Tune Jo Na Kahan Main Woh Sunta Raha- The One Sided Love Story of a Doctor (OS)

Tune Jo Na Kahan Main Woh Sunta Raha- The One Sided Love Story of a Doctor(OS)

Hi all. I am Randomfancreationz here. I am writing a one shot on Savitri Devi College and Hospital. I am loving this show currently and some of you may know me actually my previous ID was Fatarajo and I used to write ff for other shows. But after my classes began I stopped watching shows due to timings except for one or two of them. I barely get time as I am doing a part time job at the same time. Currently among the on air shows I only watch Savitri Devi College and Hospital.

I felt like writing something related to this show that’s why I decided to write this one shot. Yes you have got it right, the main character of this one shot will be Veer. Dr Veer. But that doesn’t mean that it is mainly a SanVeer story. It isn’t mainly a KanChi story either. It’s just Veer’s story. And Veer will be the main character here. But yes Saanchi and Kabir’s character will play a huge role in this story too. Since it’s the one sided love story of a doctor I hope you all got some hints now like how the story would be like.

So here begins the one shot.

The one shot begins with Veer looking towards the window in the hospital and Saanchi is shown lying down on the bed.
Saanchi is unconscious and hospitalised. Veer gets emotional seeing this.

Veer: (in his mind) I never expected that I will fall for you one day Saanchi. But looks like fate had other plans.

Veer gets into a flashback.

After Saanchi became the head intern his life became difficult as Saanchi would make him work the entire day. Veer took revenge for that and he realised one day what he was doing was not right. Saanchi had helped him a lot. He gradually began to understand that Saanchi was doing all these for his welfare.

When his dad didn’t believe on his capabilities and didn’t give him his rights, Saanchi was the one who recognised his capabilities and made him fight for his right. Which he did! He even got result for that. That is he got his rights!

Their common link was the key to their mutual friendship that was their love for their family. Saanchi helped Veer by saving Priya’s life and helping her out and Veer helped Saanchi by making Sunny’s birthday special and also treating him.This is how their tale of actual friendship began. Through their siblings.

Saanchi: I know we both may have different opinion but at the same time I also know that as a human you are not bad. So I just want to ask your hand for friendship.

Saanchi forwarded her hand for friendship, smiling.

Saanchi: Friends?

Veer thought for a while. Is Miss Golgappa even alright? How did she become sweet all of a sudden! But better late than never she at least got to know how he actually is. He gave a positive nod and he was about to handshake with her and then Saanchi removes her hand.

He didn’t expect Miss Golgappa to react this way though. It doesn’t suits her.

Saanchi: If you can do mischief, why not me?

And then she smiled and brought her hand forward again.

Veer: Miss Golgappa you aren’t fooling me this time right?

She nods no and her smile gave the confirmation that she really wanted to be friends with him. And Veer smiled and happily handshakes with her. And this is how their journey of friendship began.

Veer liked Saanchi. But he was yet to fall in love with her. But the moment came when the biggest truth of Saanchi came to the fore! Saanchi was indeed Mishra not Agarwal. Saanchi Mishra! And Saanchi herself revelead the truth. And she didn’t care about herself all she cared was about her father’s last wish. She spoke up as her tears dried up.

Saanchi: Mr. Malhotra if you think I still don’t deserve to be in this hospital then I myself will resign from this hospital. But remember one thing, I didn’t only came here as a doctor but also as a daughter to fulfil her dad’s last wish and that is to make this hospital – Savitri Devi College and Hospital a better place. Savitri Devi College and Hospital will be famous not for its brand and so called status but for its purity. The rest I leave that up to you!

Saanchi wiped her rest of the tears and confidentially walked out. From that moment Veer fall in love with Saanchi. He knew she was brave and confident but never knew she was that brave !

What Saanchi said got Mr. Anand Malhotra thinking. This is when Veer’s dad took the right decision for the first time as he realised his mistake on time and what Saanchi said was right! Dr Kabir deserved the credit for that as he is the one who persuaded him. Dr Malhotra had no other option but to hire Saanchi back.

