tumse mila toh yun hua pyaar (episode 9) part 2


pragya says that, to make me win u hav purposely told wrong answer.purab stops ohhoho..madam…….u also told wrong answer just to make me win.atlast question we hav been pressed the buzzer at the same time and told correct answer.atlast we both shared the prize.purab and pragya smiles.by seeing them the golgappa stall kaka says i’m also seeing u from childhood u both were really a good frnds.suddenly purab gets a phone call.by picking up the call he says..what?no i’m busy now.i can’t come.ok i’ll come.then he cuts the phone.pragya asks what happen?he tells as u know i hav an advertising agency.a client had came to negotiate some deal.i hav strictly told the guys that i’m busy.but the client wants to meet me urgently.so i hav to go now.purab says..pragya i’m sorry yaar.pragya tells dosti ka do oosul hai..no sorry.no thanks..they both laughs.pragya says poori it’s important.u must leave now.purab says r u sure?pragya says yes i’m sure.i’ll manage.frnds for continution read part-3 of episode-9

Credit to: karthika

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  1. sana ( abhigya )

    Nice friendship

  2. Y that much parts u can write in one part na……

  3. Awesome……

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