Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 38 and 39

Chapter 38

Gauri stirs in her sleep and Opens her eyes lazily and tries to wake up but Her eyes widens feeling someone’s weight and hot breath fanning across her cleavage . She looks down and instantly relaxes Finding it’s Him but Her cheeks heats up as She remembers the way her husband got intimate with her . She was supposed to give him an earful and make him ask her forgiveness for calling those girls Hot ! But Her Husband Had – Her thoughts halt as She blushes , Still She could feel his lips around her mounds , her toes curl up as She bites her lower lip to stop herself from blushing .

Holding him by his arm with a great effort She places him carefully on his back and tucks him into the pillow . She studies his face sitting up close to him . Her hands itch to run along his well toned abs , Her gazes shifts from his abs to his arms where it is bandaged , The wounds haven’t healed yet . Her anger then rises as She fumes , His wounds were not even one day old and He was busy flirting with Those girls ! ,

Om stirs in his sleep and turns sideways sleeping on his arms . He hisses in pain as the wounds stings a bit , Gauri worriedly makes him lie on his back again as He moans out irritated . Gauri chuckles and positions herself between his arm and his body carefully not to hurt his arm .

She takes her index finger and runs slowly from his forehead down his nose to his lips . Her fingers linger on his lips more than a bit longer . His lips pouts slightly , Gauri gasps and covers her mouth hurriedly with her palm wondering whether he is awake . She does not take her finger instead studies his face finding for any sign of movement that he is woken up , She heaves a sigh of relief placing her left hand on her chest finding his asleep yet . She does not want to get caught by her husband while She is staring at him unashamedly after the tiny intimate moment they had .

She traces his lips with the tip of her fingers . She has a sudden urge to bite it , kiss it , and to wrap them up in a quilt and listen to their gentle breathing while tangling their bodies which each other so that there is no barrier between them , Gauri’s cheeks are suddenly kissed pink like a spring rose as She hits herself lightly for the thoughts invading in her head .

Omkara smiles in his sleep as He turns sideways and wraps his arms around her waist and buries his head on her neck , “The Blooming color of Pink looks so cute on my Firecracker’s face ” He whispers ,

She gasps silently as his voice causes ticklish against her nape . Gauri angles her head so that She could look at his face . Omkara fights the smile that wants to break out as He whispers huskily looking straight into her eyes hovering over her “Does your husband has the courtesy to know what his wife was dreaming that made her blush?”

Gauri suppresses Her smile . Omkara could tell from her blush it was about him ,

She splays her hands on his chest to push him due to the unexpected Om falls on his back , Gauri tries to make a quick jump out off the bed but Om was quick to hold her by her wrist thus taking her under him . She blushes seeing the way he is gazing at her eyes to her plump limps . Gauri bits her lower lip making him groan . Omkara leans down to kiss but instead Gauri turns her head sideways making his lips brush her cheeks .

She chuckles hearing him groaning against her cheeks .

“Not happening Husband !” Gauri says with a mischievous grin and tries to push him back but instead he grasps her both hands in his .

“Vice Versa Biwi !” Omkara tells winking ,

Gauri bites her lower lip with a wider grin as She struggles to get out his hold . Om smiles challenging her , Gauri raises her brows widening her eyes as the dimples peek through her cheeks as She tries to pull her hands back .

Om gets off her and rolls on to his back and still holds her hands in his in a tight grasp cautious enough not to hurt her and hums the song “Jo akh lad jaave ,Saari raat neend na aave ,Mainu bada tadpaave ,Dil chain kahin na paave paave pave”

“Jo akh lad jaave ,Saari raat neend na aave ,Mainu bada tadpaave ,Dil chain kahin na paave paave pave”

Gauri stops struggling hearing him it is not because that he sings well it was due to the heating gaze he had on her while singing the verses , She looks into his eyes feeling his heating gaze on her , His orbs swirling with many emotions , Love & Desire . As She returned the passionate filled gaze She was yanked to him and covered with his mouth in a hungry kiss . He sucks on her lower lip as She works on his upper lip . She bites his lower lip making him gasps . She enters his mouth as She tangles his tongue with hers . Her hands runs up around his back and stops in his locks pulling him more closer to her .

