Tumhi ho bandhu sakha tumhi. AjNa fan fiction. Epi 1


Hey everyone my name is tuba and I am a very big fan of Thbst and AjNa the perfect pair. I love them a lot and miss them on-screen. They are my life. So I will be continuing it from the last part where AjNa (Ajay and Sanjana ) get married and Shreya comes back. In my track Shreya is not the villan anymore. There will be a lot of AjNa scenes. No negativity at all. So lets start.

Location:-Pethewala house.
Now shaina is gone shreya has become good.
The episode starts in AjNa room.
Sanjana is drying her hair and telling Ajay get up. U wikk get late and mama ji will shout at u. Ajay please get up.
She goes near the bed and says Shakes Ajay. Ajay gets up and pulls her towards him.
Ajay:- Good Morning meri pyari biwi.
Sanjana:- Good Morning.
Ajay:- All these days we have suffered a lot but now I promise that no one will come in between us.
Sanjana:- Ajay I know what happen in these few days. And now lets start a new beginning.
But now get up fast.
Ajay gets up and goes to washroom.
Sanjana is cooking and suddenly Ajay hugs her from behind. Sanjana says Ajay stop it Ajay if someone comes.
Ajay:- So what will happen I am hugging my wife its not a crime.
Sanjana:-Ajay leave me or else.
Ajay:- or else what my dear wife.
Just then dadi comes and coughs. Ajay leaves Sanjana and says Dadi hi how are you he stammers and talks.
Dadi:-I am fine Ajay. But I dont think ur fine I guess u got SRK’s aatma in u that u have starded to do romance everywhere.
Ajay I understand that u guys are newly married n u have such a beautiful wife but control.
Sanjana is teasing Ajay from behind.
Dadi leaves Ajay chases Sanjana to their room. Sanjana says sorry sorry. Ajay says sorry ki bacchi I wont leave u today. Ajay catches Sanjana. He pulls her closer to him amd caresses her hair. Ajay kisses Sanjana and Says I love you. Sanjana says I know that and I love u2.
And u need to help me now. Ajay says anything for u my love. She says in the past few days bhushan bhaiya is very hurt by what shreya bhabi did. She did all this only for him. Now we have to bring them back together.

Precap:-Ajay and Sanjana are going for honeymoon……

Guys please do give suggestions how you all want the story to be.

Credit to: Tuba Aiman (AjNa)

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  1. super next episode….

  2. Aayushi Agrawal

    I loved it and the AjNa romance was so beautiful. Please continue soon with this lovely story. No suggestions for now but if I feel anything I’ll definitely tell you.

  3. Please continue the story. I really want to read more

  4. Hey please update soon. I check on your ff daily to see if you have updated . Please continue soon.

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