Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 31st August 2015 Written Episode Update

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 31st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Dadi says to elaichi she wont listen to anyone but amar. Amar comes and asks vinati did you fill the form? Samar says i wont go to new school. Amar says your new school is bigger and better. Your dad is MD now you wont study in small school. Everyone is dazed.
Shreya says what is wrong with her. Elaichi says i have always been wrong about vinati.

ajay meets Sanjana and says how are you? She says good. sanjana handovers him the papers. She leaves. Ajay says in heart this is all i wanted why i feel it then?

Vinati comes and says why are you spending so much? Dont worry about avni i will buy her new branded sari and for myself. some people come to meet amar. They are interior decorators. Samar says mummy papa and redesigning their room. Elaichi says

what is wrong with them both. They are not even asking us.

Vinati and amar come to room. Vinati is crying. Amar says dont cry we have to do this. Vinati says i cant do this, its really hurting me. He says i understand. We are doing this for our family. I can’t see us being broken. Vinati says lets give them back everything. Amar says mama wont ever take it. Amar says we have to do this. I am doing anythin to get bhushan what he deserves. Vinati says i dont see an end to all this. He says we leave this house, this is the end of this drama. We have to keep it going.

Dadi says they cant do this. I have raised amar he can’t do this.
Kirlok says what is all this you have spent 5 lac in one day. So much is happening you didnt even ask me. Amar says you are saying so much to sign a cheque. kirlok says you have become proud after being an MD. Dadi says whats wrong? Vinati says mamma ji is making fuss on nothing. Elaichi says talk in lower tone. Bhushan says this is what i was talkin about. Amar says i am elder than you in every possible way. Dont argue with me. dadi says enough. What are you people fighting for? money? Go to your rooms.

Shreya says mummy you saw how he talked to bhushan? Dadi says everyone back to your rooms. Elaichi says she is right maa.
Dadi sees ajay and says why he didn’t come downstairs. Dadi sees the divorce papers beneath his hand.

Amar is consoling vinati. Door knocks. Its kirlok. Amar says you here? kirlok says these are not your words and you are not a very good pretender. Amar says dont mind please dont talk about all this stupid things. Its late let us rest, good night. Kirlok says i dont really know why you both are doing this but i know its a drama. The drama shouldn’t effect the business. Amar says good night.

Ajay wakes up in his room. he feels tired. he looks for the divorces papers they are no where. Ajay says where can they go? he calls sanjana but she doesn’t pick up. he says i lost the divorce papers. She says i signed them and gave them. He says i will get new papers, sign them. She says you asked me to sign i did and i gave it to you. Now its up to you. I wont do it over and over again. She hangs up. Ajay says what will i do now.

Dadi comes to sanjana’s place. Sanjana is dazed. Sanjana takes her in.
Ajay comes to breakfast table. kirlok asks papers ssigned? he says yes but Ayush says amar is not opening the door. Amar and vinait come out. They have luggage with them.
Ayush says you going somewhere? Amar says we are going to live somewhere else. Everyone is dazed.

Precap-Sanjana dances in the party. she is wearing a short dress. She says according to contract i am his wife if someone stops me they will be in jail.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Shreya was caught by Dadi smiling, this is good enough for me. I’ll watch just to see what else dad will do.

  2. amar and vinati r acting..its gud…i think dadi wil taken the divorce papers

    1. I think she has hidden them, for now. She’s an old person, she doesn’t believe in giving up so easily and she liked Sanjana.

  3. Precap: Sanjana is back!!

  4. Am confused with the precap?
    But seems vinati realize shreya game
    And dadi probably will get sajana back home!!!!!

    1. Yes, it could be dadi who brought Sanjana back, that makes sense.

  5. Can any one tell me pls what time repeat telecast is coming ….

  6. gud dadi bring bac sanjana
    Atlst one gt t knw obt shreya’s evil mind
    Thnq god.. Nw sanjana shud help dadi n nt t mak their family break

  7. so nice to know that Amar n Vinati r just doing a drama. Mama n mami ki parbarish bekaar nahi gai.

  8. i want to know the repeat telecast time please

  9. Good that dadi realise there is a some thing wrong before every thing has gone ruined. Interesting episode

  10. what time repeat telecast of this series

  11. next day mg 8am re telecast
    it would b btr if shreya’z drama is out before al widot any furthr strchng………….fedup wid her

  12. Raeesah Yunis

    I just love this show 🙂
    Sanjana and ajay so cute

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