Om pulls her hands from his locks not breaking the kiss . He intertwines his fingers with hers placing it above her head . They continue to kiss each other hungrily , Omkara holds her both hands in his one arm and fights for dominance , Gauri does not give in . He runs his left arm across her bare waist , She shivers in ecstasy and pleasure as His hands skims though her skin and circling around her navel.

Feeling her not giving in Omkara runs his hand upwards from her waist and lands on her br*ast . He gently massages Her br*ast as She arch’s her head back and moans softly into his mouth . He smiles against her lips as He takes the lead of the kiss .

As his hands gently kneaded her br*ast over the clothing , Omkara places his lips on her nape as She arch her head up , He bites on her neck making her hiss in pain & pleasure at the same time . Gauri throws her arms around his neck pulling him more closer to her . Omkara gets turned on as He brushes his erection against hers as on reflex Gauri wraps her legs around his waist making them touch each other intimately over their clothes . Omkara softly rocks against hers , Gauri moans his name each time louder as he takes them to higher passion .

Gauri digs her nails onto his bare shoulder blades as She moans . Om moves his lips across her shoulder blade dragging it to her chin and places a small kiss on her lips and rolls over her onto his back . Gauri opens her eyes disappointment not feeling him . She looks sideways to see him looking up at the ceiling lost in thoughts .

She moves away from him and sits on the bed and sets her saree properly hurt flashing through her orbs . Her husband just rejected her .

Omkara turns sideways not Finding her on her pillow He looks forward to see her getting up . he holds her wrist , Gauri turns her head to look at him with a hurt look .

“Gauri , what’s wrong?” Om asks worriedly pulling her to him .

She bites her lower lip to stop herself from crying as she says ” You Don’t want me? ” ,

Om looks down at her to find her buried her face into his naked torso . Om feeling the wetness pulls her face hurriedly as he says

“It’s not that Gauri ” ,

“Then what Omkara? You never wanted me , You always – ” She stops choking remembering the early days of her marriage each time he had stopped saying something or the other .

“As I said earlier Jaan , I Do not want anything to happen due to the heat of the moment , It has to be special to my baby to cherish for her lifetime ” , She looks up at him as She says

“But I—” She stops blushing and bites her inner cheek . She was about to tell him She wanted them to make love right now .

Om caressing her cheeks and softly wiping away her tears he says seeing her blushing “I Love you Jaan ”

Gauri Feels Her Chest Getting heavier Hearing him Confessing his love for her each time. It makes her heart break into bits remembering what she has done to him and despite everything he loves her . She is guilty !

Her eyes wells up in happy tears as She throws her hands around his neck . He hugs her back as She cries ” I am Sorry For everything !” ,

Om pulls her back to look at her face and sits up pulling her up with him .She lowers her gaze down . He with his thumb holds her chin making her look at him “Why?” .

She settles in between his legs and places her head on his naked chest as She says ” I am Sorry for everything , I tried to Kill you husband not once many times , Remember the day I got you coffee for the first time after our marriage early morning , The way you asked me Whether does it contain poison that you want to make me drink desperately ? , I swear I felt like someone stabbed my heart repeatedly despite the Fact that I did not add poison in that coffee ” Gauri pauses and looks up at him but instead he places his lips on her forehead assuring her and shakes his head that it is nothing .

Her eyes brims in tears still finding the same tender affectionate look on his face , But She feels guilty and She wants to take it off her chest

” The Chandelier fall , I..cut..” She chokes unable to tell him as She remembers how close it was to fall on him . She did not know what came over her , She just couldn’t seeing anything happening to him that She had pulled him off the Fall , Her heart stopped for a minute as the crashing sound pierced through her ears . If it had fallen over him? It would have– , Gauri starts gasping for breath .

