Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Early in the morning he woke up to the empty bed “Seems like she woke up early ..” he murmured sitting up .. the scene in front of her left him dumbstruck ..She was coming to him wearing a transparent yellow Saree which showed her curves perfectly …and his eyes drawn to the golden river that gently caressed it’s way down to her neck ..all he wanted to do now is to satisfy his thirst…walking forward like a seductress with a serene smile all he wanted is to have his way with her..gulping down the his saliva he closed his eyes…but what caught his sight that left him spellbound was she was…she was…walking with a cup a coffee …Was she really coming towards him with a cup of coffee he blinked his eyes to see whether it was real …was she…in his thirty two days of marriage..first time his biwi is coming towards him with a cup of coffee that too early in the morning…

“Om Haan ” She stretched her hand out to give him the coffee…but this jattadari hippie was too shocked to react …she had to tap him to break him out of his trance ..”aah..Gauri ..is it you ” Om spoke in disbelief …she narrowed her brows …”I mean You..Coffee…early morning…” he gulped down seeing her glaring …the OSO is damn sacred when those dark orbs go wide in anger…”You did not bump into something right ” he spoke in a soft voice..god knows whether even did he hear himself what he told…but unfortunately the firecracker had heard him …”What do you mean to say..can’t i bring you a cup of coffee in the morning ” she fumed in anger…”What made you do this dear Wife..I see let’s go back in time …i have been the one who came to you early in the morning to wake you up with a coffee “..he told with a chuckle but it immediately die down seeing her glare…

“You See From Today i thought of Doing all the duties as a wife…” she spoke in excitement..He pulled her down “Gauri Get ready let’s go to a doctor..i am sure you have gone mad… you and coffee…wife…duties… seriously Gauri” …he told all the while checking whether she had fever…She pushed his hand away and got up …and ordered him giving him the coffee ..”Drink “…taking the coffee from her hand he was looking from her to coffee to coffee toher …whereas Gauri was tapping her foot with hand tied to chest impatiently …when Om was about to take his first sip Rudy barged in “O,Maa told to get ready for kulgotra puja …”and he started talking about the preparations..Gauri had enough “Rudy bhaiya you can leave we will be down in hour ..let him drink his coffee …Om is having the coffee in his hand since ten minutes ” she spoke calmly but the look she gave Rudy was “GET-OUT-NOW “…Rudy left leaving Om Amazed …again he started looking from her to coffee ..coffee to her..”Are you gonna drink it now or not “she spoke furiously …”Why are you so desperate to make me drink this coffee …” he rolled his eyes and then grinning..”it looks as if you trying to make me drink poison ” earning a glare from her …he was about to take the first sip but the cup was pulled out from his hand..”It has become cold ..i’ll get you another coffee ” she dashed out of the room saying…

The whole mansion was decorated for the Puja ..everyone had gathered in the hall..except the for the love birds…Om came out of the washroom worried “Gauri could you help me with this dhoti …” his words dried in his throat seeing the splendid beauty in front of him ..Dressed in a pink nude lehenga with simple jewelry and long tresses curled up in a stylish bun she looked like an angel… she looked outrageously splendid … taking slow strides … all he wanted is to have his way with her..hell it was the only thought he had since he married her “Contol ” “Control” his mind started chanting but will his heart listen? …No way …He had captured her with his hands either side and pinned her to the wall …”Did you know it is a crime to be beautiful ” he whispered huskily moving his face in the crook of her neck leaving delicate kisses …

“Om it is getting late ..Ri open the door …”Ishana shouted at top of her voice breaking their trance..moving back …”Wrong timing …Ishu you’ll die in my hands if you keep coming like this ” he murmured irritated making Gauri giggle ..she was about to push him away when he caught her hand “Don’t go …she’ll go way “…he pouted..”Om no way i am gonna be embarrassed” Pushing him aside she made her ways to open the door ..”if you go who will help me with the dhothi ” he asked worried…”Dear Husband Do you think your wife knows how to wear a dhoti ?” she narrowed her eyes opening the door she made her way down after minutes Rudy barged in to help Om..

Many Guests were present around for the Puja …First Shivaay and Anika moved forward to do the Puja as Gauri was Missing…Om was Searching her since fifteen minutes looking around but she was no where to be found… Daadi “Omkara Come You and Gauri’s turn now ” …”but Daddi Gauri is..” Om was cut off “I am here “Gauri walked towards him smiling…they both moved towards to the Puja…but…but…unexpectedly the chandelier was falling down …everyone looked up to see shocked and frightened …Everyone started shouting…”…”…”…move”…

Precap : baby , what baby ? let’s make a baby…

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