Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 29th October 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Vinati gives phone to Shreya and says its ringing. Shreya snatches it. Vinati says why are you snatching it. Shreya says it must be mummy she gets worried. Vinati says talk now. She says mummy hung up. I will call her later.
Shaina says to Shreya after few minutes sanjana will be taking her last breaths. Shreya says are you out of your mind? Shreya says this is my choice. I am only concerned with her death. Didn’t I help you with ruining mishri’s life and sending Sanjana to jail. Mishri comes and says you both are united. Shreya says keep me away from your dirty games shaina, you have harmed our family already. I have gained respect and trust here again with such difficulty. Keep me out of your plans. She leaves.
Mishri says I know they are both

united. But before they harm us, I will throw them out of our house.

Shaina says to Ajay its karwa chauth and our wedding. Dadi says lets go break the fast. Let me bring sanjana. Shaina says I understand she must be really hurt. Maybe she wants to die in sorrow of losing her husband. Ajay says shut up and slaps her. He says don’t take her name with your tongue or I will halt this wedding.
Dadi says lets go break the fast. Let me look for Sanjana. Shaina says Ajay I am sorry. Ajay says why are there blood stains on your hands? Shaina says this is ketchup not blood. Lets go and see what pandit ji is doing.
Shreya calls Bhushan and asks where are you? He says so close to my destination. Shreya says what? He says nothing, I am coming.

The wedding starts. Shaina and ajay make each other wear the garlands.
Dadi looks for sanjana everywhere. Dadi says where are you Sanjana?
Shaina says pandit ji please start the wedding. Ajay says I want to meet Sanjana before wedding. Shaina says you can meet her after the wedding. We can’t let this moment go. Shaina says please start pandit ji. He start the wedding mantra. Pandit says stand up for the round. Shaina says hurry up Ajay. They start the circles. Ajay recalls his wedding with Sanjana.
Dadi comes and says Sanjana is not in her room. Mishri says I think she is in trouble. Vinati says did someone say something? Or did you see something? Mishri says Shaina is behind sanjana’s missing.
Ajay stops and says I want to see sanjana before I do rest of the rounds. He starts taking Sanjana’s name.
Sanjana opens her eyes and she tries to make noise. they all run towards store room.

Shaina says dont worry ajay she is alive, You will lose her if you don’t marry me. So shall we complete?
They see sanjana and are shocked. Everyone brings sanjana to the room. Sanjana says I want to go to Ajay, dadi says we will but you have to feel better. Sanjana is crying. Dadi bring turmeric jar, sanjana finds her wedding locket in it. Sanjana comes downstairs, along with everyone else. Shaina is dazed. sanjana says i told you i will find my locket. Shaina says how does it even matter? You have lost. Half of the marriage is done. She says ajay continue or I will call cops and get your sanjana jailed for my murder. Ajay says what? Shaina says yes my murder. She picks a gun and says if you dont marry me i will kill myself. Shaina says lets do the last circle or I will shoot. Ajay nods. Bhushan comes in and says this wedding can’t happen. Everyone is dazed.
Bhsuhan has someone with him, with his face covered. Bhushan takes off the mask, its ajju. Everyone is bewildered.

Precap-Elaichi says what is right and wrong Bhushan? we all know shreya is pregnant. Bhushan shows shreya’s reports to everyone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. NYC episode ….poor Sanjana plzzz help her

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  3. Update completely please

  4. plzzzz update

  5. ???
    Great episode!.shreya claimed wht she was doing was for her husband and she was even praised by a specific someone for her efforts in trying to destroy a family but look,her husband is the one to expose her.bhushan well done!!!!!!!!! No man wants a woman tht is only around to destroy his strength
    (family) every WOMAN knows that a man’s family means the world to him.shreya did wht she did cause she’s a selfish old face witch tht wanted power.look hw u did bad to your self.” Do good and good shall follow u”she could’ve had a great life but she destroyed it in the pursuit of evil.
    And as for Shaina, kill your self hoe!one less evil in the world. Just wish another specific person can do the same.

