Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi- Family episode 5


Hey so sorry for updating late but I am sick so this will be a short one sorry

Scene 1:

Ajay wakes up and thinks about last night
Goes back to sleep
Sanjana wakes up and thinks about last night blushes
Tries to go to the bathroom but Ajay pulled her back

Sanjana- Leave me
Ajay- No I still want to romance
Sanjana- Fine but you have to impress me
Ajay- Fine How much time
Sanjana- All day

Sanjana leaves for the bathroom
Ajay gets to thinking

Scene 2:

Sanjana comes for the bathroom
Notices that Ajay is not in the room

Sanjana (thinking to herself)- I think he went to get food or planning to do something


Ajay- I want the whole garden
Manger- Ok how long
Ajay- The whole night
Manger- Why don’t you take the Garden that is offered with your bedroom
Ajay- WHAT!
Manger- Yes there is a garden attached to your room
Ajay- Thank you now I don’t need this garden

Next- Ajay puts his plan to action

Credit to: Kavina

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  1. Nice.. waiting for ajay’s plan to unfold

    1. Thank you so much

  2. short and sweet
    waiting for next part

    1. Thank you so much.

  3. Hi so I won’t be able to write a fanfiction till Jan. 4th because tellyupdates won’t let me because of holidays. So hang on

    1. ohh sad but i will wait the story is interesting and i love it so much

      1. I know but I will have one

    2. have you written the plan was

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