Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 24 : A Romantic Day With Him

Chapter 24 : A Romantic Day With Him

Suno na kahe kya suno na
Dil mera suno na, suno zara
Teri baahon mein mujhe rehna hai raat bhar
Teri baahon mein hogi subah

“Husband” She whispers as his hot breath falls on her neck as He places feathery kisses down her neck his arms goes around her waist pulling her more closer to himself as he hides himself in the crook of her neck  inhaling her fragrance His hands crawls up inside her t-shirt as her breath gets hitched as she breathes out “Wh…a.tt…a..r..e…y..o..u…d..o..ing…” …He smirks seeing the effect his has on her ..”Making babies ” he replies unashamedly as she gapes at him with her eyes wide out as Om looks at her intently smirking ..”What?” She shrieks after getting her breath and pushes him away as he falls on his back in the bed  he laughs seeing her reaction .”You wanted remember ?” he asks her as her cheeks starts heating up she looks away from him ..She stammers unable to reply This feeling feels so alien being close to him in every sense she feels shy .

Yoon pyaar kar be-intehaa
Dekha karoon saari umar
Tere nishaan be-intehan
Koi kasar naa rahe, meri khabar na rahe
Chhoo le mujhe is kadar be-intehaan

He pulls her down as She lands on his naked torso as She stares at him ..He embraces her as she buries herself  in the crook of his neck nuzzling him … “Om Where are you going?” She asks him as he gets up from the bed ..”To fetch myself a t-shirt ” he says ..She opens her arms calling him for a hug he raises his brow as She pouts “I want to feel you without any barrier ” she tells him pouting as he chuckles ..”I Might Lose control ” he tells her smirking “I DON’T MIND” She tells him grinning …”NO I will wear a shirt ” he tells her sternly he will surely lose his sanity ..She glares at him tying her hands across her chest “YOU ARE NOT ” ..”I WILL” ..”GET LOST ” she tells him irritated dropping  her head in the pillow as she yells at him “Sleep Shirtless with me here or Get out From My Room ” She warns him as he stood flabbergasted ..He chuckles loudly seeing her threats  She glares at him pulling a quilt over head ..He smiles seeing her antics ..He spoons her from behind as She feels the warmth emitting from his body making her lips curve up He is Shirtless ..She haves a poker face as he pleads for her forgiveness ..She bites her lower lip to stop herself from chuckling loudly .”I’ll Forgive you on One condition ” She retorts back turning around as he cocks his brows “A Day With Me “…”NO” he tells her shocked knowing where she would take him ..”GET LOST” She furiously shouts and turns give her back to him .

Jab saanson mein teri saansein ghuli toh
Phir sulagne lage
Ehsaas mere mujhse kehne lage
Haan baahon mein teri aa ke jahaan do
Yoon simatne lage
Sailaab jaise koi behne lage
Khoya hoon main aagosh mein
Tu bhi kahaan ab hosh mein
Makhmali raat ki ho naa subah
Be intehaan, be-intehaan
Yoon pyar kar be-inteha


Om gives her murderous look as She smiles sheepishly as they out of the Theater “I hate the movie it’s a crap” he whines as She looks at him shocked “DON’T YOU DARE say anything ” She points her index finger at him ..”It was a crap I wasted my precious time of 3 hours ” he chides her sternly “You Don’t have a taste ” She mutters under her breath in an audible voice ..”What?” He shrieks ..”Tube light the best movie of Salman Khan ..How dare you say it was a crap? it was the best ..My hero was so handsome and hot “…She tells him dreamily ..Om Frowns hearing her  A Day out with her meant a Salman’s movie ..urgh how much he hated it to hear his wife all praises for an old man of 50..urgh ” He scrunches his nose irritated ..”Stop!” He tells her annoyed as she keeps on praising Khan ..”Are u jealous husband?” She asks him back grinning ..”NO..Why..Would..I ? ” he stammers as she laughs seeing him …”Let’s go ” he holds her hand and takes her to avoid embarrassment as  she leans on to him chuckling .

“Golgappe ” She shrieks out loudly piercing his eyes as his cups his ears ..She pulls him with her dragging him ..”Om please try this nah it’s really tasty ” She points it front of his mouth showing her puppy eyes cutely pleading him to try as he scrunches his nose ..”Gauri..”…”please ” ..she puts into his mouth as he coughs due to the spiciness ..as She pats him worriedly .


Their Next Stop is to the Mandir ..Gauri and Om gets down from the car ..Gauri is wearing a plain yellow sari with her hairs left open which she had changed on the way as it was the First time both are Coming to the Mandir as A husband and Wife She wanted to Change in to a Saree.”Come Let’s go ” ..Om takes hold of her hand as She smiles at him ..Gauri stops at the a Stall to purchase some things ..The Old lady Smiles at them Seeing their Jodi “Made For each other” She tells them Lovingly as Gauri and Om gives her a Smile ..”Are you newly weds ?” The Dadi asks Surprising as they nod ..”Beta Then Why don’t you do the Ritual?”…”What’s the Ritual Dadi?” Gauri asks her Curiously ..” The Ritual is The Husband Has to Carry his Wife in his arms and climb the steps to the temple it is around 300 steps , If they are successful it is believed that it would strengthen their bond and they would be together for 7 births “..Om smiles as Gauri raises her brow looking at him ..

