Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 30th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Shreya says to bhushan you should go i am going to washroom i will be back in a moment, She goes to the room and looks for the packet, sanjina comes in and says what are you looking for bhabhi? shreya is dazed. sanjina says tell me what are you looking for? she shows her the packet and says this? Shreya says what are you saying, let me go i would miss the match. Sanjina says you wanted ayush to miss the match actually.

Ayush comes the ring, the match starts. shreya says what are you saying? sanjina says okay lets agree, we dont know what am i saying. sanjina says this phone? is it yours? Sanjina says have you listened that stick in the beard thing? you made a little mistake that ruined your plan. you took my phone with you, your mom called on your phone. sanjina

tells her when she picked the phone, her mom said did you put money in the bag? you are not doing anything wrong you have to expose these outsiders. Sanjina says how could you do this? we all know how important this match was, i didn’t want to believe it all. the email you sent had a reply. The photographers you sent, i saw them. You can’t stop someone from getting what is in his fate. and ayush is one of the best boxers who has support of his family. And you wanted to do this to them. sanjina came there and told ayush a well wisher called and said there is a packet in your bag, she says please throw it away before officers come. He said what if this is your plan to win my heart? sanjina says this could be, but i can’t be so bad to get your pardon. And i would have done this in front of the whole family, trust me i did this for ajay and you. you know he fasts for you when you have a match. i dont want to compromise your love for him, please throw away this packet before officers come please. S

anjina says then i left before you all came here. then i thought you would accept your mistake but you didn’t. what you get after doing all this? in fact you are losing what you got. they all love you. you are lucky to have in laws like them. You don’t value them. you didn’t think how would they feel if they get to know this. shreya says i thought.. i think i made a mistake, please dont tell anyone sanjina. Bhusha will kick me out of house. please i beg you dont tell anyone. sanjina says i wont tell anyone. i cant do anything like that. You are not daughter in law of this house i am just.. no one has even accpeted me. but i am worried for you. Its would be better if you clean your heart.

Sanjina says you are lucky understand this. And one more thing, next time you do something like this, i wont take a moment to tell everyone. I wont let this family break not matter what. sanjina leaves, shreya sits there in tears. All the family comes in saying hipp hip hurray, they all celebrate. Shreay stands in a side. bhushan asks shreya what happened? she says i am not feeling well, i was breathless. I was suffocating. maybe because of bp. he says are yo okay now? She says i.. elaichi says lets go home and rest. bhushan says yes let ayush come then we will leaves.

Precap-ayush comes home, ajay and sanjina await him. Ayush come near ajay.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Will anyone say me who is anjana

    1. Sanjana is the girl married to Ajay. If you remember, she’s Ajju’s irritating girl friend, Ajay used to hate her for how she treats hos friend. Her father was going to marry her off to someone and Ajay helped her escape from home to marry Ajju in court. But, Ajju was not 21 and had 6 months to go so Ajay married her just 6 months until his friend can marry her without problems.

    2. The S is just at the end of the other paragraph. Just a small typing error

  2. I thnk sanjana wont let shreya to break d jnt fly… Sanjana s gd grl.. She dsnt want to devide d fly… Thanku sanju

  3. Nd 1mre thng sumthng s gonna 2 hpn tat mke sanju to live n petewals may b ajju gonna die n flight accdnt wen he ws abt 2 retrn frm abroad.. R may b sumothr knd f drama.. Surely sanju units d fly..

  4. 🙂

  5. 😀

  6. I think ajju will be dead and eventually ajay n sanjina will fall in love….perfect match….

  7. Dis wasnt d precap..it was d part of episode…half episode is updated…huh

  8. Well yes…..the orginal good girl turn bad and the original bad girl turn good lolol. Maybe I’d watch today lol

  9. Actually after Ayush returns home with the family they all are happy and Ayush says the trophy is for all of them and he then looks at Ajay and comes close to him as if holding him but goes out to the tulsi place. Everyone come out and see him praying there and then he takes the thread and ties it to the tulsi plant. Ajay and Sanjana look happy.

    Precap: Shreya talks to her mother over the phone and she blames her mother for letting out their secret about the plan to keep the money and how Sanjana had come to know of it. Just then Sanjana is seen standing outside the door and Shreya looks at her dazed.

    1. Thank you. I hope Sanjana can see through Shreya’s crocodile tears.

  10. Who is ajju is he ajay family member.

  11. this show is awesome one by one everyone is gonna love sanjana and turn against shreya

    1. I am already doing that

  12. I am confused about one thing. Here Ayush is really not wrong? This money he was receiving was indeed from opponents and that’s how Shreya got the idea and planted a packet in his bag to make him look bad?

    Else he was competing fairly, even with all those supplements that every boxer takes. Please clarify.

  13. Yes we still are kept under wraps as to what that packet has inside it which Ayush had taken, maybe it has some supplements or protein powder stuff, the secret will be unfolded in the future, let’s wait and watch.

  14. Ajju is Ajay’s friend.

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