tumse mila toh yun hua pyaar (episode 16)


thanq frnds for ur immense support for my ff.it reay meams a lot…
the episode starts with purabwaving hands in front of pragya’s face..she comes from out of her thoughts..she says that sad story poori.purab asks why??pragya tells him everything about what happened in her office…purab burst out and laughs…he says i have thought that u one can defeat u in arguing..ur boss is really great ad hats off to him..oh poori..just shut up.i’m serious..i don’t know why is he behaving like this???purab says this is the reality there is not essential that whoever persons we meet up in our life will be same as our nature.this is ur challege u shud accept it..pragya says u r right…oh my dear frnd u r also becoming smart and samajhdaar like me..purab says what??and smiles..u r really….sarla maa comes there and asks them to do dinner..pragya sas maa..we’ll do frndshipwali dinner…sarla maa and purab looks each other and asks what???pragya arey don’t u know this simple thing..frnds for con readpar:

pragya asks them don’t u know this simple thing..those who r lovers they’ll have candle lite dinner but those who r frnds they’ll have moon light dinner…they smiles…sarla maa says u r really a badmaash..thank god purab u r here.now u itself ask ur frnd to be careful..she had become more shararat..pragya signs sarla maa not to tell.purab notices it what r u trying to hide??she says haaa..nothing..sarla maa says nothing beta..purab insisted them..sarla maa explains about the book shop incident.purab was shocked.u guys have tried to hide this from me.and pragya u what would have happened if the man was’t there?u r always being careless…poori don’t worry i’m fine.he says who saved u from the accident??pragya says i don’t whom he is??but tom..i’ll go to the book shop and ask the manager abut this.purab says tgat sounds great..but i’ll not talk to u.pragya says see..see..i know u ‘ll do this so only i hav hiden this from u..ok sorry apologize me..purab sees her angrily .frnds for con.read part:3

bulbul is driving car.bulbul sees her watch and says oh god it’s 9:00pm night..i’m sure bhai will be worrying…bulbul gets a phone.she parks the car aside and taks to abhi.abhi asks choti..is everything ok?what abour ur friend’s father health.is he ok??bulbul says haa.yes bhai he’sfine..don’t worry i’m on the way to home..abhi choti..just come soon.i’m getting restless..bulbul says ok and cuts the call..she tries to start the car but it doesn’t start..oh god what happen?she comes out of the car and says what shud i do know?let me call bye..oh phone ki battery katham..oh god what would i do now??suddenly there comes some thugs and teases and misbehaves with bulbul …purab comes by that way..he found the thugs misbehaving with a girl..he didn’t see her face..purab says oh i shud help her and gets down.here bulbul pretends to be frightened and asks to leave.suddenly she takes knife out of it.frnd 4 con.

bulbu takes out a knife and grabs a thu and keeps it in the thugs neck..the others tells her to leave..she go nd sits on the car..and says what would u think of urselves?i’m not from those girls who feels frightened for u cheap thugs..i’m from those girls who teaches lesson for u people..purab stands near his car and watches it from distance..and says whom she might be??the thugs pleaded bulbul to leave them.no no i can’t leave u like this u definitely deserve punishment..hmmm..ok..do sits ups..they says ok say how mny??bulbul says see ur friend in knife point..u shud sit ups 500sit ups…te thugs starts to do it..bulbul counts 1,2,3 …100 and she says counting mistake i shud count from first 1,2 ..the thugs pleaded her..bulbul says f u try to misbehave with any other girls tgen this’ll be the end result and asks them to rum away..purab by seeing all those thinks smiles and says hmmm…. the screen freezes.
precap:abhi calls pragya to his cabin.pragya says oh god what’s gonna happen now??

Credit to: karthika

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