At night,
Veer and the other interns rejoiced with Saanchi’s comeback. Even though most used to hate her now all became her fan. Even Riya who used to hate her couldn’t resist from praising Saanchi but she still didn’t like her.

All are busy enjoying the party on one hand, and on other hand Veer was alone lying down on his bed in his room. Which was totally unexpected. He was deeply in love with Saanchi. He was lost in Saanchi’s thought. Totally!

Tune Jo Na Kahan plays.

Veer: Miss Golgappa….. Saanchi I am in love with you!

Next day,
Saanchi comes back to the hospital and everyone gives her a grand welcome.

Saanchi walks and smiles looking at Veer. Veer gives a gentle smile.

Saanchi: (smiling) Dr Veer, from now on I will be more strict on you okay!

Veer: (lovingly staring at her) As your wish Miss Golgappa.

Saanchi make faces.

Veer: I mean Dr Saanchi Agar… I mean Dr Saanchi Mishra.

Saanchi smiles.

Saanchi: Today I give you half shift due to my comeback but remember I will be strict again tomorrow.

Veer: As you say.

Saanchi smiles and Veer is lost in her thoughts.
(Tune jo na kaha, mein woh sunta raha
Khamaka bewaja khwaab buntha raha)

After three months,
It was three months after this. And Veer was madly in love with Saanchi but he was yet to confess his love to her. They came closer and closer day by day. And then Veer knew that finally this was the moment when he could confess his love for his Miss Golgappa. He is driving his car and he is very happy and decked up in a black suit and smiles looking at a bouquet of roses kept beside the car seat.
(Mmmm mmm mmmmmm… mmm mmmm)

Veer: Today I will confess my love for you at any cost, Dr Saanchi Mishra!

Veer comes to Saanchi and Saanchi looks on surprised.
Veer: This is for you.(passing the bouquet)

Saanchi: (smiling) Thank you.

Saanchi adores the roses.
Saanchi: By the way the roses are very beautiful.

Veer: Just like you.

Saanchi smiles

Veer: Saanchi I have something to tell you.

Saanchi: Yes tell me!

Veer: Saanchi I love you. Will you marry me?

Veer bends down and proposes Saanchi. Saanchi gets emotional.

Saanchi: I love you too Veer! Yes, yes I will marry you!

Saanchi and Veer shares a hug. A horn plays and Veer realises he was dreaming as the car behind is horning which broke his wonderful dream. Veer nods no at his silly antics.
(Tune jo na kaha, mein woh sunta raha
Khamaka bewaja khwaab buntha raha)

Veer reaches the hospital and he gets shocked as he sees people running here and there.
(Jaane kiski humein lag gayi hai nazar
Is shehar mein na apna tikana raha)

Just then Garv comes to him rushing and panicking

Veer: What happened Garv why is everyone rushing here and there?

Garv: A fire have broke out in the hospital!

Veer: What! But how!

Garv: I don’t know.

Veer: Saanchi. Where is Saanchi?

Garv: I don’t know yaar.

Before Veer could ask him further Garv runs away panicking. Everyone is panicking and shouting.

Veer’s heart starts to beat more. He tries to find Saanchi but he couldn’t! He was afraid. What if…..what if anything happened to Saanchi!

He didn’t know what to do. He was going mad! He saw Riya.

Riya: Veer don’t go in, the hospital has caught fire!

Veer: Riya where is Saanchi?

Riya: She was with Dr. Kabir’s Mom I don’t know!

Before Veer could ask her further she ran away. Just then Veer sees Dr. Kabir’s Mom who was huffing and puffing. She was sitting down in a corner, scared Super scared. And her BP seemed to be already very high.

Veer ran to her as she is the only one who could know where is Saanchi? While walking there Kabir reaches there consoling his Mom.

Veer: Aunty ,Saanchi ….where is Saanchi?

Kabir: Saanchi? Why would she be here? Wasn’t she suppose to be on leave today?

Veer: Yes, but when I called Saanchi she said she had to urgently go to the hospital!

Kabir: What!

Kabir became stunned and he got equally worried like Veer!

