tumse mila toh yun hua pyaar (episode 15)


hi frnds.first of all thanq for all commentators and my silent readers who r supporting me.sorry if i’m boring comments.

pragya is making her coffee and taking to herself.she says what an irritating man he is?this is the first day of my office,he shud support and encourage me.after all i’m his employee not his labour.so i deserve some respect.but he’s showing his sadoo shakal to me.ha..ha..whoever he might be.he might be the owner of this company but he shud know the basic courtesy how to talk with others??he’s realy impossible.oh..i hav got headache in the first day itself.pragya just takes a sip of coffee and turns back,he spills coffee in the shirt.she looks intensed and it’s abhi.her eyes came out by seeing it.she thinks oh..god now what i’ll do?abhi fumes on her.he says disgusting….what hav u done miss.arora.?i know u r doing all this juzt to take revenge.am i right?pragya says sir i’m sorr…abhi stops her what sorry?really annoying.frnds for contintion read part:2of ep15

abhi says really annoying..i hav also heard what u r talking abut me?pragya says sir..let me clean this..remove ur coat..abhi juzt stops her by showing his hand.abhi says and one more thing..i don’t care what u r thinking about me?i ll do only those things which seems right for me.if u think i don’t hav courtesy..i accept i don’t have.i’m not seeking to have it..better if u only do ur work other than thinking about..he leaves.pragya says ohh..how rude he is?this time i hav done mistake so that i was quite or else i would hav shown him who is pragya arora?hmmm..leave it pragya u give answer for this in our work.u shud prove urself.
what a strange and irritating girl she is?she is talking about me and also spilled coffee on me.she’s talking about my manners.a knocing sound.abhi asks to come in..it’s ronnie.he asks sir hav u called me..he notices abhi’s coat and asks what happen?abhi says i’m notin the mood of saying anything.juzt call and inform..frnds for continution read part:3

abhi asks ronnie to call and inform the servant to get a suit for me to the office ronnie nods and leaves.
pragya in the terrace thinks about the incident happened in the office..she says oh..god..juzt now i was happy that i got a job..i hav imgined first day of my office will be so memorable..but..u have given me such a sadoo shakal boss.vaise kitna ajeeb hai na yeh duniya.(how strange this world isn’t it?)there r more different persons in this world.daily we r experiencing strange meetings with different persons.god for ex..the man who had rescued my life in the book shop was really a kind hearted man right.this sadoo shakal wala boss kitna rude hai.let me stop thinking about him.if i starts thinking about my impossible boss??then i ‘ll become insane..pragya thinks i shud really want to know about the man who had put his life too danger and saved.idea..tom..evening i’ll go to the book shop and ask about the man saved me.woww pragya not bad haa..frnds for con.read part4

pragya says wow pragya not badd..u r really great..she thinks i ‘ll definitely meet the man and thank him.she smiles seeing the sky..she hears a sound.she says who’s that ??she turns and watches..suddenly she finds a ghost..screamss aaaaaaa…it’s purab who veiled in the mask.he unveiled the mask and says maine tumhe dara diya buddhu..pragya says poori..u r real time idiot..he runs and pragya trys to catch him.atlast pragya goes and sits in the bench pretending to be angry.purab comes there and keeps his hands in his ears and says sorry..pragya smiles and says mein bhi tumhe uloo bana sakti hoon…(i can also fool u).purab says hmmm.i accept.accha tell me about ur first day experience in ur office.i mean is ur boss impressed by u.pragya tell me naa.pragya thinks sayad impress hote..par yaha toh ulta mein suprise ho chuki hun..purab waves his hands near ragya’s face.mam where r u??pragya says nothing..the screen freezes.

precap:sarla maa tells purab about book shop incident.purab was dazed .

Credit to: karthika

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  1. sorry guys.a mistake in part:4.it’s not SHAYAD it’s KHAASH…guys from north just forgive me if i killed ur hindi.just joking…

  2. guys really sorry..on starting there is a mistake.it’s not boring comments.i have came to say sorry if i’m boring u..

  3. Superb episode Karthika.
    Upload soon.

  4. Nice yaar really awesome n soooooooooooo soooooooooooo soooo cute n funny…

  5. The whole episode was nice karthi .
    U r not boring.

  6. Its not boring yaar……..Its Really Interesting………………

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