Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 8 (Holi Special)

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The Sunlight seeped in through the curtains ,Om woke up to see his beauty cuddling him in his arms ,It was a pleasant sight for him her innocent face and she had a small smile on her face ,may be she is dreaming about me Om thought with a Smile .Rolling Over her he started nuzzling her neck coaxing her to wake up as his hand grips her waist and he slowly runs his hand up the length of her stomach .She pushed him back angrily sitting up ,”Stop being so forward with me “she shouted at him angrily ,Om gave a lopsided grin “The way i can remember… yesterday night… you did not have any problem ? “he tells her smirking .”That… I…That …” Gauri stammered,”What Gauri that … what? Gauri “he asks grinning.Get lost…”She throws the pillow and tries to get up .He pulled her back “Leave me … I told you not to take so much liberty” She replies enraged .She hated it that his every touch aroused her desires she wanted to feel him feel love by him ,she just wanted stay like this forever .Cupping her face he tucked her strands behind “If my wife doesn’t allow i guess i need to have a girlfriend ” he says with smirk ,”What the…”Gauri shouts “How dare you ..Don’t you even try to flirt with a girl.. I’ll kill you with my bare hands let alone have a girlfriend” she shouted furiously .She looked cute “My cute little angry bird “Om thought he loved the fact she was possessive, she has feelings for me ,he pulled her close hugging her tighter “Why would I go to another girl when i have breathtaking beautiful wife “he whispered huskily making her blush kissing her nose he got up and headed up for shower leaving Gauri flushed .

They both came down ,Gauri was wearing a white saree whereas Om wore a white kurta as it was holi but both of them wished secretly that they both should be the first to put colors on them but they felt awkward to voice their wishes .Rudy came running to them to put them colors but they stoped him at the same time “Rudra””Rudy bhaiya” they looked at each other ,Om spoke first “I am not in mood today and he went back to the room” , “What happened to him ,holi is his favorite festival ,you know babhi he used to count days for holi ,what happened to him” Rudy wondered ,”Babhi leave it wait i’ll apply you some colors” ,Gauri stammered she has to stop him “Bhaiya… I am ..” “What Ri babhi ” Rudy asked raising his eyebrows he knew that both will not allow he just wanted to give a push” ,”Rudy bhaiya i am allergic to colors”with that she ran away without waiting for his response.

As Om was in the room he did not have any issue but for Gauri Who ever she came across she had to give silly excuses without anyone knowing she took a pinch of red color and headed towards the room at least she can do this for him she thought .Walking into his room he had his back to her he was painting ,art was his passion she knew it .She was hell nervous but she was determined she will do it ,she took tiny steps forward what she reached forward she knelt down behind her ,Taking her little palms from behind ,her hands were shaking once she reached she applied in his face from behind wishing him happy holi into his ears .

(Lahu Munh Lag Gaya plays in the background)

Aye… Ji Re… Ude ude mann ude

… Par lage tere sang jude…

When she was about to take back her hands he held it from behind and turned around to see her .He pulled her near to himself placing his hands in her waist and stared into her eyes ,He moved closer and closer their faces were inches apart she closed her eyes in anticipation .

Man Uddein, Pag Badhein

Teri Ore Badhein

Jag Chhod Badhein

He brushed his stubble in her right cheek leaving the color in her face to and then he leaned and brushed his stubble in her left cheek, Gauri felt breathless she was blushing heavily when she did not feel the contact she opened her eyes to see him staring at her lovingly unconsciously she moved forward and kissed his cheek and dragging her lips across his jaw she kissed near the corner of his lips .he turned his face to her side now their lips were inches apart he moved closer and closer… and closer…

Ae Lahu Munh Lag Gayaa

Lahu Munh Lag Gayaa

Soyaa Thaa Nas-Nas Mein

Ab Ye Jag Gayaa

Ae Lahu Munh Lag Gaya

She Pushed him away and ran near the bed she was breathing heavily blushing ,he came from behind moving the hair from her shoulder to the one side he snaked his arm to her waist when she felt something cold she looked down to see that he was coloring her with red color paint … the other hand was applying paint moving up and down her arms… he leaned in more Gauri titled her head giving him more access he leaned and kissed her neck… both were breathing heavily…

Labon Ke Chune Se

Khwabon Ke Kone Se..

Bachke Sabse Lab Se Lab

Ye Rag Se Lag Gayaa

Aye Lahoo Munh Lag Gaya

Aye Lahoo Munh Lag Gaya

Aye Lahoo Munh Lag Gaya..

Lag Gaya..

He turned her around to face him she had her eyes closed heavily blushing leaning forward he nibbled her ear lobes whereas his hands were applying colors to her back due to the sudden sensation she gripped his arms tight..

Bhatakk Rahi Hai Aag Ye Malang Angg Angg Angg

Atak Gayi Hai Saans Uske

Sang Sang Sang Sang

Kal-Kal Behtaa Thaa

Chal-Chal Rehtaa Thaa

Kal-Kal Behtaa Thaa

Chhal-Chhal Rehta Tha

Taan Leke Jaane Kab Gayaa

Lab Se Lab Ye Lab-Lab Se

Lahu Munh Lag Gayaa

Moving his lips across her face he kissed all over her face and stopped at the corner of her lips he kissed their slowly .. She hugged him tighter unable to face him hiding her face in his chest…

Ae Lahu Munh Lag Gaya Lahu Munh Lag Gaya Soyaa Thaa Nas-Nas Mei

Ab Ye Jag Gayaa … …Ae Lahu Munh Lag Gayaa

One hand holding her securely using his thumb and forefinger he lifted her chin “Look at me” he whispered huskily..Gauri shaked her head negative blushing… “Look at me biwi..” Her eyes shot open hearing him call her ‘biwi’… they were staring at each other for a while lovingly …

Labo Ke Choone Se Khwabo Ke Kone SeLabon Ke Chune … SeKhwabon Ke Kone Se..Lab Se

Lab ..Yeh Lab-Lab SeLahu Mu Lag Gaya

He leaned in to kiss her she closed her eyes … he moved closer and closer… she gripped his arms tight… he tighten his hold around her… he moved closer … their faces were inches apart…

Hey Lahu Munh Lag Gaya … … Ae, Lahu Munh Lag Gaya … … Ae, Lahu Munh Lag Gaya...

Their lips were almost about to touch… their breathing increased … heart is beating fast…It was about to touch…The phone rang bringing them out of their reverie… Both were blushing .. Gauri felt shy to look up it him she pushed him away and ran out the room leaving the Om..

Om took the phone to see caller id flashing Ishana ..”Damnit Ishana Do you any sensors that you always use to disturb me during a special moment… “he muttered and answered the phone disappointingly..





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