Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi- Family episode 7


Hi guys so sorry for not updating but I was busy and sick so sorry again.

Scene 1:
Ajay wakes up and kisses Sanjana on the forehead.
Sanjana wakes up.
Sanjana gets up

Sanjana- Good Morning
Ajay- Good Morning. Give me a kiss
Sanjana- No we have to go back homes so I am going to get ready
Ajay pulls her back
Ajay- I don’t want to go
Ajay tries to kiss her
Sanjana- I am going to take a shower
Sanjana goes to the bathroom and forgot to lock the door and leaves her clothing outside
Ajay sees her clothing and figures out that she forgot to lock the door
Ajay walks into the bathroom
Sanjana turns around and finds Ajay in front of her
Sanjana covers herself with her arms
Ajay- Don’t be shy. I am your husband
Ajay takes Sanjana and pins her to the glass wall
Sanjana- Leave. I don’t want you here
Ajay- No. I have rights on you
They get intimate
Ajay walks out shirtless and track pants
Sanjana walks out wearing a light pink and white saree
Ajay puts on a shirt and they leave the hotel

Scene 2:

They reach home
Dadi welcomes them
Sanjana- Ajay take up the suitcases and I am going to cook
Ajay (eyeing her angerly)- Ok
Dadi- Why will you cook take rest
Sanjana- No
Dadi- Fine
Mishri and Anuj walk in
Sanjana hugs Mishri
Everyone is talking. Ajay is getting restless he wants to be with Sanjana
Dadi- Mishri I think you should think about a baby
Mishri- No first Sanjana
The argument continues
Sanjana goes to the room
Ajay- I think we should listen to Mishri
Sanjana- I am not ready. But why don’t we talk about what you want to do on the future
Ajay- I want at least two kids. A house that I own with my own money and you by my side till I d..
Sanjana- I will always be with you and don’t ever say that
Ajay and Sanjana hug
Sanjana and Ajay go to sleep

Next: Family picnic and confusion

Credit to: Kavina

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  1. Lovely update. Ajay is so romantic.
    Please update soon

    1. Thanks. I will try to make Ajay romantic every episode. I will try to update soon but have been sick

  2. This was really nice exicted wat might the confusion is…

    1. Thanks. The confusion is going to be funny.

  3. will Ayush return and Utpal have a story line

    1. Yes I will have Utpal. Shivi I don’t know who Ayush is so if you could please tell me the full name then I will tell you.

  4. really waiting for ur episode

    1. I will try to update soon. Till then read episode 8

  5. Waiting for the next episode I liked it ff 🙂

    1. Thanks. I will try to update soon but till then read episode 8

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