  6. Bye Bye Shreya Shaina and Ajju

  7. Is it that the police in India has no competence? So Shaina shoots herself, and Sanjana could go to jail for that? Is Ajay stupid or something to believe that? These men are so easy to manipulate….

    1. Shraddha sharma

      True….. in all serials, man or main heroien of show can be manipulated very easily

  8. ah shayt. its the end of the road… .. .. .. I told everyone evil doesnt pay ye fools! no one listens. fools like pattywalla. all of you dit vas dan gese didnt i? shreyas own evil will block her way and shaina will suffer for her bad ways I was just joking when I was worshipping shreya them it was just a joke huh ja. the bastards shreya are finnished. well its a learning curve.

    1. Wow, I’m not sure whether to say I’m shocked, i am laughing though. The way you stood up for your views, no one would have guessed you were joking. Anyway, I’m glad for you.

  9. I hope that Shreya gets divorced and kicked out! I also hope that Shaina goes to jail along with Ajju, and I hope that Sanjana recovers from her ordeal and gets back together with Ajay.

  10. Hahaha Shals u are funny???.????………. This is for u❤️ ??

  11. Haha!shals r u serious?u saw whts happening in the serial and now you’re changing ur mouth?taking bk all the insults? R u scared tht your time in reality is near?didn’t u say in ur comment yesterday tht u believe in god but and I quote:”you just don’t like the f*cker”
    For days you’ve been insulting others and praising the devil nw u tryna say its a joke?
    R u scared that god will punish u?take all tht u cheated for? Have u face ur
    mother in law again?
    Don’t worry I have news for u..good news..god is a god of forgiveness.repent and ask him to forgive u

  12. I dont understand english my mother tongue is german no english. my servant was typing all this time I didnt know what she was saying but ot wasnt wat I said. NO PLACE for bad woman like shreya and shaina this world is bad enough as it is how could they even think like that such evils! I cant stand such delinquency its totally unexceptable. I hope they are thrown out and forgotten than good familys like ours can have much deserved peace. shaina has a bad habit of going for guys she will never have -look at akbar? she had nothing on jodha but still always wants some ones elses.SUCH PETHETIC excuse of a female species.Im sorry bushan and sanjana that you had been put through so so much. dankie

  13. sorry for swearing you god.sorry for insulting every one. I will never do it again.

  14. The only joke here is you shals, I am a district high court magistrate by proffession and I always say `REGRET COMES TOO LATE` you can’t fool me.

    I know woman like you all to well. You and shreya shaina are birds of a feather and you flock togather. But the law protects you along with Almighty mercy to a degree. Personally I couldn’t believe your pleads any less.shreya and crew will still rot in hell. Hope you seeing a taste of what awaits. WITH ALL DUE RESPECT

  15. OMG!everyone come see this..shals is apologizing!what’s wrong darling? Fear the almighty and what he’ll do to ur kind?the evil untrustworthy kind..
    Forget about the fact that u insulted others..no one is interested in your fake ass apology.. But if u really r sorry(highly doubt it)I suggest u apologize to god.seek forgiveness for your wickedness..
    U know what,I’m nt black hearted.I do believe you’re sorry but sadly I don’t care…does any of u?

  16. U really r sick..should’ve take up on Caroline’s offer to join her hospital.
    Or consider letting me send a ticket for u to come here in England so that I can get to give u the treatment that u need..

  17. Thanks a lot tht u put Shals to her place cory n Caroline thanks alot

  18. Sorry nia, but you don’t have to be mean. Shals apologized then let it be…..

  19. Again Directors commenting.

  20. Did I not tell u guys that shals was just. Catching fun with ur comments?

  21. Shals is from SA hence the afrikaans.

  22. Hehehe ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? shals I hope u learn ur lesson and changed in heart not in tongue because of the situation shuttered ur arguments . Any way super episode I can’t wait shreya ‘ s black day and her stupid witch eyes crying for to be pardoned

  23. Please update today’s episode fast

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