“Gauri , Gauri, shhh , relax Jaan see I am here All Fine !” Omkara tells worriedly wrapping his arms around her and pulls her close to him and soothes her back worriedly as She cries .

“I am Sorry ” She keeps saying wetting his bare chest . She had tried many more attacks on him but None , could make her do anything to him . Each time She looked at him the Love which was oozing out of his eyes made her stop although back then he never voiced out his love but her heart fluttered each time he looked at her making a tiny voice in heart reach out to her That her husband loves her immensely .

Her sobs subsides after few minutes . Feeling her calm Om cups her face In his palms .

“Gauri Past is Past Let it go , You was never wrong but then again ” He stops chuckling “I wish you just filed a complaint and Let the cops do the work rather than getting into revenge !” ,

She looks at him Feeling guilty ” I know I should but I never believed anyone back Husband , I just could not take out the image of Khanna taking his last breath front of my eyes husband !, He gave me Love Omkara Fake or not He filled the void of My Parents Om but when I think it was all fake ..I feel like ..” She stops to fight her angry tears .

Om caresses her arms trying to calm her , She looks up at him as She says “Then after He left me Omkara , Loneliness swallowed me Omkara , squeezing with so much pressure that gave me constant pain. It killed me every day as much Ishana tried her best to cheer me up I couldn’t be the same I was used to be before When Khanna was alive . Loneliness took my once inner light Omkara and it replaced with darkness that overshadowed me each moment .and the Nightmares Omkara I just couldn’t it fueled my nightmares Omkara I struggled to breathe each time as The Nightmare of Kali pushing me on bed like a w**r – ” Gauri stops as a sob escapes her lips She just couldn’t .

Omkara widens her eyes hearing her ” Gauri , You are safe you are with me ! Calm down Jaan !” Omkara rubs her arms hurriedly hearing her She had been keeping so much within herself that it is bolting out now .

She sobs saying ” Then ..I got to know Kali is back and is in search for me that’s when I planned to take my revenge but then you ended up in that in that place ..Then.. the sudden marriage ..Everything happened so quick that I could not analyze what was happening around me ..” Gauri stops as She feels him stiffening .

She tilts her head up to Look into his eyes to Find him looking at her guilty ,

“I am Sorry That I married you without your permission –”

Om is cut off as She says him quickly ” I am Glad you didn’t , If You did I would have rejected you, Omkara ,because of my misunderstanding that Ishana and You are married ” She says and at the end She lets out a soft chuckle remembering the commotion which happened that day .

“Yes My Wife was crazy too think that Her Husband Was Hooked up with a nautanki ”

She chuckles “Ishu is the cutest and the bestest “Gauri tells defaming her friend.

“I miss her and everyone Omkara , Daadi ,Maaji ” Gauri tells sadly drawing circles around his bare chest .

Om smiles pressing his cheek on her head “I know !” ,

“Now where are we?” Gauri asks him then remembering She continues to tell him ” You came into my life , Husband you understood me like none other , each and every little thing you understood without the need for communication ” Gauri tells tenderly gazing into his eyes .

He kisses her temple “I know my Firecracker more than everyone after years of stalking her ” ,

She lets out a gasp ” You were stalking me? ,

“Gauri remember I told you it is you who accepted me as Your Husband before Me ” ,

Gauri looks at him clueless and Remembers the talk they were to have her husband telling that He owes his life to her which was interrupted by Ajay, He flicks her nose playfully as He says

“Few years back Gauri , I was assigned for encountering A Powerful Don, I was successful but his gang members shot me on my shoulder and knocked my head off with a metal rod ” ,

Gauri runs her fingers through his shoulder blade . She traces the scar lightly . He kisses her hand taking it off from his shoulder ,

“It healed but left a scar behind ” , She nods sadly .

“Then They dumped me on the middle of the road and left me letting me breathe my last Gauri , So many people were crowded Gauri but None came forward to help me . Then You came over , my little Firecracker got so angry that you lashed out at everyone and took my head in your lap Gauri .When People questioned you Who I was to you ” He pauses to have a good look at her face .

