tumse mila toh yun hua pyaar (episode 24)


hi frnds..sry for late update..actually due to some technical issues in my network i couldn’t able to update..
our episode starts with abhi discussing to ronnie..he asks abut the arrival of clients..ronnie says sir..they r coming tonight and vl pic them from air port..pragya hurriedly looing at her watch comes towards parking lot..she says oh already i’m late..ma..vl be worried…she starts her scooty but it didn’t get started..she wonders wat happen??checks fuel and it’s sufficient..she pleads the scooty to get started..oh meri maa..start ho jaa..abhi notices her and gives a weird look on her..ronnie asks pragya to tak lift from them.she looks at abhi and denies..ronnie leaves to airport..pragya is still trying..abhi goes to his car and sits in his driving seat..he watches pragya struggling with her scooty…abhi goes towards her and stands seeing her..pragya notices it and she doesn’t know how to react??abhi tells brusquely her I know u vl not get help from me..but it’s my obligation ….

abhi asks pragya let me try..abhi trys to start the scooty…he asks whether the fuel is there??pragya says yes…abhi trys another and does something mechanically..abhi trys another tym..the scooty gets started..pragya smiles happily and says yes..pragya is abut to say ..but abhi leaves..pragya thinks wow..sir ko yeh bhi aati(sir knows even this)..pragya leaves and abhi too..
pragya while driving thinks abut the way abhi helped her and she feels bad that she couldn’t able to thank him..suddenly she gets out of control and collapses with her scooty …pragya aaaaaaaaa….falls down and got bruised in her elbow and head and her dress were smeared with sand..pragya says ahhh…abhi comes over there and noticing pragya he gets down hurriedly from car …he goes towards her and asks miss.pragya just give ur hand..he bends down and forwards his hand for pragya…pragya looks at it..song plays zindagi yeh safar meh hain kat raha hain raasta.humsafar toh hain magar manzilen..song lyrics….

song plays..pragya looks at him and holds his hand..pragya couldn’t able to bear the pain ad she cudn’t able to walks..abhi gives support for her to walk..he looks here and there to look for place to make pragya sit..finally he mkes her to sit on rock..he rushes towards his car and takes first aid box and water bottle..pragya watches him..he gives water bottle to her..abhi takes anti-septic and tries to apply in bruied part..but pragya hesitates..abhi gets anger and throws the floss..and asks to her miss.pragya..what’s ur problem?i’m trying to help u..but u r hesistating it..u don’t wanted me to treat the wound..ok do it urself..pragya says actually..sir..i feel afraid of anti-septic since frm childhood..it’ll burn more..abhi hearing it laughs..he goes towards pragya and says u vl always say that i vl not afraid for anymore and vl portray urself as jhansi ki rani..abhi grabs her hand and tries to apply it..pragya says sir..plzz..no..she closes her eyes in fear..abhi notices it..air blows…….

air blows..saiyaara song plays..pragya slowly opens her eyes..abhi looks down and treats her wound with anti-septic..abhi by looking down says don’t worry..it vl burn only for few mins..pragya asks cud u apply any cream rather than this..abhi stares at her..he says just keep quiet..pragya watches abhi treating her wound..he got lost by looking at him..air blows..song plays..h hasi ban gaye(female version)..mein jaane yeh vaar doon..har jeet bhi jaar doon..song lyrics..abhi blows at pragya’s wounded part and says over..pragya wonders why i didn’t feel any pain??pragya tries to stand but she’s abut to fall down..abhi holds her…zindagi yeh song initial tone plays..they shared some eyelock moments..abhi notices pragya’s dress smeared with sand..he gives his handkercheif to her..pragya gets it and cleans it..pragya goes towards her scooty..abhi asks pragya to leave the scooty and says that he’ll drop her..he takes pragya to his car……
to be contined:

precap:pragya got to know abut abhi’s past..

Credit to: karthika

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