Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi- Family episode 2

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Scene 1:
Ajay and Sanjana packing

Ajay (happy)- Finally someone thought about us
Sanjana (mad)- Your happy but I am mad. I wanted to spend time with the family and then go on honeymoon
Ajay- It’s just for a few day
Sanjana (clam)- Ok fine where are we going
Ajay (confused)- I don’t know but why are you asking me
Sanjana (confused)- I thought this was your idea and plan
Ajay (laughing)- I didn’t plan this and this is not my idea
Sanjana- Ok fine, let’s go down and find out where we are going

Scene 2:
Ajay and Sanjana go down stairs

Dadi (happy)- Ok now that you are done packing let Bhushan tell you where you guys are going
Bhushan- You are going to Iceland
Ajay and Sanjana (shocked)- WHAT!!!!
Sanjana- It’s way to cold there
Ajay- I will freeze and then become sick and then I going to be stuck in a hotel room while Sanjana looks after me
Sanjana- I want to stay here
Ajay- I don’t want to go
Dadi- Stop, you guys are going and that’s is my decision

Family members get Ajay and Sanjana in the car and to the airport

Scene 3:
Ajay and Sanjana on the plane

Sanjana (holds Ajay’s hand)- I am scared of planes
Ajay (puts his other hand on top of her’s)- Don’t worry I am here
Ajay goes to Sanjana’s ear
Ajay- This trip is going to be interesting and if we get stuck in a hotel then all I am going to do is romance with you
Sanjana (blushing and pushes him away)- Be quiet

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