She stares at him curiously as He says with a smile “Still I could hear those words reverberating in my ears , You told them I am Your Husband !” ,

She widens her eyes ” Did I ?” She whispers .

Omkara nods rubbing his nose on her cheeks “You did ! ,not once , in fact you signed in the Hospital Documents as My Wife , Then and there I decided it would be You who would be my wife!”

Gauri tells him shocked and surprised ” But I can’t remember , I saw you first time in a Park !” ,

Om chuckles and flicks her nose making her scrunch “That’s because my face was bloodied and soon after admitting you left the place but I could remember you very well through my half open eyes I saw an angel patting me and lashing out at others to save me , Then after recovery I got your details then that’s how I ended up in the Park to see you after that incident!”

Gauri frowns raising her brow she asks him” So You were a creepy stalker?” ,

“Is Following my wife called as Stalking?” He asks mischievously making her blush despite trying to keep her face stern .

He kisses hardly on her cheeks seeing her blushing . She widens her grin and throws her arms around his neck making him fall on his back with her on top on him as She says loudly

“My Husband ”

“Only Yours!” Om chuckles rubbing his nose with hers as he wraps her arms around her pulling her more close to him

“Only Mine” Gauri tells possessively . Om brushes his stubble against her cheek making her laugh which sounded music to his ears . Her laugh means the world to him . Gauri stops laughing as tears of joy sprung her eyes as He stops . She gazes into his eyes as She says placing her lips on the tip of his nose .

“Every day you give me a reason to fall more for you if possible !” She pauses and drags her lips across his cheeks as She says ” I don’t even want to think about what life would be like without you!” ,

“Husband I Love you more than words could say , It is You which defines My Life right now , You are the sunshine in the mornings and moonlight in the nights !” ,

She pauses taking a breath She looks up at him , She places her head on his neck and sighs ” I felt emptiness not feeling you against me during the nights , I missed our cuddles I missed out hugs , your kisses , your loving talks ,I missed everything husband ,I missed ‘Us’ Husband !” ,

Om pulls her close to him and soothes her arms letting her speak .

She looks up at him with happy tears as She gently places her lips on his and says against his lips ” I Love my Stalking Husband ” ,

Om chuckles hearing her and pecks her lips . Their moment breaks with the tap on the door .

Gauri gets up , setting up her hair and Saree She looks at her husband who is eyeing her unashamedly . Om’s hands itches to run across her perfect curves , with swollen lips and messed hair She looked tempting and enchanting at the same time . He curses under his breath to whoever who is at the other end of the door .

Gauri chuckles seeing him frowning knowing intently what would be running in her husband’s big head . bending down She picks up his shirt which was lying mercilessly on the floor . Throwing that at his face She walks towards the door . Om pulls the shirt off his wife irritated and wears it .

Chapter 39

Gauri bites her inner cheek to stop herself from grinning out loudly and Keeps her Face Stern . She ties her hands across her chest and glares at Randhir who is worriedly trying to peek his head inside the room to check on whether still Omkara Singh Oberoi is alive . He Knows His Little Bacha’s punishments could be severe but the Fact he does not know is Omkara Singh Oberoi could be an exception from severity .

“Bhaiya Are you Finding for someone?” Gauri asks innocently Fully well knowing that Her Husband had dashed to the washroom .

“No..I..mean..Ri..are you Fine?” Randhir asks fumbling .

Gauri smiles mischievously as She says “What will happen to me Bhaiya? , ”

Sighing Randhir directly asks her “Omkara?” ,

“Oh..Bhaiya ..Omkara is in the washroom washing off buckets of blood ” She tells widening her eyes .

“What? Blood?” Randhir shouts pushing her aside Randhir runs to the washroom and taps on the washroom door vigorously .

Gauri laughs out loudly , Omkara opens the door hearing the tapping and is crushed to a hug by Randhir who keeps mumbling sorry for tying him up and letting his sister draw his blood out .