“Itni ..” he shouts shocked seeing the steps with her in his arms ..She chuckles throwing her hands around his neck loosely “Husband!! You got yourself into this ? main strong hoon ..I can..you were the one who let out dialogues not me “..He glares at her ..”Stop eating a lot women !” he whines while carrying ..She puffs out in anger “Now you have a problem in me eating ..Why do you workout so much ? If u are not even capable of carrying me? ..He pulls her more to himself “Don’t Underestimate the power of a common man” …Gauri rolls her eyes tightening her grip around him as he chuckles climbing ..Gauri keeps staring at him the smile never leaving her face ..”What?” Om mouths to her ..She cups his cheek with her hand and kisses soundly ..a blush adorns his face as Gauri chuckles seeing him go pink “Sharam aariye Husband?..He blushes more “Nah ..Why Would I?..” Looking around to see whether did someone notice them ..”Aww why are you lying ? it’s all over your are face” ..She pulls his cheeks as he cribs..”No ..I…”…”Aww My Husband” She kisses him again soundly .”Gauri stop Someone Might see or I’ll put your down”…”Let them See that This Man is Taken and Mine …” She chuckles ..”Oh Now I am Your Man ?”He smirks ..”If Not whose?” She teases him back …

Gustakhiyan kuch tum karo
Kuch hum karein is tarah
Sharma ke do saaye hain jo
Muh pher lein hum se yahaan

“Gauri stop wriggling or I’ll Put you down?’ He threatens her ..”Accha U Sure Husband ?” ..Om steps on the next stair as he tells “Yes “..”You won’t you held my hand not to let me fall !” The Deep intensity in her voice triggered something in him that he could not help but stare at the sincerity in her eyes …She taps him ..”Husband Look forward I Do not want to be end up toppling “…”Biwi Why Do you talk too much?”…”Accha now I am talkative ?” She puffs out in anger ..Next Fifty Steps went in silent As Gauri was angry Om was missing her She was in his arms yet he understands that without her chirpiness he cannot go on ..”Suno..” ..”Hmmm”..”Suno nana”..”What?” She barks at him..”My Firecracker Kuch baat karona plzz”…”No I am Not talking you find me as a headache right? Then Why Should I?”…He chuckles “Stop adding things ..Uff you angry women ..you know what you are a nandi not me “…”What?” Her mouth goes “O” Shaped as She slaps on his arms lightly ..”Stop harassing me U crazy women “…”What?” She gapes “When did I harass you?”..”Hitting husband means harassing” He pouts …”U know what stop pouting we are in a middle of a fight !” She tells him with a poker face…”Now I got My Biwi Back..Keep chattering like this for the rest of our lives biwiji “…”U’ll go deaf” She pokes her index finger in his ears..”I Don’t Mind” He smiles sheepishly…”How I am Gonna Go without you husband in my life ?”…”So take me with you wherever you go ” He winks at her …

Haan chhoo to liya hai ye jism tune
Rooh bhi choom le
Alfaaz bheege bheege kyun hain mere
Haan yoon choor ho ke majboor ho ke

They take a sit in the beach seeing the waves hitting the shores as Gauri leans onto his shoulders He wounds his arms around her bringing her close ..”Thank you”…”Why?’…”For Spending a Day with me “…He narrows his eyes ..”Was I left with an option?’…”Ohh if not you might have not come”..She glares at him pushing him as he lets out a manly laugh …He cups her face in his palms “My Happiness Lies in yours Whatever you ask For Will be granted..I would even give my life for you”..She puts her palm in his mouth shaking her head “Don’t talk nonsense !”..Her eyes becomes watery..”Jaan ” he wipes his tears smiling as She hugs him sideways ..He kisses her hair.

Qatra qatra kahe
Ehsaas bheege bheege kyun hain mere
Do bekhabar bheege badan
Ho besabar bheege badan
Le rahe raat bhar angdaiyaan

Om gets a call ..Gauri moves away so that he could answer the call ..He excuses her and goes to answer as She sat there looking at the tides ..”Gauri” Om comes back shocked as She stands gauging his expressions “You know Don’t you?” She asks him ..”What is this?” ..Gauri moves forward throwing her arms around his neck Looking at him she replies ..”I want to start a family with you Annoy you for the rest of our lives… you are caged with me for life ” She chuckles as He stood expressionless ..”Two kids A Girl and Boy ..I am gonna pamper my boy so much while you spoil Our princess ! ” she lets out a teary smile ..”Shocked Isn’t it?” He nods ..”Remember you told me ? to let go of my past ?” He nods ..”That’s Why I Left Kali ..I told My men to drop him in a street ..Don’t worry he is not dead He is in sedatives will wake up I guess in two days ..It’s up to you Do anything with him I Don’t Mind ..I just wanna lead a happy Life with you Husband ” ..He hugs her tightly as soon as she finished her arms go around his waist pulling him more closer ..He kisses her head ..”Thank you Gauri”…”I Should Thank you Husband ” Sh cups his face in her palms ..”I Don’t know why and how you came in my life but You are the best thing that happened to me!!” …She moves forward and places a kiss on his lips It was quick but the Kiss Conveyed Her Love & Trust on him …

Be inteha, be inteha
Yoon pyaar kar, be inteha
Dekha karoon saari umar
Tere nishan, be-intehaan
Koi kasar na rahe, meri khabar na rahe
Chhoo le mujhe is kadar be-intehaan


Her Hands trembled as She saw the Video Her Dreams Shattering She Stumbles Shocked  She tried to Stifle her cries yet it went impossible her love her hopes her trust shattering into pieces 




First Let Me Apologize For a Late Update I am Sorry Was in A Writer’s Block Further I know You Guys Are Waiting for the Truth I am Promise This time it would be in the next chapter I thought of adding it here but the chappy came out so long plus next One is gonna be an emotional and shocking one so i wanted them to spend a day before the truth is out

And Salman Khan Fans I am Sorry if I had Offended Anyone He is awesome but I had to use it for the story 

Hope you guys love the chapter please Do vote and comment

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