TUMSE HI… Episode 1


Hi guys ,New to telly updates.i thought to write an ff on kumkum bhagya, yhm, matsh.

Raman mehra – a big businessman.loves his family.
Ishita mehra – dentist ,wife of Raman
Abhishek mehra – rockstar.raman’s brother.
Pragya mehra – wife of abhi.
Ranveer mehra – raman and abhi’s younger brother. He is also a big businessman
Ishani mehra – wife of ranveer.
Bulbul arora – pragya’s sister
Aliya mehra – abhi ‘s sister
Purab khanna- abhi’s friend
Tanu mehta – super model.
Mihika – ishita’s sister. …
Adi and ruhi – raman and ishita ‘a kids
The episode starts with ishita and ishani were on the way to home from shopping
Ishani: di. .. I am happy.tomorrow abhi jiju and pragya bhabhi coming to India
Ishita: ha…ishani i am too excited to see pragya.as I saw her on the marriage day of you and ranveer.it has been five months
Ishani : ha di. .I have bought a Saree for pragya di n.a….
Ishita: haa
Ishani takes the Saree from her bag..and says It will perfectly suit for her n.a. di. She will like it na
Ishita: ofcourse why not.she will become happy by seeing this Saree
Ishani : pakka
Ishita: pakka and both smiles.

They reached home. Raman asked where they went..ruhi was searching for you
Ishani: jiju we went for shopping.tomorrow they are coming ne
Raman : ha…I have to pick them from airport.thanks for reminding me
Ishita: Raman.where is ruhi and Raman
Raman : arey you both went for shopping .I could not tolerate them.they went to play
Ishita : how you allowed them.
Raman : don’t worry. .ranveer went with them.
Ishita : okay ..ishani come let’s go.we have to clean their room n.a…
Ishani: ha..let’s go di…bye jiju

Ranveer with ruhi and adi in park
Ranveer : arey let’s go…it’s getting late.if bhabhi comes to know that we are in park.
Ruhi : chachu don’t worry yaar.we are here n.a.
Adi : chachu ..tomorrow rockstar is coming it seems
Ranveer : ha..abhi bhai is coming
Ruhi : aur pragya aunty
Ranveer: ha she too
Ruhi: aunty will bring more chocolates ,toys for me
Adi : and my favourite cd’s.
Ranveer: let’s go yaar.otherwise your ma and ishani will scold me.
Ruhi and adi… let’s go chachu..

Adi, ruhi and ranveer reached home.dadi asked where they went.ishita was searching for them.adi says we are finished today. Raman comes there
Raman : finally you all came.your ma n.a. she is busy in her work ,go to ranveer ‘s room.they three left.
Aliya sees ranveer and kids
Aliya : bhai..where are you going
Ranveer : come with me

Adi, ruhi ,aliya and ranveer were in ranveer ‘s room.aliya asked ruhi did ishita bhabhi knows that they went to park.
Ranveer : bhai might told her.
Ishani comes in to take her mobile.she was shocked to see all OF them in her room.
Ishani: ranveer ,where you went .di was searching for you.ranveer says ha I went with adi and ruhi to park.
Ishani : acha. .ok ruhi ,adi come with me.
Ruhi and adi went with ishani.

Ishani entering abhigya ‘s room
Ishani : di adi, ruhi came
Ruhi: ma ….we went with ranveer chachu
Ishita: it’s ok If you went with him
Ruhi to adi : bhai…what a strange.ma didn’t scold us
Ishita : it’s because I am busy today
Ruhi : you heard me n.a.
Ishita smiles.

Raman ,ishita in their room.the kids slept.ishita was arranging the clothes in cuboard.
Raman : see my wife is busy with her works.
Ishita: so what
Raman : now a days my wife is not caring for me.
Ishita : then better divorce her and marry someone who will care for you.
Raman : arey this idea is good
Ishita looks on
Raman : arey how much work you will do in a day. Take some rest and makes her to sit.

ranveer asked ishani to take care of him also.PRAGYA and abhi reaches India. ….

Hope all liked …share your views…

Credit to: Renu

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  1. Amazing job!! I cant wait for this ff!! I love YHM and MATSH and i like kkb! Superb!

  2. wow nice yaar renu …u hav added all those favourite tv leads..and reltionship amid them is awesome…it’s really nice..

  3. Oh god its awesome… I loved it to the core… Lovely yaar…

  4. jasmine Rahul

    i always wanted 2 read a combinbed ff on either ishveer ishra or ishveer arshi .i’m so happy that finally there is a ff on ishra ishveer.nice cs.all r in the same family.sweet bonding.all r getting ready to receive abhigya.

  5. Super renu

  6. Superb renu

  7. Wowwwwwww……….. Its Great yaar…………..Amazingggggg………..loved it sooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhh………….

  8. Really nice

  9. Veryyyyyy nice renu

  10. Awesome renu it was really nice..

  11. Very nice Renu you combined the three shows very gracefully

  12. pefect blend …..super hit ….an 100 epi ff ……….continue soon yaar

  13. Fan of ishveer

    There r alot of joint ff…They give importance for one pair and leave the other dumb…..but ur ff has a perfect blend ….nice writing renu….continue and try to post regularly☆★☆★☆★

  14. awesome superbbbbbb plz update next episode soon

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  17. Wow awesome story I liked it

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