Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi- Family episode 1


Ok so this fanfiction is not going to going to have any negative roles. This will be a fun and romantic story. The characters are the same.

Scene 1:

Sanjana and Ajay bedroom

Ajay is on his laptop in a white tank top and black sweatpants
Sanjana walks in. She is wearing a light pink and silver color saree with her hair down and diamond earrings

Ajay (looking at her)- WOW! Sanjana you are looking pretty.
Sanjana (blushing)- Umm thanks and turns to walk away
Ajay (stands up and hold her hand)- I wanted to give you something.
Sanjana (turns around with a smile)- What?
Ajay (gives a box)- I want you to promise me that you will wear this.
Sanjana (confused and hesitate)- Ok
Sanjana walks out of the bathroom trying to cover herself
Ajay (staring at her)- You look really hot
Sanjana is wearing a short white strapless dress.
Sanjana (blushing)- I don’t want to wear this.
Ajay- You.
Some shouts for Sanjana and Ajay
Sanjana goes to change
Ajay (mad)- My family calls you at the wrong time
Sanjana leaves the room laughing

Scene 2:
The whole family is downstairs
Sanjana and Ajay come down
Dadi (smiling)- Here are tickets for your honeymoon
Sanjana shocked and Ajay happy from inside but acts shocked from the outside
Dadi- I know you two have been through so much and need time together.
Bhushan- Everything is booked and you can’t say no.
Sanjana- Butttt.. I just got back to my in-laws and now you’re telling me to leave for a honeymoon
Dadi- It’s just for a few days
Bhushan- It’s finaled, you two are leaving today at night so start packing
Sanjana and Ajay go upstairs to pack.

Next: Honeymoon destination revealed

Credit to: Kavina

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  1. Wow, Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi, I miss this show very badly, and also Ajay-Sanjana, thanks for making a ff on it

    1. Your welcome. I really miss this show. I will try to update really soon. Thank you so much for reading this fanfiction

    1. Thank you so much for reading. Also love Ajay and Sanjana.

  2. Amazing amazing story. Thank you so much for starting the story. I love ajaysanjana very very much. I really appreciate you writing a ff on thbst.
    Thanks a lot.
    Please update soon.

    1. I will try to update soon. Thank you so much for reading. Also love Ajay and Sanjana.

  3. Hey guys I made the other part of this fanfiction but I don’t think it will be uploaded any time soon. I am so sorry if it doesn’t upload

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