Omkara pushes Randhir a bit backward pissed After Spoiling my Romance he has the nerve to apologize and care .

Om slights slaps on his cheek gritting through his teeth he says ” No worries even I would get a chance ” ,

“Aah?” Randhir asks confused .

“Nothing ..” Om taps on his cheek .

Gauri looks at them with a soft chuckle knowing what was running in her husband’s mind Once Randhir marries He would pop up everywhere and disturb their romance.

Gauri is wiped around and is crushed by three people into a hug . Gauri’s eyes wells up finding Ishana , Maaji and Daadi hugging her with so much love .

“Ri , I missed you so much ” Ishu says crying and kisses her hairs . Jhanvi and Daadi too cries saying how much they missed her .

Om walks towards them with a smile . Seeing Omkara all three walks towards him and pulls him to a hug . Om eyes brims with happy tears seeing his mother , Daadi and His best Friend after a long time . He had given a call to the night before informing them he is Delhi and He is alive . They had been abroad for Daadi’s treatment . They had cried so much telling how much they missed them making Om feel guilty but He had to keep them safe one reason he had avoided telling them soon as he regained consciousness . Omkara had been scared when he had revealed the Fact He is an Undercover Cop but felt ease when They had told how proud they felt when they got to know . as For telling Gauri He wanted to give her a surprise.

Breaking off from the hug Ishana starts ranting how much cross she is with them for leaving her and goes on how much she missed them at last she ends up crying . Gauri was quick to hug her friend from behind while Om hugged her from front and rocked her whispering how much they missed her too . Ishana smiles from the embrace and asks them to take her for an ice-cream ride then she would forgive them .

By the time Everyone had entered the room . Jhanvi and Daadi gel up with Divya quickly as Ishana walks towards Randhir and forwards her hand for a handshake . Randhir thanks Ishana for taking care of Gauri and bringing a smile on her face . Further Randhir proceeds to tell how his ears bleeds as Gauri starts talking non-stop Ishu did this ,Ishu did that blahh . Gauri whacks on Randir’s arms while Ishana chuckles .

Randhir asks Ishana hesitantly as Abhi, Ishana’s husband , walks in to the room .

“Can You to be my Little Sister like Gauri?” ,

Ishana’s eyes brims with tears she always wanted an elder brother it is not like Oberoi brothers were not like her brothers they were more like a friend than a brother .

Ishana hugs him calling him bhaiya . Randhir hugs her back while Gauri too hugs him by his arms .

Ishana turns looking at Abhi still in the embrace to be careful if not her bhaiya would not leave him .

Randhir agrees with her glaring at Omkara and Abhi , He warns them that he will not think twice to strangle their neck if His Little Sister’s shed a tear because of them . Om and Abhi could only roll their eyes.


Gauri smiles seeing them chatting with each other after a Lunch , Not an ounce of sadness filled , Happiness filled in them , Gauri sits beside Ishana and giggles hearing her telling about Omkara’s childhood naughtiness . Omkara frowns seeing the way Ishana was embarrassing him front of his family , But his mouth forms ‘O’ Shape before He, himself , breaks out in a fit of laughter . Tears sprung in Gauri’s eyes hearing them as She holds her abdomen as She starts laughing hard .

Randhir who had walked out after lunch joins them in the Hall .

“How About an outing?” Randhir asks them hopefully making them squeal in excitement . The Boys laugh seeing the way Ladies were running here and there to deck up themselves .


They decide to go to a Park , Jhanvi and Daadi and Divya Amma sit on a bench unable to walk more and sign the kids to carry on .

Abhi pulls Ishana by her hand for some time alone . She blushes as Gauri and Anika gives teasing look while the boys smirk at Abhi .

Shivaay nudges Anika by her shoulder making her glare at him . He intertwines their fingers and pulls her with him Leaving Randhir , Rudra with Omkara and Gauri .