Kabir: Maa, did you see Saanchi?

Kabir’s Mother seemed very scared and was not in state to talk. Kabir stopped veer and Kabir didn’t know what to do. He also seemed equally nervous as Veer. Even an intelligent person like Dr.Kabir’s mind wasn’t working due to the fire incident.

Kabir: Veer did you see Saanchi?

Veer: Even I am looking for her Dr.Kabir.

Kabir’s mom: Saanchi….

Kabir: Maa, Saanchi what.

Kabir’s Mom narrates how Riya was looking after her since she is now in charge of her. And then Saanchi came to her giving her medicines and that is when the fire caught in the hospital. As soon as the alarm rang, and the smoke started to spread in the hospital, Riya ran away without even thinking of her. And then there was Saanchi who was holding her hand and took her out of the hospital safely.

Kabir’s Mom : Beta where are you going?

Saanchi: Aunty, there must be more patients stuck. I am going to get them out.

Kabir’s Mom narrates them the story. After hearing this Veer instantly went into the hospital without even thinking once. He didn’t care about his life. The only thing he was worried about was Saanchi.

Kabir sat there shocked.

Kabir: But Maa Saanchi must be out by now right? I don’t see any patients inside all have been taken safely outside. I have checked the list too. But Saanchi what was she doing in the hospital! Wasn’t she suppose to be on leave today!

Kabir’s Mom: Its all because of me. If I didn’t left my medicines in Saanchi’s house this won’t have happened.

Kabir’s mom cries and Kabir tells the nurse to console her and he goes to find Saanchi.

Veer goes in and he tries to find Saanchi. But he doesn’t. The smoke was slowing down due to the firefighters coming on time. There was still fire but it was reducing. But there was no trace of Saanchi.

Just then he saw her. Saanchi! But… she was trapped as her dupatta caught fire! And she was fighting with it.

Veer instantly ran to Saanchi. He separated her dupatta.

Saanchi: (crying) Veer leave it! Your hands will burn!

Veer: No!

Veer covered her with his suit and just then Kabir also comes to Saanchi rushing.

Kabir: Saanchi!

Kabir tightly hugs Saanchi by crying making Veer surprised as he didn’t expect Dr.Kabir to react that way. Saanchi was conscious but was in deep shock due to which she didn’t react even after being rescued.

Kabir and Veer together safely took Saanchi out from the hospital who was still in shock. Pragya and Isha also hugs Saanchi as they were equally concerned about her to and came rushing when they got to know about this incident regardless the fact it was their off today.

Kabir: Saanchi what was the need to….do you know how much scared I got! You know how much I love you!!!!!

Kabir cries and Saanchi is still in deep shock and rests her head on Kabir’s chest.

Saanchi: I love you too Dr.Kabir!!!

Kabir consoles Saanchi

Veer was stunned when he listened to what that Khadoos said but he got completely shocked that how dare he said “I love you” to his Miss Golgapppa. But when his Miss Golgappa said the same to Kabir, He never ever imagined in his dreams that Dr.Khadoos and Miss Golgappa are in love with each other even though their similar in almost all aspects! Even though he saw a glimpse of their love story when Saanchi fall on Kabir that day!

Saanchi faints due to shock. Kabir pats her cheeks.
Kabir: Saanchi!
Veer: Saanchi!

Kabir lifts Saanchi in his arms before Veer could do so and he takes Saanchi to a nearby clinic and makes her lie down on the ward bed.
(Durr chahat se mein apni chalta raha
Khamaka bewaja khwaab buntha raha)

Veer gets out of the flashback. Tears starts rolling from Veer’s eyes as he recalls what happened.

For now, those tears were not only mainly because his love loved someone else but because he couldn’t bear to see his love in this state. And that was in a cabin lying down on a bed with some tubes connected to the machine by her hand.

He took full advantage of being a doctor and went in. He couldn’t see her in this state. At all! Suddenly, he see Saanchi responding and her eyes starting to open as her eyelashes moved. Veer gets really excited and he holds Saanchi’s hand.

Veer: Saanchi!

