tumse mila toh yun hua pyaar (episode 17)


hi frnds..very sorrrrrrryyyyy for late update and thanq all my dear regular commentators and silent readers..

epi:17part:1the episode starts with bulbul tells the thugs to run away from her sight…purab watches all those tantrums happening…he laughs and says i really want to see who’s is she??here bulbul says to herself u have made the thugs to run away..now what u will do to reach home…it’s getting late..oh god bhai will be worried..yeh gaddi humesha ahem waqt par karaab ho jati hain…galat waqt par mujse badla lati hain…she kicks the car…bulbul gets hurt and says auuuuccchhh…purab walks towards the girl wondering whom she might be?…he goes near her and says excuse me….bulbul turns…both shocked to see each other.purab says tummmmmm…and bulbul says tummmmm..as bulbul having knife still in her hand unknowing pointing towards purab..purab with feary face says chakku neeche rako..rako neeche..bulbul keeps it in her bag and says sorry..actually i don’t have intention to kill u…

bulbul sees the knife and immediately keeps it in her bag and says sorry…purab says mujhe pata hona chahiye tha ki yeh kaam tumhare alawah aur koi karhi nahi sakta..purab says u’ll not leave even those persons who helps u..those thugs..it’s impossible..bulbul says actually i really feel sorry for that day…who have helped me but i was just fumed on u..i’m really sorry…and also thanks for ur help..purab says hhhmmmmm…it’s okkkkk…wow what a miracle fighter cock is seeking for apology..bulbul says heyyyy..purab says i was just kidding..purab thinks pragya mujhe laga iss duniya meh tumhe ek aur akhiri strange namoona ho…par yaha toh tumhe saath dene ke liye aur bhi ek hain…..purab smiles..bulbul watches it and says why r u smiling??and waves her hand near purab’s face..purab says hahhhhhh..bulbul says where r u??purab says actually i was thinking about a special person in my life..purab says just leave..purab says if u don’t mind i can drop u…bulbul thinks….

bulbul thinks..purab says what r u thinking??already it’s too late and let me help u once again..bulbul says haa..but..purab says if i need to apologize u than u hav to accept my help..bulbul says ok and gets in the car..and passed on her seat belt..just the purab sees that her stoll is struck in the car door..he opens the car door and takes her stoll gently from there bulbul looks it and she too trys to take her stoll.they both banged on each other’s head..bulbul says sorrryyy…and shares some eye lock scenes…bol doh na zaara song plays..itni mohabbat karoon na…mein doob na javu kahi….song lyrics…purab says it’s ok and gets inside the car…and drives…while driving…bulbul says to purab actually i feel so guilty for that day..i misunderstood u i thought u r also lyk other boys flirty type..i really feel sry for it..u r really genuine..purab says it’s ok..no worryss..miss..bhakbhak..bulbul says let us be frnds….i’m bulbul mehra…she forwards her hand…purab watches it.


purab watches it and says actually i would like to shake hands with u but i can’t..i’m sorryy…i’m driving..bulbul says oh yeah..tell me about u..purab says i’m purab khanna..bulbul ask what r u doing??actually i’m having an advertising agency of my own..khanna advertising agency…bulbul says that’s sounds great..pura says actually i don’t have parents they r no more..but i’m having a great family which treat me as my own family….and i have a childhood frnds..we both were frnds since from childhood..she’s most important person for me in my life…bulbul says i can feel it becoz it is clearly seen in ur face that how important she is for u????u r really happy while talking about ur frnd…vaise naam kya hain uska…purab says pra…bulbul says juzt stop the car..i’ll get down from here…purab stops the car..and says r u sure u’l manage from here..bulbul says yes i’m sure..bulbul gets down and says thanq..

precap:pragya brings flowers for her.but peon misunderstands and keeps it inabhi’s cabin

Credit to: karthika

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  1. Nice episode yaar

  2. Very nice but no abhigya scene. Pls update regularly yaar…..

  3. Karthika episode was awesome.
    Update soon pa…

  4. very sorrrrryyyyyy guys…..just apologize me……i promise i’ll update it regularly….

  5. Hi karthika..plz update everything in english da. .as I m tamilian..I can understand hindi..but some dialogues r not able to get it…its my humble request:)

  6. i’m really sorry nithi..i’m also a tamilian….here after i’ll translate it in english also if i write some dialogues in hindi and thanq for supporting me …..

  7. karthika plz dont use hindhi ma…entha episodela atuvume ennaku puriyala because i dont no hindhi pa….

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome……..

  9. Awww so cute episode! Badly missed the ff! Can’t wait for next one’s pre recap seems much interesting…

  10. Superb karthi…???

  11. super..

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