Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 3rd July 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
kirlok thinks samar is there he keeps talking, he looks back and sees sanjina. samar comes back and says how did the flowers burned? kirlok says i dont understand myself. they leaves. sanjina sees the acid stains there. she is dazed.

Bhushan and shreya ask elaichi for the pooja baba has asked. Elaichi says there is nothing wrong, ayush has become champion. Bhushan says there have been weird things. Somebody put money in his bag. Elaichi says the reason troubles me, i dont want this pooja to happen. Its better to care for family. Bhushan says can you do this for me? Elaichi says what is wrong bhushan? when did you become so serious with all this. Kirlok says i think he is not wrong, there is nothing wrong with doing the pooja. Tell us when do we have to do it? bhushan

sasy today. elaichi says but we will have to prepare for it. shreya says i will prepare for it. Elaichi says okay then, i will help. bhushan says thanks ma..

Ajay comes downstairs, bhushan stops him and says look idk what you did this for? What did you think before doing this but all i know is that you are not going anywhere, you will be part of us because mummy papa wont let you go. You have some responsibilities with business as well. You have to drop this parcel, its urgent. Do this if you can. Ajay says yes i would. He leaves, shreya comes and says bhushan you are doing this for your fmaily. Ajay shouldn’t be part of this pooja. just makes sure he doesn’t return till the pooja is over. bhushan says its an imaginary address, he wont come. i have lied to my brother because of the girl. he leaves. sanjina overhears all this. she comes to shreya and says i thought you would understand. this is too wrong, you would never change. sending ajay has something you have plotted behind. i made a mistake by concealing your reality, but i wont do this again. I will tell them all your truth. Shreya says go ahead tell them. It will be fun. no one even wants to see your face how will they trust you? Do you have a proof? She laughs and says listen to me, Why dont your understand i am the only daughter in law of this family, You are all outsiders and you are that outsider ajay’s wife who ran from his house and no one even want to see your face. Go tell them all. sanjina says i know you are really smart, but this smartness kills you sometimes. One clue and i will ruin your plan. Shreya says could you find any proof? and please next time you come do knock, out.

baba ji comes in. elaichi says to shreya why is our pandit ji not here? Shreya says bhushan’s friend always call this pandit, he is really good as well. Kirlok says lets start the pooja bhushan. sanjina says to vinati bhushan has sent ajay somewhere for delivery, the address is far from here so he might not come. kirlok says where have you sent him? Bhushan says it was urgent. Kirlok says lets wait until he comes back. baba says this is the right time for pooja, we have to start it. dadi says our son isn’t home. baba says this kinda time will come after two years. dadi says sanjina text ajay to come as fast as he can.

The pooja starts, ajay is looking for the address but he can’t find. sanjina goes to her room, shreya wonders where is sanjina gone? Shreya coughs and says i am goin to drink water.
Sanjina looks for the things shreya placed in her room. She looks in shreya’s purse but cant find it. shreya is coming in that direction. Shreya locks the door from outside. She finds the acid bottle. sanjina stands out but the door is locked.

Precap-ajay comes home, kirlok says ajay you can’t sit, you have become a bad thing for us because of your wedding.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Shreya very bad…and her mother….wat kind of mother she is…teaching bad manners to her daughter…wait for monday episode…i hate u shreya….

  2. I can’t believe such mothers exist in world pratibha ‘s mother in low and sunidhi ‘s mother my God is it in India that such mothers exist

    1. no dude in india such things r not possible here mother are the goddess

  3. Interesting episode. Evil never wins.

  4. Nice episode…

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