tumse mila toh yun hua pyaar (episode 5)


hi frnds i’m karthika.thanq for all those frnds who r regularly reading my ff and commenting me.
presenting u epi-5

the episode starts with pragya’s stoll conceals abhi’s face.saiyaara song plays.abhi touches the stoll and gently took the stoll from his face.pragya says oh my stoll.she goes near to abhi.pragya says excuse me..abhi is about to turn.suddenly he gets a call.pragya asks.mystoll.abhi gave her stoll without turning back.pragya gets it.as the traffic cleared pragya went back to her scooty.abhi turned to see her face but he didn’t as pragya turned back.ronnie says sir.the traffic cleared.let’s move .abhi says yes and turned front.just then pragya starts her scooty by seeing the man(abhi) as he turned she didn’t see his face.abhi and ronnie went and pragya says oh pragya..u r getting late.don’t waste ur time.or else u will not get job this time also and poori will kid u.

bulbul arrived to her college.she looked at her bag for hallticket but she couldn’t find it.the screen freezes.

Credit to: karthika

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  2. nice keep going…I like the track

  3. Awesome but when will abhigya meet????

  4. Gud Bt make it big

  5. nice one zuha..

  6. its nyc but vry short make it longer

  7. Superb story line sis

  8. It’s nice yaar actually u r posing more tan 1 episode in a single day itself bt when u update a single epi tat too long Na it vl be fullfill episode na I thk u vl understand wat I’m trying to say… If I say anything wrong sry yaar… It’s just my opinion

  9. Very nice.

  10. no durga.u r opinion is really genuine yaar.i really respect ur suggestion.but i am really sorry to dissapoint u.as i’m typing my story in my mobile.i hav some letter limitation.i wish to type more.but i can’t.so i could only type upto this yaar.becoz of that only i’m posting my story twice a day.once again really sorry yaar.keep supporting me.

  11. Wow karthika this episode was nice

  12. Nice Ya. U can update one episode in two parts na. It’ll be nice. I loved this ya. Good continue.

  13. Worst track…. very worst…. i just hate it….very short updates every time… karthika u remember u commented before that ” if u dont like dnt read…” what a fuking comment it is ….if u dont want us readers to read then for what bitc h are u writing the story then??? u dnt even know to face the problem…. i hate tamilian…. u guys always wishing for romance se><… dash and dash

    1. hi soothu.i dnt know what’s ur problem?why don’t u like my story?once again i’m saying if u don’t like my story ,dont read it.i just want only those people to read my story who really respecting my story and encouraging me ,like those peoples who hav commented above.if u dont like the story why r u minding whether it’s short or long.i’m really thankful to those who commented me.i’m writting stories for those peoples only not for u.don’t u dare to talk about tamilians.they r broad minded and know how to respect others.not just like u.what hav u mentioned my track is worse thanq u so much.now i believe that my track very best.god had gifted me everything including decency.u hav mentioned we r seeking romance and some other rubbishes actually i don’t even wanted to mention that word.from ur statement itself shows standard of ur moral values.u don’t even know moral value.ur accusing tamilians.what a huge joke?

      1. Tamilian…fuk

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