Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 31 : Kali is Back !

Chapter 31

“I missed you so much Jaan” Omkara says Breaking apart from the Kiss ..She smiles though her tears “Where were you Husband? , Why Didn’t you come For me Soon? , Maybe You hated me for trying to Kill you? Didn’t You?” She bombards him with so many questions ..”Jaan..Lemme answer but First I cannot Hate You Never Ever Got that?” He tells in a stern voice as She nods looking at him “And Second Shouldn’t it be the Other way round?” ..She looks at him clueless “Don’t you Hate Me Gauri?” Omkara voices out in a low voice ..Gauri shakes her head negatively “Why Do you think I hate you? If I Did Will I Be Waiting for you to return? ” She asks him caressing his forearms ..”I Love you so much to hate you a year Back I was out of Mind But I Knew that you cannot kill anyone , even if you did it would have a reason because I know My man is righteous man but but ..When you refused to say …., I Do not know what made me ..” She chokes remembering what she was gonna Do kill him !!..”Sshh” Om pulls her close soothing her back calming her down ..

“Why Do you believe me So much Gauri? ” He asks her lovingly cupping her face in his palms ..She chuckles “Who Knows ? ” She shrugs hugging him back ..”Do you Wanna Know Why I Killed him..erm ..Khanna?” Om asks unsure ..Color drains from her face as She nods She needs to get it out of her system .Gauri Looks at his orbs as She gives him a Smile “Whatever it is ! Tell me I Will never leave you because you had become a part of me Which i cannot live without ..I would have die–” ..The next thing She knew Was He had slammed his lips on her’s knocking all the wind from her lungs ..She digs her nails into his arms to balance herself ..”Dare you say that Again!” Om threatens Gauri nods scared for the first time after So long Seeing how his eyes flickered with anger ..”Good Girl !” He presses his lips once again on hers as Gauri smiles in between the Kiss .As She realizes He needs her in his life as much as She needs him .

“Jaan” He breaks off “Never Say that You Would Die , I Live for you !” He tells sternly as She hugs him fumbling with his Shirt button She asks him “Can We have that talk for another time ? please ? I wanna spend more time with you ” She tells him in a soft voice ..He wraps his arms around “I want you to know Gauri , Why Did I marry you , I want you to know why i lied to you , and Mostly important I want you to know what my profession is before We start afresh ” He tells calmly ..”Mmm , Let everything go by husband , What is Your Profession ? You are not a business man neither a drug supplier I could bet on my life , What are you husband ?” …”Hmm Gauri ..I am Not sure whether you would like my work but that it is what I ….” He trails off .

She cups his face in her palms “Omkara Whatever it is tell me If that work makes you happy I Will not mind it ..Your happiness is what matters to me , ” She tells lovingly ..”I am A Und–” His Vision Clouds with Darkness as He Falls against her Petite Frame ” Omkara” She shouts as She Feels The Red Liquid on her Fingers from the Back of his head .

“Chirrayai ” Kali comes into appearance as Gauri looks to her front holding Omkara to Find blood dripping from the walking stick ..She Looks up at him her eyes burning with unshed tears and anger , “Kali!” She yells as She holds Omkara. ..”Bulbul…Long time No see !” He laughs loudly holding a walking stick , the same he used to hit Omkara .. Gauri tries to answer but stops as She hears Omkara groaning in pain , He tries to steady himself as He raises his head from her shoulder his vision blurs ..Gauri cups his Face worriedly as She asks with concern dripping in her voice “Om Are u okay ? ” .. Another Blow on his head as Om falls on his knees yelping out in pain ..”Om ” Gauri shouts as a lone tear drops from the corner of her eyes . ” Cry chirrayai , Cry louder , I wanna see you crying bulbul ” Kali sneers vengeance dripping from his words .. Gauri glares at him murderously as She sits on her knees pulling Om close to her yet She refuses to cry …

“Cry !” Kali roars sitting in front of her bringing his face close to hers as Gauri holds Om in between them closer to her chest .. Despite the aching on his Skull Om Opens his orbs as He Looks at Her ,His wife, ..Feeling his gaze on her Gauri looks down , Om gives her a smile ,a proud smile , before wincing in pain as He shuts his eyes ..Gauri pulls Om closer to her wrapping her arms him tighter as She kisses his forehead “You’ll be fine ” She whispers in his ears momentarily forgotten about the Fact that the Devil is sitting next to her . The moment Her husband smiled at her She knew he was proud about her that she did not shed tears in front of the Devil!.. .. Kali bawls looking at them “Kya pyaar hai bulbul ” He sneers as She gives him a menacing Look ..” Leave Before Death Calls you! ” Gauri warns him ..

Kali lets out a laugh “You Killing Me Bulbul?” Moving forward He roars in her ears “I came back twice from Death for you Chirrayai ” Moving back He Shakes his index Finger ” Not Leaving Before I ravish you ” ..Gauri looks at him Disgusted …”Thakur !” Om groans loudly raising his head despite the pain as He places his palm on the back of his head ..”Let alone ravish her , touch a single hair on her head I’ll chop your hands !” He sneers enraged his eyes blazing with fire making Kali startled for minute as Om sits up Moving Gauri behind him , Her lips curve up as She hooks her fingers on his forearm , It is not always She gets to witness her husband’s Possessiveness ? & Protectiveness In Front of the Devil Right? .

