Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 9th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 9th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Bhushan comes home he is mad, Kirlok says dont trust that baba bhushan. bhushan says how can’t i? Ajay is a curse for all. He crushed the coconut as well. Thank God dadi didn’t drive. kirlok says it was a coincident. The car was old. Bhushan says why can’t you see. Kirlok says all i can see is that shreya isn’t well take her to the room. Bhushan says just once.. Kirlok says enough. Dont think it again. Have you forgotten whatever we taught you?

Mishri places shreya’s leg on the cuishon. Vinati comes and says does it hurt? Dont move on your own. Bhushan says eat something. Shreya says my hands hurts, bhushan says i will make you eat. He makes her drink the milk. Vinati says lets go and make her soup shreya. bhushan says i don’t know

i think whatever baba said was right. Ajay comes in along with sanjina. Ajay says sorry bhabhi if you also think i am responsible for this, the pardon me. Shreya says no its not because of you. It was an accident, thank God dadi is fine. Don’t blame yourself. Ajay says bhaiya.. bhushan leaves.
sanjina looks in anger at shreya. Shreya says don’t mess with elders sanjina, you are a kid. Sanjina says no one can mess with you, we are all kids in front of you. I was not taught how to manipulate people. Till then focus on your leg. Shreya says keep trying, all the best, i have a suggestion. Go and tell everyone i am acting, go. you are scared because you are a kid? no one is gonna believe you. I and my husband are getting all the attention and the curse label on ajay i permanent. i am making you think so hard. Soon my husband will kick you and ajay out of this house. Your expression tells you can’t believe me. Time will speak everything. in this house only those will live whom it belongs to.

Mishri is in tears. Vinati says shreya will be fine soon, don’t worry. mishri says i am worried about something else. Look things are getting worst day by day. vinati says this is all rubbish you know, everything will be fine soon. Mishri says i dont trust it but.. ajay overhears it. He tells sanjina and says i am responsible for all this. SAnjina says none of the elders believe it, why are you thinking about it. He says why is all this happening. why is my family paying for my mistakes. SAnjina says please ajay its not your mistake. Ajay says it would be better for me to leave this house. sanjina says you will hurt them again? ajay says they are already hurt. At least this will stop. Sanjina says this is not your mistake its shreya bhabhi’s mistake.
Ajay says what are you saying? she says i am saying truth. He says you accusing her because bhushan called me a curse. All the women live with love in this house. Sanjina says all women but shreya bhabhi. ajay says dont call her bhabhi, you are ot part of us. Sanjina says please understand, i am not lying. he leaves and says dont come for zero hour, i will not go either. Sanjina says how can i make you believe ajay.

dadi, mishri and elaichi come to shreya’s room for zero hour. dadi says everyone will come here. Vinati comes with popcorn and juice for shreya. Elaichi says tomorrow all the women fast, for their husbands or to get a good husband.

Precap-Dadi says you are new daughter in law of this house, so is sanjina. Mishri tell sanjina about this fast as well. shreya says in heart no one will forget it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Fed up of u shreya!!! Initially at the shw begng i thought tat shreya wud try to keep d fmly unitd nd sanjana wud try to devide d fmly… Bt nw ts gna reverse.. Sanjana t d lead role nd stupid shreya vilian..hate u shreya.. HATE U..

  2. Boring!!!! shreya shreya shreya and that pawn of shreya called bhushan yuk!

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