Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi- Family episode 4


Hi guys thanks for the comments. I think I will do one to two scenes but they are going to be long.

Scene 1:

Morning in the hotel

Sanjana wakes up and realizes that she is on Ajay chest
Sanjana tries to go but Ajay is hold her waist
Sanjana manages to get out of bed
Sanjana walks out of the bathroom

Sanjana (goes to the bed)- Ajay wake up
Sanjana shaking him
Ajay- Let me sleep
Sanjana- Come on it’s 9:00 am
Ajay pulls her
Ajay on top of Sanjana

Ajay- Fine I will get out of bed but a kiss first
Sanjana- No
Ajay- Fine we can stay like this
Sanjana- No I want to go outside
Ajay- It’s to cold outside
Sanjana- Come on
Ajay- Fine I will take the kiss
Sanjana looks him in the eyes
Ajay eyes are on her lips
Sanjana starts blushing
Ajay kisses her on the lips
They kiss for about 1 min
Sanjana is still blushing

Ajay- Now I am happy. I will take a bath and then we will go out

Scene 2:

Sanjana and Ajay go out to a cold place

Sanjana- I feel really cold. Can we go back?
Ajay (holding her waist)- Yeah but what are we going to do there
Sanjana- Play a game
Ajay (smiling)- Or we could romance
Sanjana- Be quiet
Ajay- Why did you forget this morning
Sanjana- No but I don’t want to romance
Ajay- That what honeymoons are for

Back at the hotel

Ajay sitting on the bed
Sanjana walks in holding a plate of food in her hand

Ajay- That is for me
Sanjana- No It’s for me
Ajay gets out of bed
Sanjana is about to sit on the couch
Ajay pulled her closer to him by the waist

Ajay- Feed me
Sanjana- No
Ajay- You won’t then I will romance with you
Sanjana- Fine
Ajay and Sanjana feed each other
Finish eating

Ajay comes close to Sanjana
Sanjana- Leave me
Ajay- No

Ajay pins Sanjana to the wall
Kisses her forehead then eyes then checks and is about to kiss her lips but she leaves
Ajay hold her hand
He kisses her neck
He picks her up
Lays her on the bed
Ajay- You look to pretty
Kisses her hand
Ajay- I want to make you mine
Sanjana blushes
They consummate their marriage

Credit to: Kavina

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  1. Awww. Such a romantic part. I loved it. Thank you for considering my request.
    Update soon..

    1. Your welcome and so sorry for not writing a precap about what’s going to happen on the 5th episode I was writing in a rush

    1. Thanks

  2. too good and really exited for next part

    1. Thanks

  3. You should write the scene when they are talking about the future and children

    1. I was going to but after he proposes to her

      1. oh they already got married twice

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