TUMSE HI… Episode 2


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The episode starts with early morning in mehra’s home…
In ishveer’s room
Ranveer: good morning ishani.where are you going in early morning itself
Ishani by putting her earings: arey pragya di and abhi jiju are coming n.a..
Ranveer: oh God I forgot…you would have called me n.a.
Ishani : ranveer I was trying to wake you but you was In deep sleep and moreover Raman jiju went to pick them.so please get ready soon and I am going down.
Ranveer blocked ishani’s way.
Ishani: arey ranveer I have to go..ishita di will be alone doing all the works
Ranveer: arey please madam ,take care of your husband too.
Ishani: sure …I will meet you later
Ranveer says for ishita bhabhi only I am leaving you.
Ishani smiles and leaves.

In kitchen.
Ishani : bhabhi ,I am sorry…I am late n.a.
Ishita : it’s ok I have finished all the work.let’s go to living room as ruhi and adi asked me to come.
Ishani : ok bhabhi.

In airport
Raman was waiting for abhi and pragya .finally they came.abhi says hey bro ,how are you.Raman says fine and hugs him.they breaks the hug.
Raman: arey where is pragya
Abhi: she will be here bhai.moreover she is not a kid.she will come
Raman : arey too careless.is everything ok n.a.
Abhi: ha bhai ..all things are ok.
Raman sees pragya In a book shop.Raman says there she is.you wait I will come.
Raman reached to pragya.he says how are you madam.pragya turns and gets happy seeing Raman .they both hugged each other.Abhi gets annoyed.he called tanu and says I am back baby.tanu says she will come to meet him.Abhi says don’t come to home.we will meet at a restaurent.tanu says ok and cuts the call.Raman says your reading habbits had not changed.pragya smiles at him.Raman says let’s go.pragya says ok and both came near abhi.Abhi says let’s leave.

In mm
Ishita and ishani calls ruhi and adi.
Ruhi: ishu ma ,we are here
Ishani: arey ruhi ,adi what are you doing here
Adi: can’t you are ishani ,we are arranging flowers to welcome abhi chachu and pragya aunty.
Ishita: arey adi give her some respect
Ishani : leave it di ..adi wait I will tell to ranveer
RANVEER comes there asking what’s happening.
Ishani says nothing big issues.

They heared horn sound.ruhi says mumma they came I think.am headed towards entrance.
Abhi ,pragya ,Raman comes .ruhi says chachu…and hugs him.adi too hugs him.Abhi says hey….how are you champs.ruhi says fine.ruhi looks at pragya.ishita says ruhi…she is pragya.ruhi goes near her.pragya kneels down .pragya: arey.are you afraid of me
Abhi: chashmish…ofcourse she will be
PRAGYA looks at him.
Adi: nothing like that aunty.actually we are afraid that you will talk to us.
Pragya: ofcourse why not..you two are looking so cute ,how can I be without talking to you.
Ruhi hugs her.pragya says friends.ruhi says sure pragya.adi asked can I call you pragya ,actually we used to call ishani also by her name.
Pragya: ofcourse why not ,actually my name is pragya n.a..name is kept to call only n.a..no problem.
Adi says you are so sweet pragya
Abhi: let’s go in …I am feling hungry.
Raman : ruhi ,adi go to your rooms.leave them to take rest
Ishita: ha …you both go to your room.ishani take them to their room.
Abhi: bhabhi I know how to go to my room.
Ishani: but first time pragya di is coming n.a..RANVEER take all the bags and follow us.
Ranveer : why should I.robin is here n.a.
Ishani: arey how can he take all the bags ,help him n.a. and it’s your punishment you slept na
Ranveer: it’s not fair
Abhi: arey you both didn’t changed even after your wedding.chalo ranveer ,obey your wife’swords .
Raman says please stop your nonsense talkings.
PRAGYA asked where is dadi.
Ishani: she is in her room di. .let’s go and see.Abhi says I will take her.pragya looks at him.Abhi says it’s all for dadi.if I didn’t take you with me..she will think there is something between us.I don’t want her to know about us.pragya says okay.

Abhi and pragya went to dadi’s room.
Dadi blessed abhi and pragya.Abhi asked how is she.Dadi says fine.dasi comes there.pragya gets blessings from her.Dadi asked them to take rest.

ABHIGYA’s room.
Abhi says pragya,today I am going to meet tanu
Pragya: so what should I know
Abhi : you are showing your attitude
Pragya: I am just asking…
Abhi : fine ..I will come late or may be I will stay with her
Pragya: fine …
Abhi: don’t inform to anyone
Pragya: if I want to say I would have told on the day of our marriage
Abhi: stop your lectures.I am in happy mood ,don’t spoil it.
PRAGYA goes out of room.

In living room.
Adi and ruhi having a tall with Raman
Ruhi: pappa ,did jiju forgot us…
Raman: kya
Ruhi: he didn’t brought any gifts to us.
PRAGYA comes asking who said…ofcourse i brought…for all.wait I will come
PRAGYA comes to room seeing abhi infront of mirror
Abhi: hey chashmish what happened
Pragya: actually I am going to give gifts which we brought for them
Abhi: oh ..okay
PRAGYA called robin and he carried two briefcase ‘s with her.
PRAGYA opened it and gives dadi ,dasi a beautiful necklace .dasi says it’s beautiful.and gives Raman and ranveer ,a watch.Raman says thanks pragya.RANVEER says nice bhabhi.I know bhai didn’t brought as he had no intrest in buying gifts.he will but only for kids.pragya then gives a braclet for ishita and beautiful bangles for ishani.ishita and ishani hugs her.ruhi says where is my gift.pragya says first kiss. ..then gift.ruhi kisses on her cheeks.pragya says thank you and gives her Barbie doll with its house.ruhi says beautiful…sure you brought it.because chachu will not buy these gifts.
PRAGYA gives adi ,a PlayStation. Adi says thank you so much….Abhi comes there.Abhi asked all are happy.Dadi says ha abhi….Abhi says ok I have a party with my friends I am leaving…

Hope you all liked…

Credit to: renu

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  1. I think this was a cute episode! Next time could you give more moments to each couple? Its okay if you cant

  2. jasmine Rahul

    ISHVEER scene was so romantic.loved it.ishita is d real bahu of d house.ruhi adi scenes r so cute.abhigya shocked me.they r not in luv/abhi luvs Tanu?then why did he marry pragya?pragya is so sweet that she gave gifts 2 all.feeling sad 4 her

  3. nice one yaar

  4. Nice episode

  5. Superb

  6. Renu ur ff is very lovely dr

  7. Nice episode. Reveal y abhigya r like this na yaar.

  8. Wonderful..

  9. Awesome yaar really ishveer scenes r toooo cute n sweet thn here too abhi loves tanu ah sooooooooo sad 4 pragya…

  10. today ur ff so nice and cute..keep going…update regularly.

  11. Awesome

  12. Fan of ishveer

    Awesome epi…….perfect blend…….

  13. this tanu always inbetween abhigya……i hope abhi soon fall in love for pragya……
    the episode was so nice…..plz update regular dr…

  14. Cute epi…

  15. Nice episode.

  16. Awesome renu it was really nice loved it no words to say yaar dii loved it..

  17. The episode was nice but tanu in abhigya life was quite sad

  18. Nice one..I like d way yiu portrait d story:) plz post next one soon

  19. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    naren bro is it u … that fan of ishveer ? if not sry …..
    renu so nice of . keep rocking …. if u can show some ishveer scences

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