tumse mila toh yun hua pyaar (episode 22)


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our episode starts with purbul notices two luvers arguing…the boy sadly says how could u do this to ?how can u marry someone else?the girl says that her family forced her to do it..she asked him to break up the relationship amid them..the boy looks disturbed..the girl says that her last wish is to see him happy..after a while the girl gets a message from her frnd..by reading it she bursts out in anger..she showed the message to the boy and asked abut it..the girls says the message was abut his fb relationship status which he again mentioned SINGLE juz a few min before which was noted by one of her frnd..the boy doesn’t know how to deal with the girl and fumbles and he says that he has done all this to juz fulfill her last wish..the girl become enraged and pours water on his face and went away..purab bursts out and laughs by watching the tantrums created by them..by seeing it bulbul asks why r u laughing?

bulbul asks don’t u believe in luv?purab says certainly..but won’t believe in these immature luv..bulbul asks him what is luv according to u?purab says luv is a beautiful and invisible feeling like lyk fresh air..air blows…bulbul hearing to him interesting…it’s not a relationship between two persons..it’s relationship between their souls..if u r in luv then u vl be ready to happily sacrifice everything for them..that’s true luv..by hearing to his words bulbul just got admired…sab tera song plays..na jiya zindagi ek pal bhi..tujhse hoke juda sun zara…song lyrics..bulbul juz went into her dream.purab waves his hand and asks her what happen?purab gets a call..after a while..he asked xcuse from bulbul and went..
here in the road pragya riding scooty thinks abut the book shop incident..she parks her scooty and takes a bracelet from her bag..she went into flash back when she gained consciousness in the hosp.the nurse gave her the bracelet assuming the man(abhi) as her husband…pragya looks at.

pragya by seeing the bracelet smiles …she goes inside the book shop..she asks for the manager..the manager comes..she asks the manager abut the man who saved her..the manager says he’s really a good man who doesn’t care abut him and saved her..pragya asks for his name and address…the manager is abut to say..suddenly pragya gets a call..after attending the call pragya is dazed and went back from book shop hurriedly…

pragya goes inside tensedly by calling out maa..papa…but she didn’t get any response..as lights were all got off..suddenly a man with veiled face came to pragya and kept the knife pointed to her neck.pragya does’t know what to do??she sees a vase and tried to attack the man with it..the lights on and the man shouted nooo..and unveiled his face it’s AKASH..by seeing it pragya smiled..pragya di it’s me ur brother akash..pragya astonishingly looks at him ..sarla maa and kailash says it’s all his plan to give u surprise..pragya hits his head with her hand ……

pragya asks abut taiji and tauji(akash’s parents).he says they r fine di..actually i have came here for my project…pragya says that’s a great news..i’m realy happy to seeu..akash says di.. but i’m not happy…everybody is shocked..he says i’m not happy becozz i’m starving..i need paratha from maasi(sarla maa)..everyone smiles..
pragya is in terrace looking at moon..she thinks abut the incident happened in the office and tea stall..pragya says i’m in dilemma..oh god help me..ramji now a days u r not hearing any one wish of mine..today also i couldn’t able to know abut the man(abhi) who saved me..here abhi in his balcony looking at the sky and remembers in the words said by pragya..he thinks yes..i don’t have emotions becoz i feel afraid if i get emotional..then i can’t stop myself remembering the bitter past of mine and mychoti.i’m always keeping myself busy to forget it..bulbul watches abhi.

precap:purab says to pragya abut bulbul..she teases purab as bulbul his girlfrnd.

Credit to: karthika

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