Saanchi: Kabir…Kabir….Dr.Kabir….

Veer got shocked as he didn’t expect Saanchi to utter Kabir’s name. Oh yes now he remembers that she loves Kabir. He didn’t have any value.But what to do he loves her so much. And this was nothing!

He quickly rushed to an equally worried Kabir telling that Saanchi regained consciousness and was uttering his name. Kabir didn’t care of anything and he rushed to Saanchi. Kabir’s mom didn’t mind at all, who was also very concerned for her Gollu’s love and also her choice.

Kabir: Saanchi!

Saanchi: Kabir….

Kabir: (holding Saanchi’s hand) Look Saanchi I am here! Your Kabir is here. Your Khadoos!

Saanchi slowly opened her eyes and when she could see a full clear image of Kabir now unlike the blur image of Kabir in the hospital due to the smoke she immediately hugged him.

She was so scared! Kabir consoled her and this is the best he could do Saanchi was afraid that maybe her dreams may have shattered but Kabir consoled her saying that fire fighters rescued the hospital on time and just a minor damage was done. Kabir gave all the care and love she needed. That worked as a medicine and treatment for Saanchi. Kabir gave Saanchi comfort through his arms. And that was the hug between them. It was like roses to Saanchi and Kabir but thorns to Veer and A tear escaped through his eyes seeing this hug.

(Gar woh pehle se hai zyaada, khud se phir yeh kiya wada
Khamosh nazrein rahe bezuban

He could clearly see the love between Saanchi and Kabir now. He never saw the concerned side of Kabir for anyone else besides his mom. Saanchi was the second one.

Veer wished that he was in place of Kabir and got the love he wanted. A mother’s love which he was missing since childhood but tried to make himself satisfied by the love his granny and sister . It was enough. But there was no replacement for the love he wanted from Saanchi. Maybe he couldn’t love anyone other girl as much as loved Saanchi.

But what mattered for him was Saanchi’s happiness. But you know what! Kabir deserved Saanchi the most! Veer introduced himself with a questionnaire.

Who was the one who stood up for Saanchi when she was being rusticated!

Who was the one who stood up for the injustice faced by Saanchi’s family?

Who was the one who appreciated what Saanchi did!

Who was the one who was there for Saanchi when no one else was there for her?

Who was the one who saved Saanchi’s life that day?

Who was the one who deserved Saanchi?

He knew all the answer would be the same but he was not accepting from the bottom of his heart for the answer of the last question. But this was the bitter reality which he had to digest!

He finally took a decision no matter what happens he won’t do anything silly this time. This time he will stay silent. It hurts but he will still do so, for his Miss GolGappa for Saanchi.
(Apno phele si baatein hai, bolo tho lab thar tharatein hai
Raaz yeh dil ka, na ho bayaan)

After a month,
Saanchi and Kabir’s engagement was fixed. And they were getting engaged. The entire hospital was invited.

Isha and Pragya were sad. Their situation was like this: If your friend doesn’t get the hottest guy in the hospital you feel bad. But if your friend gets the hottest guy in the hospital you feel even more bad. But there were two people who were more sad than them.

They were the Malhotra siblings. Veer and Riya! Isha and Pragya could see the sadness in Veer’s face too. They did realise the fact that Veer also loved Saanchi. But at the same time they knew Kabir equally loved Saanchi. And Saanchi, she loved only Kabir and liked Veer only as a friend . They were helpless.

Riya: Look Veer there is still time! We both can get our love! You can get Saanchi! I can get Kabir!

Veer looks at Riya. He didn’t know how to react. His angel side was saying that it was none of her business and his devil side was saying maybe Riya could give some hopes of getting Saanchi in his life.

Riya: Let’s make some plan so that this alliance breaks. I can end up with Kabir and you with Saanchi. Let’s kill two birds with one stone.

Riya forwarded her hand in the hope of enemy’s enemy are friends.

Veer bluntly refused. He let his angel side won over only to shock Riya. Because what mattered to him more was Saanchi’s happiness not staying together with Saanchi. He knew as much happiness Kabir could give Saanchi he won’t be even to give one percent of that!

