Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 7th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Sanjana says angoori bring petrol and matchsticks. Angoori does. Ajay says what is this ajay. Sanjana says stay there. Dadi says I will talk to her, she can do anything. Sanjana says don’t try to scare me. Avni says sanjana don’t what are you doing. Shreya says she is out of her mind. Bhushan says do you wanna burn the whole house down. Sanjana fires the ground and says don’t even dare to pass this line. Sanjana puts all the gifts in the fire circle. sanjana says moreover no one will celebrate raksh bandhan here anymore.

Later sanjana says nani ji please slap me i shoved you. dadi says we had to do this drama. She says that brought them all together to save me. sabjana says all those gifts were duplicate and the real ones are in your room. Dadi

says yes i know. They hear elaichi saying to mishri no means no. Mishri says maa you know dance is my passion. Elaichi says you are weak i wont let you do this. Mishri says doctor said i can do anything that is normal. ELaichi says i need no arguements you wont go. Bhushan says whats wrong? Mishri says maa is not letting take part in dance competition. Bhushan says she is right you have to rest right now. We have to wait. Mishir says no one understands me here. She goes to her room. Sanjana says to dadi know who will listen to mishri

Avni comes to meet rishap. He is mad. She says there was some problem at home that iw why i am late. He says come out of my car. He says you are 15 mins late and you instead of apoogizing you are telling me these stories. I am meetin you after so many days. Dont you know how to welcome your fiance. He holds her face and says you dont even know how to smile. Don’t show me these crocodile tears. He sits in the car and leaves.

Samaar says to vinati i am going to eat. Vinati says let them eat first we will eat later. Bell rings. A man comes in with a large box. They say its for mishri pethywalaa. Sanjana says the parcel is here? Very nice. Sanjana says to mishri its a gift for you. sanjana says open it. When mishri opens its a wheelchair. Sanjana says how is it? Sit on it. Everyone is taken aback. Sanjana says i brought it with so much love. sanjana makes her sit and says you look so good and comfortable on it. At least say thank you. I thought there couldn’t be any better gift for you since your family has made you a handicapped. She is not allowed to go out and not even dance. Bhushan says throw this outside we dont need it. Sanjana says when she can’t take her decisions we should not even let her walk. Sanjana says mishri is this your dance competition form? I will sign it and win for you. Mishri is cryin. Sanjana goes to her room. Kirlok comes to mishri but elaichi comes first and hugs her. Mishri is crying. Elaichi says don’t cry.

Sanjana is walkin she says what am I doing? I can’t hurt my family. She trips over a bucket. She says i have hurt everyone i know how willl everythin ever be okay. I am doing this for them. Ajay comes and says when you stop this drama? She says you look cute when you are silent. I am glad to know you are following my rule. She says you dont know how audacious can i be. she is about to slip. Ajay holds her. he says you like it right? He leaves and she falls down. He says how dare you talk to my sister like this. He pours water on her and says here is your section 498. Who are you to talk like this to mishri and ask us not to celebrate raksha bandhan. I will reunite my family. I will tell you how to do this. We will celebrate raksha bandhan like every year. He leaves. sanjana says this is what i wanted.

Shreya says to her mom i have told bhsuhan that i am going to meet you. And then i will call him and tell him that you are not well so i have to stay at your place. Shreya sees the gate is locked. She says how to open it. sanjana shows her keys and says with this. shreya says give me keys i want to go to meet my mom. You can’t stop me. Sanjana says i just wanna see whats in your bag. Just let me see. sanjana opens her bag. Shreya says you are crossing your limits.

Precap-Ajay dances on ‘sari night’ with so many girls. sanjana comes with a bottle and says lets celebrate this day.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Im excited for tommo epi..pls repeat the show at watchable time..bcz if it missed..i couldn’t catch it mrng 8 o clk..so pls change the timing…

  2. Wow, Santana and dadi, what a team. There’s something wrong with Rishabh! Let’s see if they’ll see it before the wedding happens or poor Avni is doomed.

  3. Wow, Sanjana and dadi, what a team. There’s something wrong with Rishabh! Let’s see if they’ll see it before the wedding happens or poor Avni is doomed.

  4. This show is on point

  5. Avni and rishab stay away! Plz don’t end sanjay!!!!

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