Om , Gauri with Randhir and Rudra decides to have a walk , after a long walk bickering and teasing and talking about almost all the random things they sit on the grass tired to take another step more .

Gauri and Randhir gets surprised to Find Ridhimaa at a Fair distance in the Park . Om waves his hand at her calling her to join them . She smiles and walks towards them , Seeing Randhir she gives a nervous smile , Surprising everyone Gauri pulls Ridhimaa into a hug .

Gauri pulls Ridhimaa down to sit with them . The air around fills in silence not knowing how to start a conversation . Rudra opens his mouth to speak but stops as his phone rings excusing them Rudra goes to answer the phone.

Gauri taking out her phone messages Omkara to take Randhir and Leave the place . Omkara looks up from the phone questionably at her . Gauri gives him a small smile making him smile at her in return .

“Randhir Come on Man Let’s get some ice-cream ” Om calls Randhir cheerfully , Randhir who was facing a myriad of emotions gives a thanking smile at Omkara gets up dusting his pant .

Once they leave , Gauri turns sideways to look at Ridhimaa who is fidgeting with her fingers nervously ,

“Feel Free” Gauri tells her with a small smile making Ridhimaa smile in return .

“You Loved Him , Didn’t You?” Gauri asks Ridhimaa looking to her front .

Ridhimaa gulps nervously ” Ahhh , Who?”

“My Husband ” Gauri replies with a warm smile .

Ridhimaa opens her mouth to say something but shuts it back unable to reply remembering the possessive wife in Gauri .

Seeing various emotions running in her orbs Gauri chuckles ” I won’t bite you ”

Ridhimaa lets out a soft chuckle hearing Gauri as She takes a deep breath and replies ” I Loved Him Gauri “,

Gauri nods and asks her ” Why?”

Ridhimaa tells with a faint smile ” Do you know that I was forced to become a sl*t by Kali?” ,

Gauri widens her eyes shocked not knowing what to tell , Gauri wets her lips to speak but instead Ridhimaa cuts her off ” Please Don’t feel sorry “.

Gauri instead pulls Ridhimaa closes to her in a hug , Feeling affectionate in her hug , the tears which had dried up years ago starts falling out ” They used to beat me Gauri , Whenever they wanted I was forced to –” She chokes

Gauri’s eyes wells up as she soothes Ridhimaa worriedly knowing She had gone through a lot of abuse and pain throughout the years .

“I was passed by person to person – ” Ridhimaa cries hugging Gauri tighter ,

Gauri lets Ridhimaa speak She needs to let everything out ” Then.. Gauri..I was passed onto Omkara –” She stops abruptly and pulls back from the embrace and wipes her tears and starts Getting up .

Gauri looks at her shocked hearing Omkara’s name , She holds Ridhimaa wrist quickly .

“Then?” Gauri asks She believes her husband to know that He might not have done anything to her .

“Gauri..it’s nothing ” Ridhimaa tells hurriedly

“I want to know ” ,

Ridhimaa sighs and sits down beside her as if a natural thing to do She places her head on Gauri’s shoulder ” I was so scared Gauri.. But when I was pushed on Bed by Kali and he left..Omkara close the door and –” She stops to gauge Gauri’s Reaction but is surprised to Find Gauri so calm , Gauri smiles assuring her to continue and places her palm on her cheeks patting her .

“He walked towards me and I could remember him saying Don’t get scared you are safe , then he gave me blanket to cover myself properly , and First person to ask whether I was Hungry? I nodded he brought me food and made me eat , Then late at night He left the room letting me sleep alone ,that was the moment I felt for him ” Ridhimaa bites her lip to stop herself from blabbering out more which she should not.

While Gauri’s eyes brims in tears and her heart glutters in Pride Thinking About Her Husband .

“I Can understand Ridhimaa anyone would start falling for a man like him ”

Ridhimaa smiles as she says ” You are lucky Gauri , You know what After that incident Omkara made sure none abused me he helped me indirectly each time but whenever we talked it was about You He spoke , The Love that shone in his eyes for you made me feel jealous at times thinking how Lucky you are to get a man like him “,

Gauri heart flutters in pride and love for her man , Even before They were married He had loved her enough to talk about her .

