“Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya” Rikara FS – Part 1

This is My First Attempt on Writing FF So Friends Do Read and Give Your Views and Likes


“It is almost past an hour by now I could not find a Rickshaw yet” Gauri muttered under her breath she was almost tired, today was a bad day for her from the morning, she woke up late, got late to office on her first day and  got an earful from her senior , could not complete her project on time and  now she could not find an auto.

It was almost 6 now she decided to walk back up home. When she started walking she had a feeling of someone’s gaze over her and someone following her , she turned back putting up a brave face  she looked to her left and right but could not find anyone. Turning back on her heels she started walking again after almost an hour she noticed that she was out of sight of people. she was scared the silence ,the buzzing wind and the whistling trees sent chills down her spine ,she was almost on the verge of crying , chanting all the prayers she clutched her back tightly near her chest and increased the speed of walking having the gaze down on the road all the while that’s when she dashed into a tall strong person before she could touched the ground a pair of arms wrapped around her waist .That’s when she opened her eyes to meet her worst nightmare , The only word escaped her mouth before passing out was “Kali” and everything went blur around her.

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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is interesting

    1. Sh_aarohi

      Thank u dear

    T C A S S ?

    1. Sh_aarohi

      thanks dear

  3. Ksuji

    Aroohi!!! You have just made me imagine the whole scenario. Great description.

    1. Sh_aarohi

      Thank u so much this was my first attempt though i am really overwhelmed for a such praise thanks once again

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