Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 9th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 9th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mishri binds rakhi to ajay and ayush. Ajay says this video is the gift from our side. Mishri says what if maa knows. Ayush says till the time come we will convince her. Ajay says to sanjana i won. sanjana says in heart your victory is mine as well.

Rishap gifts Avni a set. He makes her wear thye necklace. Avni says this is beautiful. He says do you feel weird here because you have never been here. She says i don’t feel weird with you anywhere. He says can i dance with you. She holds his hand. The dance on ‘sun saathiya’.
Rishap meets his business partner at the cafe. He shakes hand with avni and kisses her hand. Avni feels weird. He says rishap your wife is more beautiful than this locket. Can i dance with you for a while. Rishap sits on the bar sees

them. Avni feels awkward. He says you are lucky rishap loves you.
Rishap comes to avni and grabs her by arm. He says we are getting late. He takes her out. He says you were dancing we happily with him. You were so easy. She says you should have stopped him. He says why didn’t you say no to him.
She says you are getting me wrong. He says there is nothing eft I have seen everything. She says please listen to me once. He slaps her and says you are accussing me. He makes her sit in the car and says driver drop her home. Avni is crying.

Elaichi sees ayush with mishri. Elaichi says why are you talking to people who were never there for you in your difficult times. Ayush says mami mishri means everything to us. sHe is out sister. Ayush says i am going to germeny wont you give me your blessings? Elaichi says i wont. From now on i will only think about my kids. she goes in her room and cries. Ayush knocks the door and says mami ji please. Kirlok comes and says elaichi is hurt the wounds will take time to heal. we will always be praying for you. Vinati does her arti. Bhsuhan comes and sees elaichi crying in her room and he sees everyone seeing ayush off. Ayush says where is avni? Kirlok says i will ask her to call you when she comes. Ayush hugs and meets everyone. Vinati says call me when you reach there. Ayush looks at bhushan and leaves.

sanajan says to her friend on call so plan is fixed ask me if there is anything. Avni says I couldn’t even say bye to ayush. She is crying. Sanjana comes and asks what happened avni? What is this on your face? She says it happened while i was threading. Sanjana says you are lying. Well anyway i don’t care. Take care, go to doctor. Sanjana leaves.
Dadi says kids are coming late these days. Shreya says yes work is work. I get the food ready before they come. Power cuts, dadi says lets go out and see. when they go in lounge there are so many girls there. Vinati says who are you and what are you people doing here? Sanjana says they are my friends and I have arranged a party here. I will tell you what real parties are like. Dadi says what is this for. Sanjana says i will single very soon. So I have to celebrate. Elaichi says sanjana.. She turns on the music. Shreya says sanjana mummy is saying something.Sanjana says don’t disturb me now.
Sanjana says there are no waiters so shreya and vinati have to help me. Sanjana gives them waitress uniforms and says go dress up. My dad has ordered food from the 5v star hotel you have to serve it. Elaichi says sanjana.. dadi says no let her do this.

Precap-Ajay dances with other girls in the party. Sanjana is with wine she says its a happy day for me. So lets celebrate.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Sanjana brought the party girls home and Ajay is making her jealous. Shame, she didn’t see this one coming.

  3. same precap ….yeah amandas he s making sanjana jealous …sanju pls dnt hurt other family members…only u take revenge on only shreya

  4. I really like dis show

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