Veer defined the meaning of true love, true one sided love! Unlike Riya who just defined selfishness and still preferred to be with Kabir even if Kabir won’t be happy with her at all!

Finally the moment came when Kabir made Saanchi wear the ring . Saanchi was very nervous but Veer assured her that everything will be fine. Saanchi made Kabir wear the ring making the best doctor and best intern of Savitri Devi College and Hospital officially engaged.

Veer was heartbroken but relieved. All clapped and so did he. But his clap was clapping on his own self for his bravery to tolerate this scene which literally broke his heart into pieces.
(Ho gaya ke aasar koi hum pe nayi
Humsafar mein tho hai humsafar hai nayi)

After engagement, the date for Saanchi and Kabir’s wedding forwarded. And everyday , Riya was making a plan to separate Kabir and Saanchi but Veer foiled them. Actually Veer didn’t need to do anything, Kabir’s and Saanchi’s love and trust for each other was so strong that there wasn’t any problem between them. Infact love increased between the two

Kabir: Saanchi, I am looking after this patient. You look after that patient. And yes if you need anything tell me.

Saanchi: Okay Khadoos.

Saanchi smiles and make faces and she goes and Kabir holds her hand. Saanchi looks,

Saanchi: Anything else?

Kabir pulls her close in a corner. They both are alone, Saanchi’s heart start to beat.

Saanchi: What ….what are you doing? Anyone may see us here and then?

Kabir: Leave it. Anyways you are my fiancé.

Kabir sides Saanchi’s hair lock and tries to get close to her. Saanchi closes her eyes as Kabir goes to give her a peck.
Saanchi blushes and leaves after what happened a while ago. And Kabir had that smile.

Veer was smiling seeing all this but from inside…. Veer comes and teases Kabir suiting his usual personality.

Veer: Dr. Kabir, naughty naughty!

Kabir leaves from there as he had nothing to say hiding his shy and embarrassed face behind. Now he couldn’t be shy like a girl and cover his face with his palms and run away. He just walked away. It was rude. But he has been always walking away. Veer smiled.

At times even Veer played a cupid for them, and that too by intentional.

Veer: Mr.Khadoos and Miss Golgappa in other words to be Mrs.Khadoos you both are on leave today. I have spoke to dad.

Kabir: Veer! What nonsense! I have duty today. Give Saanchi leave. She needs it, she needs to spend some time with her family too and take care of her health.

Saanchi: No no I am fine. And Maa and others are busy anyways! What Veer you also?

Veer: No no this won’t work. It has been long you both should spend time with each other but you aren’t doing it. Cmon guys you both are going to get married soon.

Veer puts his one arm behind Kabir’s neck and another behind Saanchi’s neck.

Veer: So both the lovebirds ,I have booked a table for 2 in Hotel Blue.

Saanchi gestures Veer and scolds him and Kabir is having mixed reaction.

Saanchi: But Veer?

Kabir: Let it be Veer has booked us a table of 2 specially for us, GolGappa.

Saanchi: You also started calling me that?

Veer: Haha. You are always Miss Golgappa and now very soon Mrs. Khadoos! Let it be.Even your Khadoos agreed.

Kabir smiles. And they both leave for a date.

Veer made sure that sometimes Kabir and Saanchi could have some private time alone for themselves and Veer would look after their work. Those workaholics were never ready to compromise with their work but when there is Veer there is no fear. Veer kills the fear and with his cute antics he do make sure Kabir and Saanchi gets compelled.

Isha and Pragya asked him several times why he loved hurting himself. Every time Veer answered them only the same thing with a smile free with a frown hidden inside.

Veer: I will do anything that can make Saanchi happy!

Isha and Pragya felt really bad but they became more helpless as Veer made them promise to never ever tell Saanchi the fact how much Veer loves her!

