Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 7th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Elaichi says to shreya only you can convince bhushan. shreya says no he loves and respects all you that is why he is upset. Elaichi says yes i knw but you as a wife i can stop him. Elaichi says why didn’t you tell us? Shreya says bhushan would get mad and i wont disappoint you.
ayush says to ajay don’t worry we dont believe all this. We believe in love only, don’t be so serious it doesn’t suit you. Buck up. Ajay leaves. Bhushan comes in front of him. bhushan says i can’t think like others what is wrong is wrong. i love my family and i would do anything for them. We are all paying for your mistake. You didn’t care about ma papa right? He leaves.

ajay says to sanjina i need your ‘kundli’. she says what for? she says

when did you start trusting in all this? you hated all this in college. he says that life is over. She says until we were married, everything was okay. We can get our kundlis checks. She says i can’t believe oyou are talking about all this. Sanjina says you.. Ajay says i will do what bhushan asks me. Sanjina says its not him. it is.. he says what? she says fake belief. He says where am i stuck? There have been problems in the house. I feel so helpless. He says we wont live in this house. Sanjina says in heart shreya has hijacked brains. I wont let her do this anymore.

Next morning, chachi comes. She says i told you about rishab, they wanna get rishab married to avni. I have called them here, let the kids meet each other. She says he is a nice guy.Chachi says are you happy with this? Avni says yes i will meet him. Amar says you gathered the courage today. Elaichi says chachi is with her she will be okay. Chachi says avni get your stuff packed. Bhushan comes in and sees ajay. Dadi says come here bhushan sit here. get your granddad’s car repaired. I want to learn driving, everyone laughs and is dazed. she says i will learn today. elaichi says maa think once please. Dadi says it was shreya’s idea. SAnjina says in heart there must be something behind it too.

Dadi sits in the car, kirlok says you really wanna drive? dadi says yes. bhushan starts the car, but it doesn’t he keeps trying. dadi says so many memories related to this car. Dadi takes a selfie with shreya. dadi says why hasn’t it started? bhushan says i think i should call mechanic. Ajay says should i try? ajay sits in the car, it starts. Elaichi says i think we should get it serviced. Shreya says there is a mechanic nearby i have his number i will call him. dadi says to ajay come try it.Shreya goes in to call, sanjina follows her. shreya calls a doctor and says its shreya, there is going to be an accident. get an ambulance and bed registered. Accident is going to be serious. Sanjina says is she going to do this with dadi?

Precap-sanjina hears driving, she goes out to see if its dadi/

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This Shreya (THE MAIN CHARACTER OF THE SHOW) willing to go as far as kill people in an accident?!?!? Is Zee really serious, making this negative role THE major character of this show!?!?!? All the positive vibes of this show just flew away….another disappointing serial Zee…try harder please.

  2. I don’t think Shreya I the main lead. I think Sanjana needs to wake up and start dealing with on a more string level that Shreya’s already operating on. Only then will she be able yo counter act all her moves. Just hearing her plotting and doing nothing about it is not food enough. And, Sanjana needs to know how to do it fast before this show goes out from the peoples minds. 1, Sanjana needs to stop the accident 2, teach Avni to have self confidence. Shreya will take advantage of Avni, she’s too meek.

  3. Omg!! Stupid shreya!! I dont believe tat she wud do such athng wid dadi…sanju nw u mst make everythng right before sumethng is gonna happen….. And i want really want sanjana to be the main lead and that shreya villian…. Sanjana all the best!

  4. Damn dat shreya such a wicked b*t*h…..she shld nt be lead role…wake up sanjana

  5. Now this serial becoming bor pls zee don’t do this we want to see joint happy family
    Pls don’t use charter like Sherya .

  6. Let sanjana expose shreya so that everyone knows the truth. People like shreya only think about themselves, she isn’t thinking even about her husband. Throw her out and show a happy joint family without plotting women. Don’t always portray women in such bad characters, not all are evil.

    1. She says she is thinking about him, he needs to get his right by being the oldest in the family and then get the recognition. Unfortunately I don’t know what kind of thinking is that.

  7. Main lead is avni and bhushan and sanjina an ajay as support role shreya is like tanveer

  8. Another waist of time

  9. Seriously hate this shreya, hope sanjana brings her real face in front of the family, and as for bushan hating his character, too annoying, thinks he’s the only one who thinks about his family. And for who the man lead is seems like sanjana, not that stupid shreya. Sanjana is a positive character, ajay and sanjana best couple of the show, just adore them.

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