tumse mila toh yun hua pyaar (episode 10)

hi frnds thanq for all ur support nd encouragement.
the episode starts with sarla maa getting a phone call.after getting the phone call kailash and sarla maa rushed to the city hospital.they asked the doctor about pragya.the doctor says don’t worry ur beti is safe now.she just got a minor wound in her head.u should really thank the person u had really helped ur beti.the manager explained everything to pragya’s parents.sarla maa prays thanq baghvaan u hav sent a saviour to help my beti today.otherwise i don’t know what would have happened today.sarla maa asks i want to meet the man who had saved my pragya’s life today.the doctor says actually he’s also wounded.he’s in an unconscious state.sarla maa says he’s safe right.doc says yes don’t worry.ronnie comes there and asks when abhi sir will regain conscious?can we discharge him today?the doc says ofcourse u can.
pragya regains conscious asks for the man who had helped him.pragya says i need to thank him.frnds for continution read part:2

pragya says i need to thank the man who helped me.the doc says he had been discharged.even in his ill condition he had asked about ur condition.
sarla maa looks sad.pragya comes there and says maa don’t worry i’m fine now.i just got a minor wound.the man had saved me.sarla maa says maa will be always maa.if her beti even got scratch she can’t able to bear it.kailash says mother is right.pragya says papa ur also.pragya wraps her hand on them both and says i’ all right don’t worry.
bulbul crys by seeing abhi.abhi says choti don’t worry.i’m fine.see i’m all right.bulbul gives juice to him and asks him to drink.abhi says choti i can’t bear even a drop of tears in ur eyes.bulbul says i can’t bear in seeing u like this.it’s ok.i’m very proud of my bhai.he had rescued a girl from a major accident.
pragya thinks about the accident happened in the book shop.she remembered how abhi saved her.pragya says ramji i didn’t even thank him.frnds for continution read part-3

pragya in her bed says ramji please make me meet the man once again who hav helped me.she says i know u can do anything.please consider my wish.she sleeps.
alarm rings.pragya wakes up and see the watch oh no..today is my first day of office i shud not get late.she says i hav to get ready soon.after a while she comes out of her room getting ready.sarlamaa says u hav to really go office today.pragya says oh my dear cute mom.today is my first day of office.i need to go right.he prays to ramji god i hav only three wishes in my life.one poori’s life shud be happy.the second one to go to job and achieve something in my life and to mke maa papa proud.the third one i hav to get my dream prince charming.u hav heard my two wishe now also hear my third wish ramji.make me to meet my prince charm.sarlamaa brings dahicheeni for pragya.pragya had it and kailash says wish u ll success in ur work.i’m really happy.he gifted a pen to pragya ndtells always keep this pen with u.frnds for con.read part4

pragya leaves.
pragya is riding scooty and abhi’s car is coming behind her.abhi says to ronnie we hav to go office fast.ronnie asks the driver to drive fast.here pragya’s phone rings.she stops her scooty and sees her phone it’s purab’s call.just then abhi car passed from there.pragya picks tge call and talks hey poori.how is ur work going in out of station?she says yes i’m on the way to my office.poori don’t worry.i know u hav went for an official work. i’ll tell u detailing what happened in my first day of office.for now i hav to arrive there on time right.she says bye and cuts the phone.abhi arrives to office and goes inside.just the pragya parks her scooty.she says oh i’m very excited to go inside.she walks towards the lift.abhi goes inside the lift.pragya goes to the lift. just then the lift closed.the screen freezes with abhi inside lift and pragya outside.

precap:abhi asking payal about some files.pragya comes there,without balance she slipped and abhi caught her. paper flies.

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  1. Nice yaar… Superb bt I’m sooooo eager to know how thy vl meet n also know abt the accident in library yaar… Even both dont know others face na soo excited yaar

  2. Karthi it’s not like that
    Y I request u is . I know that u r typing in mobile and it will be very difficult for u to type the story itself. So if I asked u add precap it will be more diff for u. and I don’t want to burden my sis that’s why
    Already u r typing the story in more parts that’s why
    Hope you understand karthi

    1. The story is really good
      And im very eager to see the next episode because in that only abhi is going to see Pragya ?

      1. And u r not a stranger
        I have accepted u as my sis and u will be my sis forever.
        Even aft yrs u will be my sis only ☺??

  3. Awesome… Sad that abhigya didn’t see each other in lift scene….. But precap is awesome….. Eagerly waiting for next episode

  4. Amazing

  5. sana ( abhigya )

    Awesome finally abhi nd pragya meet each other eagerly waiting for the next episode

  6. Superb epi dear waiting eagerly 4 abhigyas union sis

  7. thanq so much frnds to all of u friends .u r all commenting me regularly and supporting my ff.shobana sis thanq u for reading my ff.it really means a lot to me.

  8. Its Awesome……. I am soooooo excited to read it………

  9. Superb story sis. Loved to read ur story. Just awesome

  10. Amazing karthikaa……. Loved it

  11. really awesome..

  12. nice episode…pragya’s first wish for her best frnd poori life.its just awesome.i also have best best best best best…..frnd like purab.my sweetheart best frnad name is reavanth.i always first pray for her happiness.he always special for me.god biggest and best gift for me.sorry guys.this episode is related to my life so only i share this thinks to u…..

  13. Awesome karthi… Superb???

  14. when u update ur ff.i eagerly waiting for ur ff

  15. Choti
    Iniya tamizh puthandu nal vazlthukkal

  16. Plzzzz continue…. Why r u not updating???? Plzzzz update next episode

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