tumse mila toh yun hua pyaar (episode 20)


hi frnds…first of all i’m really thankful to u guys that u guys luv my ff this much and suggested me to continue it..i’m continuing it guys…plzz do comment and support me..

epi starts with abhi in his cabin..a knocking sounds hears…it’s pragya she asks may i come in sir…by seeing abhi she thinks oh..god..now i’m in lion’s den..i don’t know what would happen..abhi calls miss.pragya..but pragya didn’t listen it..he fumes and once again calls miss.pragya..pragya fumbles and says yes sir..abhi asks did u ask the peon to keep the flowers in cabin..pragya says yes sir..(as she thinks that he’s talking abut her cabin)..abhi just fumes and says i can’t believe this how dare u do this??pragya says sir..but..i thought flowers would freshen up our mind..so that i brought flowers to cabin..abhi says did i ask u bring flowers for me..then why did u do this non-sense??pragya says sir..abhi stops.don’t u even know how much i suffered due to ur foolish deed??pragya realizes that misplacement of flowers..

pragya tries to explain abhi but he’s not ready to here it…abhi yelled at her by misunderstanding her….pragya gets raged counteracts him and says u hav to here to me…i’m trying to explain u but u r not even giving me a chance to justify my point…i agree that i’m ur employee but not ur labour.actually fault was all mine..i know u’ll respect only u and luv only urself…but i can’t bear someone accusing me…my selfrespect is my first priority not job…she takes a deep breath and says yes i hav told that i asked to keep flowers..but in my cabin not urs..i think some miscommunication had took place…what do u think??i’ll bring flowers for a man lyk u..if u want to fire me..u can..i just can’t able to work with a suffocating man lyk u..sorry to say this sir..their s no value for other emotion and point in ur sight..u r just a hitler…i’m resigning my job ryt from here..by hearing it abhi dazed..pragya leaves angrily from there…payal watches pragya leaving from office and calls mam….

payal calls mam.. but pragya didn’t here it and went..payal asks ronnie abut what happen?ronnie explains everything..payal says mam was ryt..she brought flowers for her..payal goes to abhi’s cabin and says everything…abhi felt remorseful and thinks i might have over reacted…abhi asks payal abut pragya..payal says she left….abhi asks payal to leave..she leaves..ronnie asks sir..may i go and ask sorry behalf of u and ask her to continue in this job..abhi says no…ronnie and i’ll go and get her back..
here bulbul waiting for purab in fantasy cafe….bulbul thinks he’ll come or not…what he’ll think abut me??have i done somethng which i’m not supposed to do??bulbul bites her nail and think abut it…she glances her watch….and looks for him in the entrance of coffee shop..bulbul fumbles that he might have decided to reject my frndship proposal…it’s all my flaw..i hav behaved very rudely with him….i think he might have thought that i’m khadoos…bulbul once again glances her watch…

bulbul glances her watch…she finds the glass of the watch reflecting purab’s face…but seeing it she smiles and turns back…
here abhi says that he’ll get pragya back..he leaves from office…
pragya angrily parks her scooty and sits on it and asks kaka..ek cup chai dijiye…by seeing pragya the tea kaka asks what happen??why r looking so tensed??pragya says nothing kaka..just becoz of my sadoo boss…he brings tea for pragya…kaka says u first hav tea and relax ur mind…pragya holds the tea cup in her hand had a sip..she remembers the how abhi yelled at her??pragya dunks a biscuit in tea and eats and mutters what did he think of himself??pragya vl not sacrifice her self-respect for anyone..he might be boss of his company.but he can’t govern me.now only i feel relieve..abhi driving notices pragya in tea stall..

precap:abhi watches pragya dunking biscuits in tea and eating it…he wonders what a strange girl she is?he goes towards pragya and calls her.pragya was dazed……..

Credit to: karthika

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    1. if I was at her place self respect is must ?

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  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbb……. Especially Pragya’s Dialogues….. I loved it……

  9. Superb yaar really pragya did a grt job actually when a person don’t gv time to explain thy shd get a answer lk tz only… Deserved answer.

  10. Karthi u r rocking

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