tumse mila toh yun hua pyaar (episode 25 – Part 3)


here sarla maa cries seeing pragya bruised in her head and hand..pragya tries to console her..pragya says maa..don’t worry i’m alryt..papa..say na..kailash says sarla.. don’t cry.our pragya is so strong beti …sarla maa stares at him..by seeing it kailash turned the plate and pretends to scold pragya..pragya u r becoming more careless nowadays..she ur maa is how much worried?? pragya looks at him wonderingly..kailash signs her..akash says di…i really feel worried.. think what would hav happen if the accident becmes major??

pragya says akash.i’m alryt na.don’t worry..akash says i’m not saying abut u..i’m talking abut scooty…pragya says how mean akash??pragya says to sarla..maa..see him..sarla maa says hey..akash.don’t tease my beti..akash says waaahh..just now r in anger and now u r taking her side of ur beti..sarla maa says haaa..whatever?pragya keeps her hand on her ears and apolozies to sarla maa..sarla maa smiles nd pragya hugs her..sarla maa ssks how did she come home??pragya says…

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  1. Wow super episode and akash scene was awesome

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