“The Day he told that He Loves you , I stopped feeling for him but never moved on but after The Incident back that Day When I saw the way you both were hugging each other if life depended on each other – I erased my feelings on him forever ” ,

“How did you end up there Ridhimaa? ” Gauri asks her confused

“Gauri after two years of knowing each other , Omkara revealed to me he is an undercover cop , I was shocked at the beginning but he explained to me everything , I helped him escape many girls but after The rift of Omkara and Kali . I stayed with Kali despite the abuse and tortures to collect information and pass to Omkara. Then after Your Marriage I joined Omkara and helped him out . After the Raid We planned on Ajay , And Him Forcing himself on me it triggered those painful memories which had healed over the years . Feeling that I am going through the worst ,Next day after tracking down Kali in the godown and You taking him , Omkara decided that it is better I leave and make a life for myself . I protested wanting to help him saving many lives like me but He turned me down and Send me abroad . I just got back here few days back and got into clutches of Ajay and rest is history ” Ridhimaa completes feeling better than before as if a heavy burden has been kept down from her chest by sharing it with someone , being an Orphan She had no one .

“All is Fine now , Look at me” Gauri tells wiping away her tears and kisses her hairs making Ridhimaa genuinely smile at Gauri feeling loved

Gauri chuckles as She asks Ridhimaa ” Then Restaurant?”

Ridhimaa laughs whole heartedly remembering the scene Gauri created “Your Husband wanted to make Your Jealous and Yes He is planning to Remarry ”

Gauri frowns hearing the remarriage word , Ridhimaa tells a teasing a tone ” He might marry one of those two girls ”

Gauri clenches her fist as She says fuming in jealousy ” I’ll break his legs and hands ”

“OMG Gauri He is planning to Remarry you , giving you the marriage you deserve with all your dreams , Don’t break that Poor thing ”

Gauri chuckles hearing her Poor thing “So He is planning to marry me again?

Ridhimaa nods happily ,

Gauri pulls her to a hug as She shouts happily “Then My Husband is Mine?” ,

“Only Yours !” Ridhimaa replies as Gauri blushes .

After few minutes of silence Gauri asks her ” What about Bhaiya? I saw him running behind you that day , Does he like you?”

Ridhimaa wets her lips as She starts saying about Randhir ” He was perfect Gauri , I was just 18 when I met him , I was attracted to him but he –”


“You Like Ridhimaa ” Om tells casually walking back with ice-creams in hand

Randhir stops on his steps and turns to look at Omkara and says dreamily ” I don’t just like her , I love her Man”,

“Can we have a sit?” Om asks ,

As Randhir chuckles and says ” Ice-creams might melt ”

“Let’s give to the kids over there ” Om tells shrugging and waves his hands towards the kids who were playing as they hand over the cones to the kids .

“Start ” Omkara says taking a sit in the bench


“Your Love story man ” Om tells as a matter of fact .

Randhir’s eyes goes dreamy as he says ” I met her in an orphanage, She was just 18 I guess but I fell for her at First sight , Then stalking her –

Om chuckles loudly as Randhir looks at him , “We Love Stalking I guess ” Om tells laughing

“You stalked my Little Sister? ” Randhir asks faking anger as Om nods smirking

“You—” Randhir signs like strangling him

“You did the same too ” Om points out making Randhir shut his mouth

Om nudges his shoulder asking him to continue with his tale ” Then the same story , Follow him and going on my knees proposing her as always she rejected me then I had to go abroad I could remember the last time I saw her I hugged her tighter and kissed on her temple despite She trying to push me away and I asked her to wait – ” Randhir voice falls at the end to a mere whisper as he chokes knowing about the pain she had gone through the years without him by her side , Trying to protect his Little Sister he failed to protect the woman he loved .


