Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 8th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 8th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Sanjana opens shreya’s bag. Shreya says you are crossing you limits. Sanjana says so you are running from here? Shreya says i dont have to run from here. Sanjana says i know you so well. I knew you would make a plan. shreya says who are you to stop me? Sanjana says i am that one whom you have been so cruel to. you step out and cops get the photos. Then 3 years in jail. Shreya says i will look you out.

Amar is leaving. Vinati says you are leaving because of raksha bandhan? mishri wont be bidning you rakhi this year. he says i am that brother who couldn’t save her. I will never be able to forgive myself?

Avni recalls how rishap treated her. He calls her over and over again but she doesn’t pick up. Avni is in tears. Kirlok comes and sees

her. He says avni i know what you are thinking? Wont you bind rakhi? avni says no. he says because of that stupid girl? Avni says no. He says what is it avni? She says i have 5 brothers and i bound all of them every year. I would either bind all of them or not to any of them. He says mishri is there for two. She says please don’t force me. Rishap calls on his number. Kirlok picks the call. He says can i talk to avni? kirlok gives her the phone. Avni says hello. He says hi avni. He says i know you are mad at me. I shouldn’t have behaved this way. Not like i dont like your family but i like you more. I am your fiance. I just wanted you at that time. I am really sorry. Avni is silent. He says can you go out with me this evening? She says okay i will. now don’t say sorry. He says okay i will see you in the evening.

Sanjana says on call to her friend you know a handicapped girl suicided. He says mishri you can know her pain? Ajay says mami should allow mishri to dance. We all know how important it is for her. Ajay says to elaichi why are you doing this let mishri dance.
Elaichi slaps him and says mishri is my daughter i know what to decide for her. Ajay says mishri is my daughter i will take anymore slaps for her. I wont ask for anything i just beg you let her dance. I promise i will take care of her. i will take her wherever she wants. Please say yes. Ajay says mishri sit here and take ashiwad from her. Mishri hugs elaichi and says thank you maa. Elaichi says i didn’t give you blessings because of dance.its for your health. you are still not permitted to dance. If you don’t listen to me i wont ever talk to you.
Mishri goes crying in her room.

Sanjana says mishri you have no hope. Look what i brought for you. Poison. there is no point of life like this. Drink once and everything over. Ayush comes and says sanjana are you out of your mind. I thought you are a nice girl. He says sanjana will dance. Mishri says but maa wont ever talk to me. Ajay says you can’t give up on the dream. You can make a video sample here we will record and send it here. Sanjana says mishri i am a much better dancer than you. so you better sit home. Mishir says i can dance. You get that. This is my passion. Sanjana says your family doesn’t know passion. Sanjana says lets do a challenge dance

Sanjana dances around Mishri. Mishri starts dancing too. Ayush records it. Sanjana breaks a vase. Ayush puts his hand on the glass to save mishri. Mishri says what you did? he says i couldn’t let you injured. Mishri binds her dupatta on his bruise.
Ajay says we will celebrate raksha bandhan. Mishri binds a part of her dupatta on ajay’a hand too.

Precap-Ajay dances with so many girls. Sanjan comes with a bottle and says this a good day for me so i have to celebrate it with a wine.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This serial is beecoming crap now.

  2. I’m Kind of confusing if sanju’s method to reunite the family is correct

  3. Shreya finally getting a taste of her own medicine…. the only difference is that although Sanjana is being evil to all she is trying to bring the family together after Shreya tore it apart… all the best Sanjana and dadi/nani

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