tumse mila toh yun hua pyaar (episode 27)

hi frds..thanx a lot frm core of my heart for the time u spend to read my ff..
our episode starts with abhi in mr.bhalla’s cabin..both were talking..mr.bhalla says thanq so much bunty(abhi)..u r doing very much for this orphanage..abhi says no..baba…do’t say thanks and make me a stranger..this orphanage had given me and mychoti everything whn we were in need of it..every child only lyks to live in their parents shadow..but the god had deprived it frm us….the god is the one who gives parents to protect every children..he smiles in sadness and says but in our case our parents had never cared for us..i was just only 7yr old boy and my choti was only 3yr old that time.my father such a selfish man had alcoholic left our family as such and ran away from us…my mom who promised me that she’ll be always with had broken her promise nd left me and choti as such in the fear of doing upbringing…she had never even turned back to see that we r alive r not??choti was so small that time who doesn’t…..

abhi says bulbul was realy too immature baby that time…when i felt the whole workd is freezed nd as a small boy i suffered a lot.but i have to work for my choti..so that i worked in mechanic shop to help them..i had a lot of questions in my mind that time…sometimes i have seen struggles which had forced me to think why am i living this world??but whenever i saw the smile in my choti’s face..i thought that i can’t be so selfish lyk my parents …bulbul have become my reason to live….then baba u hav brought me nd choti to orphanage….and given as a new life..i don’t wanted my choti to know abut our parent’s truth..so only when she started to ask abut our parents..i told they were dead…even today also if feel afraid to remember the bitter memories of my life..but i don’t want my choti to feel the same…so only i made her uaware from the truth…everyone knows abhishek as an arrogant man..even today i’m longing for the luv with was deprived from me..abhi got tears in his eyes…………..

mr.bhalla consoles abhi..here pragya heard everything abhi said…she got tears in her eyes…she walks from there…she thinks i’ve been wrong..i thought he doesn’t have any emotions..but he’s really a good man who cares for people around him…pragya remembers that she told to abhi there’s no value for other emotions in his sight..she regrets for it….she notices abhi coming out from there..pragya hides..here abhi notices a boy sitting alone in the bench.abhi goes towards him and sits..he asks the boy why is he not playing??the boy didn’t answer.he sat distraught…abhi says hmmmm..i have a formula to make ur mood happy..he asks the boy to close his eyes..the boy asks why??abhi says surprise..abhi gives him a chocolate..the boy is still sad..pragya watching it everything from far…abhi says to the boy u know what?whenever i feel distraught i used to eat chocolates..by eating chocolates our mood vl get reloaded…this is magic chocolate..if u eat it eventually u’ll become happy……..

the boy asks astonishingly is that true?even if i make a wish it’ll happen..abhi says haa…so for that u have to smile..abhi trys to tickle the kid…the kid laughs and gets the chocolate…pragya smiles by seeing it..pragya thinks today i have seen another abhishek who knows to love others..i feel so different abut him…by seeing laughing abhi pragya just can’t able to take her sight from him…she unknowingly getting fascinated towards his smile..en jeevan(tamil song)song plays…
ummale en naazhum en jeevan vaazhuthe(i’m living becoz of u)
sollamal un swasam en moochil seruthe(ur fragrance gets united in my breath without my knowledge)
un kaigal koorkum oor nodi…en kannin ooram neer thuli(when the sec i hold ur hands..eventually my eyes becoming wet)
un marbil saindhu saaga thonudhe(i feel to die by resting in ur chest)…the screen freezes…

precap:pragya indirectly talks abut abhi with kailsh..here ranveer nd ishani become love guru for bulbul…..

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  1. Tq sooo much for updating lyk this……loved ur episode………….waiting for nxt episode

  2. Superb epi yaar☺☺

  3. frnds..i’m sad that i didn’t get any comments..sry if i dissappointed u in anyway..i’m curiously waiting for ur comments guys..sry if i’m boring u…actually yesterday i have contacted to tellyupdate forum and requested them to join all the parts of my epi and make it one… i hope i hav fulfilled my sweetfrnds request

  4. Nice episode really soooooo sad n lovely episode yaar….

  5. wow awesome dr….now pragya started his feeling for abhi…..
    eagerly waiting for ur next one dr…….

  6. Nice epi. Waiting for next epi.

  7. Dnt wry dear ur ff is not boring its really awesome?and thank u fr uploading all epi together keep rockng we r waiting fr next epi☺

  8. Now a days this ff is goin more n more intresting. Pls update regularly….

  9. nice….

  10. Reshma Pradeep


  11. its really nice yaaaaaaa n interest 2

    thanks 4 single update

    update regularly pls

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