Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi- Family episode 3

If you guys have any ideas then please tell me. Iceland is a place in Europe. I don’t know a hotel name so it’s made up.

Scene 1:
Ajay and Sanjana reach Iceland

Ajay (happy)- Finally we reached Iceland
Sanjana (tired)- It’s really cold so please hire a taxi
Ajay (starting to shiver)- Yeah just wait right here

Ajay and Sanjana get into the taxi

Ajay- Please go to Red Star Hotel

Scene 2:
At the hotel

Ajay and Sanjana enter the hotel

Ajay- There is a room booked on the name of Ajay
Hotel person- Yes room 207, Enjoy your stay
Sanjana (under her breath)- Yeah right it’s to cold
Ajay- Thank you

Ajay and Sanjana reach their room
They walk in

Ajay (shocked)- It’s pretty
Sanjana (shocked)- I am sure dadi did all of this
Ajay- What are those gifts on top of the bed

Ajay moves towards the bed

Ajay- All of them are for you and one for me
Sanjana- What
Ajay- Let’s open them
Sanjana- Ok

Ajay and Sanjana open the gifts and Sanjana is shocked

Sanjana (holding up a pair of jean pant)- What I am I suppose to do with this?
Ajay (laughing)- Here is note from dadi, it says I know you will be shocked but don’t worry please wear it
Sanjana- I am not going to wear it
Ajay- Fine don’t wear it in the hotel but outside..
Sanjana- No
Ajay- Please
Sanjana (gives up)- Fine

Scene 3:

Ajay sitting on the couch and reading a magazine
Sanjana comes out of the bathroom wearing a white and turquoise color saree
Ajay starring
Sanjana wiping her hair in front of the dresser

Sanjana- What are you looking at Ajay
Ajay- How pretty my wife is looking
Ajay coming to her
Sanjana blushes

Ajay- What happened why are you moving back
Sanjana hits a wall
Ajay comes to her puts his hand around her waist and pulls her closer
Ajay is about to kiss Sanjana then his phone rings

Sanjana laughs
Ajay- Hello
Dadi- Hi, did you guys reach safely
Ajay- Yes
Dadi- Ok bye
Sanjana- How is Dadi
Ajay- I will get my kiss
Sanjana- Ok but right now lets go to sleep
Ajay- Fine

Next: Romance

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  1. Nice part. Desperately waiting for the romance. ..
    Continue soon with longer updates.
    Thank you

    1. Yeah there is going to be romance. And thank you for reading

    1. Thanks

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