“He loved me Gauri , Still I could feel the tingles I felt when He hugged me and kissed me on temple , I Did not know why but I felt like crying seeing him going away ”

Gauri soothes her arm “and then I got used to living without him although I missed him stalking me and his sweet words , Then one day—”

She stops as Gauri looks at her clueless “Some men caught me and sold me to Kali’s pimp , with the pain and abuse and everything , Randhir Flew away from my mind as a passing cloud , All what was in my mind was killing myself but I was a coward I couldn’t even do that –” She chokes and she bites her lips to muffle a sob.

“Shh..You are the strongest person I have ever met Ridhimaa ” Gauri tells proudly hugging her tightly .


“Then When I came back I was told She was lost and maybe She died but I believed She is alive ” Randhir tells choking as Omkara hugs him knowing The Pain , Even a thought of losing loved ones .

“When I saw here that Day in that State with torn clothes , I swear I feel like someone stab me repeatedly Om ,I Swear I would give a fortune to get the Old Her not the Broken Woman She is right now ” .

Om smiles as he says ” You love her even after knowing everything don’t you?”,

“Is it even a question Omkara ?, I love her so much I don’t care about anything , I need her to live Om”

Om pats his cheek lightly as he says ” You went to meet her after lunch right?”

Randhir nods shocked how does Omkara knows ” I was on call with Ridhimaa when I heard your voice over the phone “,

“Ohh” Randhir tells with a fallen face

“She does not want to accept me Omkara , She keeps repeating how I deserve someone pure but I need her Om”,

Om smiles “You are so whipped ”

“Yes , She made me feel things that any girl could not make me feel , I was a playboy back then Since The time I saw her up to now I have been living celibate ”

“Then make her feel Your love ” Om tells getting on his feet as Randhir looks at him unsure.


“He Loves you even now Babhi , give him a chance ” Gauri tells after hearing Ridhimaa that Randhir is still pursuing her even now .

“Babhi?” Ridhimaa asks shocked

Gauri shrugs as She says ” Babhi is what they call for Bhaiya’s wife right?”

“Gauri you too- ” Ridhimaa starts speaking seeing the Way Gauri accepted her just like that ,

Gauri holds her hands in hers and says “If He loves you and He thinks he deserves you give him a chance , I know my Bhaiya he will not hurt you , Talk to him about Your Fears and everything , I am not telling to rush into things just give sometime to each other and decide ” ” Gauri pauses to take a much needed and continues ,

“Ridhimaa let bygones be bygone even you deserve a Happy Life too and A Family to call your own , Come to ours Babhi let’s irritate Bhaiya together !” She ends chuckling ,

Ridhimaa starts to protest but stops as her gaze shifts to Randhir and Omkara walks towards them .

Gauri pouts seeing them walking empty hand ” Where Is my ice-cream husband?”

Omkara chuckles seeing her cuteness with that Pout .

Randhir and Ridhimaa gaze into each other communicating through their orbs .

Gauri bites her lip to stop herself from grinning seeing them lost . She gets on her feet dusting herself She hooks her fingers around Omkara’s forearm and taps on Randhir’s shoulder winking at Him She drags Omkara with her .

Randhir sits beside her too much anxious what to speak . Silence prevails for minutes as Ridhimaa opens her mouth to speak “I am not a virgin ‘

“As If I am ” Randhir replies angling his head to look at her

“Randhir try to understand I am not the type anyone would like to call his wife ” She tells choking as a tear slides from the corner of eyes .

“Ridhimaa I Love you for the person you are , I Do not mind whatever happened to you , I just want you to love me , I need you Ridhimaa – to Live ”

“I need some time ” Ridhimaa replies not knowing what else to reply as Randhir nods .

Ridhimaa sighs wondering whether coming to the park to get some peace and clear her mind was a better option or not . Now that He had told his feelings and his love ,She needs time .

“How about a Dinner?” Randhir asks as She glares at him .Here She is asking time whereas he is asking her out right away.

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