Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 2nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 2nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Ajay tells amar and vinati that mishri has met an accident and is fightin for her life. Vinati says lets go. They sit in the car.
Elaichi is crying, She says will Mishri be okay. Amar comes in and says nothing will happen to my sister. I will save her. Vinati is crying her heart out. Avni tries to console her.
Amar gives her blood, he recalls how she was stopping them. Vinati recalls teasing mishri for her wedding. Everyone is in tears and praying. The song ‘ruth k hum sy’. Sanjana is there too hidden behind the pillar.

Doctors go in the OT. Doctor comes out and says we had to take out her uterus and she will never be a mom. Everyone is taken aback. Elaichi says what are you saying? This is not possible. He says I am really sorry. She

says no.
Kirlok says we should be grateful that her life is saved. Elaichi says she will never be a mom and that too because of someone else’s mistake.
Nurse says you can meet her. Elaichi stands on the door and says only her parents and reals siblings can meet her. Kirlok says what are you saying? Elaichi says blood is thicker than water. amar is responsible for this condition of Mishri. Kirlok says what are you saying? She says I and my kids are enough for Mishri we don’t need outsiders. Vinati says mammi please forgive us we didn’t do it deliberately. Elaichi says what has to happen has happened. Elaichi says bhushan, shreya and uppal come with me lets go see her.

Later at home. Dadi asks vianti where is mishri? Is she okay? Vinati says she is asleep. Kirlok says where is elaichi? Shreya says she said she wont eat. Kirlok goes in and asks her to come and eat. She says i dont want to. He says I know you are in pain but it will take time. You have to be strong for your kids. Elaichi says that is what i will do. For my kids i will become home and strength. Now I know that I have been unjust to my children. I gave love to others. I made them second priority and thought they will understand. I loved your sister’s children more than my own. When it was time to do something for my daughter. They were sitting with their phones off. Whose mistake was it? She says amar and vianti didn’t even listen to you. He says they were just pretending. They did this so we take everything back from us. I always had a clue of all this. Kirlok asks amar is it right amar? Elaichi says i know you will take their side. Why didn’t they say no to it. Kirlok says try to understand. This is all because of me. I am responsible got this. Tell me what can i do to bring back peace. Elaichi says divide this house and our business. Krilok is taken aback. He says what are you saying. How can i do this? She says you can’t? I will take my kids and live somewhere else. I will live in a camp but i can’t live with these people. He says we will decide everything. Come eat first. she says i wont until you do what i ask.

Elaichi says give them whatever you want but I wont live with them anymore. Because of them my kids were deprived off their rights. Kirlok says elaichi please dont do this. He goes out.
Amar says never thought it would end up this way. Ayush says she is just mad, she is not saying by her heart. Avni says she didnt even talk to me. Amar says i am responsible for all this. I wanted to return peace of this home. Ajay says we will all go to her and ask her for parddon. She love us she will forgive us for sure.

Shreya says papa wont divide and we will have to live somewhere else. I should send my expensive dresses and stuff to mummy’s place. Bhushan comes in and asks what are you doing? She says trying to be a good daughter in law. If mummy is going to leave this house i will go with her. This luxury means nothing to me. He hugs her and says i wish everyone is the house was like you.

Precap-Sanjana dances in the party. she is wearing a short dress. She says according to contract i am his wife if someone stops me they will be in jail.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. All because of shreya and her greediness

  2. Same recap, 3 days in a row???! What are they saying, the other parts of their story are not good enough to be precaps? No man, I’m tired of waiting.

  3. elaichi sounding just like shreya now

    1. She’s really annoying just like Shreya.

  4. bledy hell,same precap again n again……………
    what d hell does d writers think of viewers????
    r v so dumb 2 watch ua shit again n again??????????????????????
    highly rediculous

  5. I am confused. Didn’t Amar give the blood for Mishri? Then how is he at fault. Elatchi so stupid that she let herself be manipulated by Shreya? Silly woman.

    1. She is also angry cause mishri cannot give birth…

  6. I was expecting this reaction from elaichi I’m not surprised but what still can’t believe is how mishri ‘s simple accident ended up so fatal

  7. Omg same old shit again . It seems as hum saath saath Hain is what m seeing on TV through the show :/

    1. You’re right.

  8. hmmm y wonder why this girl not getting catch wit all her wickedness sanjanna n ajay wish u guys was together fr ever

  9. You know what I was thinking the same thing as maha comment.
    N what’s up with the pre cap.
    GOD they have to come up with something new.
    If not they will loose their viewers for sure. N the show will come to AN end soon like others.


  10. I just hate Shreya she is a witch in the family

  11. Don’t understand how they All can’t be str8 forward with each other,and how on earth does the girls uterus get removed.Serrriously!! As for illaichi, she turned against her adoptive kids so quickly,she must’ve had some sort of underlying resentment toward them, unless she’s in on the drama with Sanjana and Dadi!!All very confusing right now!

    1. I alos do n;t understand the secrecy. My family wanted that things not to be discussed and I was having non of it. I told straight and now, we don’t hide things. But, we’re always polite when talking.

  12. The serial started with good example of family unity. If continued would have been eye opener for those who do not value communal living. But NO. It had bring the division !!!. What message will be given?. I think at the end it will only confuse the viewer.

  13. Why did the writer let that poor girl lose her uterus and why ilaichi change so suddenly like a green lizard, it seems she was harbouring these feeling for a long time…and it only takes that bobble- headed Shreya to bring it out such a big head and a skinny body, you writers choose your villains perfectly

  14. Yes, dance happens to be Chandni’s passion and she rightly got to away along in a new avatar in her family drama on Zee TV.
    Also, a big fan of the talented Sridevi, it was a dream come true for Chandni to dance to Sridevi’s most popular numbers‘ Hawa Hawai’ … Truly, the ‘ Bijli ki Rani’ , Chandni is right here to entertain her fans!!
    In the episode to go on air tonight, Chandni as Sanjana will make a big proclamation to the
    entire Pethawala family, and will announce her
    arrival, right back into the house.. As per a source “The Pethawala family will go through a divide, with Mami siding her own kids, while Mama
    will be in support of his sister’s kids.With constant bickering happening between the two parties under the same roof, Sanjana dressed in a bold new avatar will enter the house and will put
    forth her stand.”
    As per Sanjana, she will be back in the house as Ajay’s divorce papers would have not yet been submitted. Also, she will say that even if Ajay goes forward and submits papers, the court
    will give them a time frame of six months wherein
    they have to live under one roof. So claiming that
    she still happens to be Ajay’s lawfully wedded
    wife, Sanjana will decide to stay in the Pethawala
    family. And as Sanjana would dance to the sensuous number, she will indirectly vow to take revenge from Shreya and expose her real
    face to all in the house.

  15. why is shreya winning her evil plan still,i hope grandma have realised the kind of bahu shreya is en from now onwards she will work out to expose shreya with the help of sanjana

    1. I also help Dadi and Sanjana team up against Shreya.

  16. why is shreya winning her evil plan still,i hope grandma have realised the kind of bahu shreya is en from now onwards she will work out to expose shreya with the help of sanjana,..

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