  hurt her seeing the way she yelped at the sudden contact but she had to understand  how she held an  importance in his life ,looking into her eyes directly  he furiously spoke “Dammit Gauri I am Your Husband ,Only I have right to touch, Only me , You belong to me Only , Tum sirf mere ho ,sirf mere”,Samjhi” ,  Gauri fumed looking directly into his eyes bravely  “How Dare you ? Who gave you the right over my life , Your not my husband , This Marriage means nothing to me , you cannot force me into something i do not like ” she furiously whispered while tears started spilling , he held her tighter ” I know that you need time to accept me but remember never ever disrespect our marriage ? he told her politely yet in a threatening tone .”I will never accept you and either betray my best friend like you did ” she retorted back ,”Gauri what ?” he almost shouted “What betrayal? Who did i betray? i would never do something like that even to my enemy ? I am a man of Words “he screamed enraged  .When Gauri was about to snap back at him,

They heard a bullet sound . They looked back to see A black jeep full of Gunda’s Following them a bit far aiming Gun at them , they started firing from far.Om wanted to know why Gauri thought of him like that but right now their safety is important , he started driving the car rashly another bullet hit the rear windshield shattering into pieces “Gauri bend ” Om shouted worriedly “he cannot think of anything happening to her , She is his life his love”.

Gauri was dreaded her life has become like  a Bollywood movie “Getting kidnapped by the villain , Hero’s entry and the dramatic marriage and above all her so-called  husband is her best friend’s husband and now the villains chasing them , she sighed crying . Seeing Om driving the Car rashly without control over the wheels she was scared she hurriedly put on her seat belt atleast before she takes her last breath she had to apologize to her best friend and tell her that she never intended to hurt her she owed her that much , Tears started  filling  again. “She will explain her and walk out of her life once and for all”Gauri thought if she survived the attack.

Om did not have time to think he would have Shot  in the them at the first place but with Gauri by his side he couldn’t he had seen the fear in her eyes how dreaded and pale she looked when he had shot Kali right in front of her eyes he did not want to her to experience that again because he could not see her in that state he wanted the old chirpy girl he had fallen in love with .Then a thought came to his mind “Will she ever accept me after knowing what I do? Will she walk out from my life? ,”Never i am not going to let her go he would make her fall in head over heels in love with him “he promised himself confidently letting out a chuckle.

Gauri stopped crying wiping her tears and looks at him astonished ,they are in a life or death threatening situation and here he is chuckling ,”Are you an insane?. Hearing her question he turns to her frowning “Why?” , “We are in a life or death situation and you are smiling ? she asks irately .He chuckles again “What”Gauri asks frowning , “You know what ? you look cute when you getting angry”he tells her cheekily , Gauri gapes hearing that , He winks at her making Gauri  mutter angrily looking forward , “And by the way Mrs it had been a while since i mislead the goons , Now we are on Our way to the Mansion .

Gauri was shocked “What but when “she whispers so he doesn’t hear her then she notices outside the window now no one was following them and he had slow down the speed she was so lost in her thoughts at that time she thought. “Wait a minute did he tell Mansion” How is she gonna face everyone , “No i can’t to that “she did not have the courage to do ,

“Om i am not coming with you please drop me to the chawl “she pleaded him again sobering up ,it pained him to see her pleading but he has to stay firm if he wanted her in life ,he was happy a while ago when she had a fight with him but now to see her ,he has to turn deaf to her pleas at least for her safety if he leaves her alone Kali might again …  Om was not sure whether Kali died or not, her safety is his first priority    .”Gauri you are my wife so by all the rights i have on you, you are going to come with me if not ” “if not” she asked him furiously in a whisper “The more you try to runaway from me the more i would come closer to , I will become you are worst nightmare ,i will hunt you down Gauri,What do you think that i am mad to let you  escape ? he yells at her.

Gauri could not believe her eyes how could he? She knew for now she had to go with him there his family  would understand her and support her, The few days she had stayed with them she  had found a brother in Shivaay and a friend in Rudy ,No matter what they will support her against him above all she thought of “her” how will she react when she gets to know that … she prayed to god to give her courage to face her .

After a long drive they arrived to the Mansion by now both were starving ,He had forgotten the reason why he had stopped at the Dhaba ? .He got down of the car and went to the other side and opened the door for her to come out, he was about to hold her hand , she stopped him showing her palm with disgust , he closed his eyes in pain and sighed and stood aside until she came out.When they were about to enter the Mansion  Gauri felt a bit weak and dizzy She was about to fall when he held her firmly placing his hands on her waist and she had her hands on his chest  ,They had an eye lock which was broken due to a scream “How could you both do this to me?”.


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