A Pin Drop silence follows as The two have A Furious Eye-Lock Kali & Omkara ..Om’s phone’s vibrates in his pocket breaking the silence ..Om Shifts his focus to his pant pocket taking this as an opportunity Kali eyes his men .. One of his men walks forward without making a noise He raises his stick to aim on Gauri from behind ..Kali’s lips hook up in a sinister smirk at the same time Om raises his head to See Kali smirking.. In a swift Om turns around pulling Gauri in his embrace as he gets the blow on his back , Gauri dug’s her head onto his chest as He wraps his arms around her protectively cocooning in his embrace .

“Gauri Do you believe me ?” Om whispers softly So that only she hears .She squeezes his back in response ..Om leaves his hold on her and takes a step back , She looks at him intently to know what he is up to .Next second What She saw was him Falling on unconscious “Omkara” She shouts as She falls on her knees cradling his head on her lap ..Gauri pats his cheeks worriedly “Om ..Husband ..Husband “…..”Bulbul Seems like My Right man Died ” He tells her laughing .Instead of Giving him back Gauri keeps her gaze on Omkara .Kali’s men drags Gauri by her arms as She yells at them to Leave her ..” Bulbul , Come get your husband !” Kali waves his hand from a Few Feet Distance from her As His men drags Om with them .”Be a Man ! Let’s Fight Kali !” She spats at him enraged struggling to get of the Hold of the two men holding her ..”You Look so tempting while your angry Chirrayai ” He tells eyeing her From head to toe ..She cringes in disgust …and “Those Lips I wanna taste them once !” Kali says biting his lip ..”You scoundrel !” Gauri roars “You Die in His Hands Kali , Mind my Words !” ..Kali laughs “Come See him Die !” With that Said He leaves in his Jeep with his men & Omkara . The Men Who were holding Gauri to leaves behind them as She stands there seeing there retreating form.

“Why Does this Happens with me always ?” She questions Looking up at the Sky as Her eyes brims with tears .”This is not the time to Cry , I am Coming Husband !” She talks to herself determinedly wiping her tears .

“Wake up you Son of a b**th ” Kali yells at Omkara throwing a bucket of cold water on his face . Om shakes his head letting the water drip from his face ..Kali laughs Seeing him”Long time Man ! ..We’ve got so much to catch up ” Kali tells sipping on his drink .. Om opens his eyes smirking “So much to Catch up and So much To Give up Thakur !” Om sneers smirking as He Struggles to get out from the grip , Om’s hands has been tied to two metal posts either sides .. “Mmm Still The Tone hasn’t Lower down just like before ” Kali tells taking another sip .

“Thakur , Remember Omkara Singh Oberoi Doesn’t Bends his head To Anyone Except His Queen!” Om tells him smirking His lips curve up as He Tells the Last Words His Queen ..”Where is My Queen ? I thought She would be here By Now!” He wonders Just then They hear a Screeching outside of a car ..Om chuckles “She is here !” Om tells Kali looking at his questioning gaze as to Why he chuckled . .”Hmm Lucky Man , You are getting Chance to witness your wife being ravished by Us” ..”Thakur!!” Om roars moving forward but he is pulled back due to the chains .”Touch a Single Strand of her Hair , I’ll make sure you die Losing your Manhood” ..It would be a Lie if Kali Wasn’t Startled & Shaking right now as He heard those words ..Knowing Omkara His insides shook in fear as He Looks up at The Deadly Beast His Hair Dripping down with water and The way he narrowed his eyes at him ..If Glares could burn Kali knew He would have turned into ashes by now but Yet Could He lose to this man Who had made him come down to streets ? He had destroyed him completely Just So that He could Take over the Power of His Kingdom , Bareilly? . No He Cannot !.

Calm down young man” Kali pats Om’s chest with his both hands …adjusting Om’s collar Kali moves forward and whispers in his ears “It is Me or You with Her !” ..”Thakur” Om roars Looking into his eyes he says “Lemme Rephrase it Kali , It is Always Me with Her ! ” Om says and Continues “Try Saving yourself From Her Thakur , Be a Man And Fight Against Her Alone!” . “Scaring me Young Man?” Kali lets out a Laugh .. Om’s Lips hooks up in a smirk as he says ” Oh Come on Kali it is as if it is a Secret That you been Succumbed to this ” He eyes the Walking Stick and His Left Leg “Because of Her ” .

Kali clenches his Jaws as The Happenings of Years Comes past his eyes With an artificial limp on his left leg He could not balance himself while walking as A year Back when Gauri had Taken him captive She had been more Focused on breaking his leg ..Just Six hours He had been in her Confines and She had Strictly ordered to torture His Right Leg only ! and Then throwing him out like a garbage on the Streets and then being taken into This B***D , Omkara’s, clutches , Escaping him had been pretty easy as Ajay had kept a track on him ! I..

“Lost in nightmares ” Om says laughing Looking at Kali’s Face which was burning blazing with Fire .Kali clenches his fist as He moves his hand to Give Omkara a punch but is stopped abruptly as Her Voice cuts in “Be A Man Kali !” …Kali drops his hands down and turns around limping balancing himself with the Walking Stick to Look at her . She had Come here the Same way She came A Year Back .

She Stands there Dressed in a White Shirt Neatly tucked in With Black tight jeans with a belt wrapped around her waist , Her Long Wavy Hair Loosely braided and pulled to a side with few fringes left out as She gives him a Stern Look . Gauri’s turns her gaze from Kali to Om .Om winks at her and gives her Kiss ..She frowns as Om gives a cheeky smile . Kali who happens to Witness the Scene Cocking his head from him to Her He Frowns Are they here to Romance? Or What ? He wonders.




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