Sometimes to make Veer feel better Isha will give him a kiss on the cheek. He did feel better but it was still Saanchi for him!
(Durr jatha raha, paas aatha raha
Khamaka bewaja khwaab buntha raha

As the wedding date was nearing for Kabir and Saanchi Veer was running here and there to make sure everything was perfect! He didn’t want anything missing in his Golgappa’s marriage! Anything! And even if there was any problem only one thing would enlightened him up and that is Saanchi’s smile. His work became easier as Sunny was there to help him out too. Sunny preferred staying with Veer and spending time with him rather than his Khadoos Jiju.

The wedding day,
Finally after fighting with all odds. Saanchi and Kabir finally got married. They smile looking at each other They took the seven rounds. Riya finally gave up and admitted the fact that Kabir and Saanchi were made for each other. Kabir made Saanchi wear the nupital chain and also applied vermillion on her forehead. Finally they were married. Veer looked on.

(Aaya woh phir nazar aise, baat chidne lagi phir se
Aankho mein chubtha kal ka dhuwaa

Veer was happy for them but not happy for himself. He dreamed that he was in place of Kabir during the rounds and rituals making himself feel a bit better. But he stopped himself because Kabir suited more for this situation. He closed his eyes not able to tolerate the pain for long .

Veer couldn’t take this anymore and he quickly found a corner where no one could see him. He hid himself in that corner and revealed all the tears he hid. The tears started to fall from his eyes like droplets which were later converted to rain, heavy rain! The heavy rain that came from his eyes.

(Hal tera na hum sa hi, is khushi mein kyun gham sa hi
Basne laga kuyn phir woh jahan)

For one last time, he recalled all the moments he spend with Saanchi. How Saanchi nursed him when a goon hit him on the head in the godown and how Saanchi fall on him in the store room. And all their friendship moments which was actually a step towards Veer’s love.

He continued crying while recalling it and on other hand Saanchi’s bidaai was going on.

Before leaving, Saanchi hugged Veer. To thank him. To thank him for being there for her and to be such a wonderful Friend. Veer just showed a smile and this time he let the tears drop in front of public . Kabir was proud to witness such a friendship between his interns and of course his wife and boss’s son . Saanchi leaves Veer’s hand and leaves with Kabir in the car making Veer teary-eyed and he walks back accepting defeat to the much stronger destiny.
(Woh jahan dur jisse gaye te nikal
Phir se yaadon ne kar di hai jaise pehal)

After three years,
After Saanchi got married, Veer changed. He completely changed. The day he got to know Saanchi loved Kabir the changes began. But after she got married he really changed.

He became more serious and workaholic. He wasn’t that naughty and the take for granted Veer anymore. He was a carbon copy of Dr. Kabir. Both were professional. Both loved Saanchi. Veer just had two only two differences from Kabir, one was the identity which he obviously couldn’t change and another was that he couldn’t scold his colleagues. He was strict but sweet at the same time. Since Kabir got married he was the new heart rob of Savitri Devi College and Hospital. But there was still one girl in his mind and heart. Saanchi.

Veer decided that he will go to London to pursue his PhD for medical to be a better doctor. And his biggest inspiration was of course his Saanchi and Dr Kabir. The luckiest guy in the world who got the most adorable girl.

Finally the day came when Veer is going to leave for London. His granny and sister was giving all the love they could before he left. Even his father couldn’t resist himself and gave him a pat on his shoulder to convey how much proud he was of his son . But no one knew the reason behind this change. No one. And that was love! One sided love! The one sided love he had for Saanchi!

Veer went out to start his journey towards the airport and he got surprised as he saw her. Yes Saanchi! Her then curly now straight hair had the top of her hairstyle braided up. Saanchi was seen in nuptial chain and vermillion which portrayed that she was happily married with Kabir. She had a small baby bump since she was 4 months pregnant also. Veer got emotional seeing Saanchi. He was happy that he got to meet her one more time before leaving. But yes hurt too that he couldn’t be with her but seeing Saanchi happy made him satisfied.
(Lamha beeta huwa, dil dhukata raha
Khamaka bewaja khwaab buntha raha)

Saanchi: You were leaving even without telling your Best Friend. Your Mrs Khadoos.

Veer: Saanchi?

Saanchi hugs Veer.

