“Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya” Rikara FS – Part 3

Chappy 3

Gauri got the another shock of her life to see the person who had shot Kali it was him .Gauri felt numb , She kept staring at him all the while without blinking even once ,he came closer and closer and when he reached . He made Gauri stand by holding her shoulder, for a brief second they had an eye lock which reflected only love in his eyes for her .He was the first one to break the eye-lock and with a swift he carried her in a bridal way all the while gazing at her lovingly Gauri was clueless as to what those dark orbs were intend to do but she knew that he will never hurt her as if on cue her hands automatically went around his neck , he gave her a smile . She saw him shaking his head to Panditji and he started chanting the wedding mantra’s and he gave her a one last look and  took the 7 vows binding their souls together for the rest of their life.

(Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu plays in the bg)

Then he made her stand took the piece of glass from her hand and cut his thumb she was looking at him dreaded and then he filled her maang with his blood and tied the mangalsutra around her neck. Then turning to Kali who was fighting for his life who was looking at them be- wildly , she heard him tell calmly yet in a threatening tone”Gauri meri biwi ho, she is my wife, if you even try to come near her let alone touch her ,you will see the bad version of Omkara Singh Oberoi” all the while throwing fireballs through his eyes. With that said he took hold of her hand and dragged her out ,made her sit in the car and drove a way . The Car journey was silent one Omkara was stealing glances once in a while driving to know whether she was okay . Gauri was Too shocked she felt dreaded to react she could not process the information that she was someone’s wife that too wife of her best friend’s husband .Until yesterday she had no one today she was someone’s wife She could not take it anymore .She was on the verge of crying a lone tear escaped her eyes .she started sobbing softly .

Om knew that she needs time to accept the fact she was married to him .

He will wait he will wait until That day Comes even for eternity  ,He had loved her without any expectations not even her but when one of his men informed him that Kali has abducted Gauri in the idea of Marrying without her permission made his blood boil and he felt a pain in his heart ” Gauri and Kali , Nooo Never I want let that b**d  , Gauri meri ho ,sirf meri ‘ he felt a sense of possessiveness with that raged he had shot Kali.

Before he had thought that he would be able to live happily alone seeing her happiness all his life but now he understood she is his life and without her it will be filled loneliness . he will not let her go even if she wanted and he will make her fall in love with him and they would lead a life a peaceful and happily life ,he mused with a wide grin .

He never wanted to marry her in this way he wanted to give a fairy tale wedding that’s what he had ever dream. Since he saw her in a park playing with her bacha party . He was so mesmerized The long black tresses swaying along the music while she danced ,The dark kohl eyes making him drawn to and her laughter was like a melody to his ears , her innocent yet childish antics .For the  first time in his life he was happy seeing someone else’s happiness and joy . He knew at that moment that he was in love ,love at first sight .

He had been smiling like an idiot ever since then wherever he was and whatever situation  his thoughts had always turned into her ever since then. Rudy ,his  brother, had nudged him asking who was that girl but he wanted it to be secret as he knew the more the people got to know they would attack her if they got to know she is his weak point. He thought While driving .

He turned to his left to see her she was crying he was so lost in his thoughts that he failed to notice. His heart pained to see his love in pain , he so wanted to embrace her , assure her and kisses away her tears but he couldn’t , he knew her so well that he knew that she will not appreciate  his gesture so he let her in her own way hoping that she would calm down . With that he  drove Fast to the Oberoi Mansion thinking about their future ahead.

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      This is Gauri’s First marriage and to know whether Om is married or not waiting until the next chappy and thank u

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