tumse mila toh yun hua pyaar (episode 21)


sorry frnds..actually i went to my grand parents home and cae back yesterday only…so only i couldn’t able to update these days.i promise here after i’ll update regularly..
our episode starts with pragya dunking biscuits in tea and eating it..she mutters to herself that i’m feeling relieved now..she takes a deep breathe and says i can’t bear the sadoo boss anymore..she appreciates herself for her decision….abhi while driving wonders where pragya might be??he notices pragya on the way..he stops the car and witnessed pragya eating dunking biscuits in tea.abhi by seeing it thinks what a strange girl??just now she fumed lyk a lava of volcano..but now she’s relaxing in this tea shop(puzzled tone)…he gets down and goes towards her…he clears his throat(to make her know his presence)..pragya didn’t notice it..abhi calls miss.pragya..pragya is shocked and thinks that it might be her hallucination…she continued eating biscuits..abhi calls her miss.pragya..by hearing pragya is dazed and turns ….

pragya turns and sees him..she is dazed knowing that it was abhi..abhi is abut to talk somethng…but pragya misunderstands that abhi have come here to insult her..she stops him and says how unbelievable u r sir??i mean u haven’t left me back and u hav came here to prove that i’m wrong…abhi says miss.. but pragya says that’s it..now i’m not ur enployee anymore..i know that u hav came here to scold me and make me wrong..but i’ll not let it happen..abhi looks her in puzzled way…abhi says her miss.pragya i need to talk with u abut that only…pragya says that don’t wants to talk abut it and says that whatever she says he’ll not believe and says that she didn’t expect him to believe also…she says she’ll get hurt only if a person who she luves more hesitates to believe her…pragya takes her scooty key and starts it…and tries to leave from there but abhi takes her key out…pragya atonishingly looks at him and gets down and asks for her key..abhi says that he wanted to talk with her..

epi-21 part:3
IN CAFE:bulbul turns and smiles by seeing purab.purab says hi..and bulbul asks him to sit..bulbul says thank god u r finally here.. i thought u might have feel weird and vl not come here..he says it’ s really my pleasure to meet u actually i also wanted to say sorry i hav thought that u r irritating girl who vl not respect anyone but u r really good..bulbul tells him abut her…purab finds a two luvers arguing..bulbul talking with purab also notices it.. here pragya asks abhi to give the keys.pragya says that he’ll give it only when she hears him..pragya says never sir..don’t think that i vl hear u and accept it as my fault..i’m not lyk other employees who bears all the aggressive attitude of their boss..pragya tries to snatch keys from abhi’s hand..abhi grabs pragya towards her …both looked at each other’s eyes…bol doh na zara song plays…itni mohabbat karoon na..mein doob na javoo kahin..wapas kinare peh aana..mein bhool na javoo kahin..song lyrics..they both share some eye lock moments.

abhi leaves pragya..abhi says i’m sorry..but i didn’t finda better way other than this..u r doing the same i hav done before a while..i’m trying to talk with u but u r not hearing it…actually i came here to say sorry but miss.pragya u didn’t leave me to explain…abhi tells that payal told him abut it..he says to pragya that he feels sorry for it….he says i have accepted my mistake from my side..now everything is in ur hand..if u wanted to continue ur job u r most welcome but the decisions is all urs i’m not insisting u..abhi leaves from there..pragya looks him astonishingly and thinks mr.sadoo boss felt sorry..it’s realy unbelievable..she pinches herself and says yes it’s not dream..but pragya he was ryt i havn’t hear to him…whatever how could i know that he have came here to say sorry..he’s really complicated man.
2 b continued..

precap:pragya goes to the book shop asks for the manager.pragya asks the manager abut the man who saved her.the manager is abut to tell her but she gets a call.

Credit to: karthika

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  1. Nice episode yaar bt plzzzzzz update regularly yàar

  2. I really love this epic yaar…. Need more romance with abhigaya… Waiting for next epic….

  3. I really like this epic yaar…. Need more romance with abhigaya… Waiting for next epic….

  4. it was so nice karthika and thanks for giving nice episode

  5. Nice episode but its been a llooonngg time. Wondering what will happen in book shop ????

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s Superbbbbbbbb……

  7. karthika u r anice writter dr…
    plzzz update regular ma….
    i am waiting for ur ff………………

  8. nice…..

  9. update regularly pls

    wait 4 next epi..

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