Saanchi: You have no idea how much proud I am of you! I knew you had the capability to be an amazing doctor and student. I am so proud of you Veer. All the best for your PHD.

They both share a hug. While Saanchi hugged her Best Friend, Veer hugged his love.

Veer: I should leave now. And yes take care of yourself and junior Golgappa.

Saanchi gets emotional and smiles.

Veer:And yes do say goodbye to Dr. Khadoos on behalf of me.

Veer leaves immediately and sits in the car. He wanted to spend more time with her. But he didn’t want to show her his tears. He was so happy for Saanchi and her happy married life and also for her unborn child . Saanchi waves him bye and so does his other family members. As soon as the car left the way of his house, he let all those tears flow out.

Later he sat in the plane and recalled all the moments he spent with Saanchi. Their bitter and sweet moments. And also how they used to enjoy their friendship even after her marriage.
(Tune jo na kaha, mein woh sunta raha
Khamaka bewaja khwaab buntha raha)

After six years,
Veer finally completed his PHD and he decorated his room with his certificates and of course the most precious things. His memories associated with Savitri Devi College and Hospital. Suddenly one picture came across his eyes and that was of his dad, Dr.Kabir, Saanchi, himself and Saanchi’s mom .

He remembered how Savitri Devi College and Hospital was renowned and gained respect and how his dad realised his mistake and confessed his truth and gave credit to Saanchi’s dad. And told Saanchi’s mom that she should accept the honour on behalf of her Husband.

That was the first time Veer saw Saanchi really happy and emotional.It was before Kabir and Saanchi confessed their love. And how Veer and Saanchi won respects too. And how Veer decided that moment that he will make Saanchi his wife . But looks like destiny had some other plans.
He smirked at his destiny.

(Jaane kiski humein lag gayi hai nazar
Is shehar mein na apna tikana raha)

Just then he hears a bell on the door, he opens the door. And he finds Saanchi smiling. And a little cute girl of around 5 years old wearing a white dress with a pink bag by her side, holding her hand and she looks at Saanchi and smiles.

Kanchi: Mamma! Mamma!

She is the daughter of Saanchi and Kabir, the combination made from their name they named their sign of love Kanchi.

Saanchi: Won’t you guide your best friend and her junior Golgappa Dr. Veer Malhotra?

Veer smiled seeing them and eyes them emotionally.
(Durr chahat se mein apni chalta raha
Bhuj gayi aag thi, dhaag jalta raha)

The lady whom he loved was right infront of him. For whom he had the one-sided love. So this was the one-sided love story of Dr.Veer Malhotra!

The end

So here is the one shot. I actually wanted to post it last week but due to my busy schedule and I was sick that’s why couldn’t complete the one shot. But now that I am fine and have some time I completed the one shot.

As I said it’s not necessarily a SanVeer or KanChi ff. Even though KanChi got together in the end, it was more of a love story of Veer, the one sided love story. Veer loved Saanchi but Saanchi just considered him as her Best Friend. Saanchi never got to know Veer loved her.
There has been many one sided love stories in real life like this. And since either Kabir or Veer will end up with Saanchi, one of them will have a one sided love story. Well I am a neutral fan I like both SanVeer and KanChi. Though I am liking KanChi more these days. Credit goes to all the amazing ffs here. For now I am liking the show, but I hope the tracks will be better in the upcoming episodes.

Please do share your views on this one shot. I hope you all liked it overall.

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    Helloooo joyee…..reading ur os after 1 yr…really happpyyy to read ur os..it was just mindblowing..superbbbbbbb…..?????since i was missing u sooo much yaar….u r superbbbb joyee…nd fantastic writer…..plz write next ff on sanveer…but this ff was very emotional it made me cry..??….

    1. Nivika

      Sry 4 late cmnt ha…???

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Snehu thanks for commenting m sooooo happy to see ur comment here ??? It’s not that I stopped writing I used to write on wattpad only that’s why well if I get time I will write another os on sdch maybe one on sanveer one on Kanchi but after my exams I will definitely write a ff on sdch which will posted at the end of August

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      And ur dp is ????

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