Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 28th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 28th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Sanjana says i will find both wedding locket and ajju very soon. And I will be wearing it before the pooja tomorrow. Shaina says for now you see this. she shows her the wedding card. Shaina says open and read it. So please come tomorrow to your husband’s wedding. Sanjana is dazed. she tears the card apart.
Sanjana sees ajay standing in balcony. She hugs him from back in tears. Sanjana says i really love you i can’t live without you. Please halt this wedding. Ajay says to keep you out of jail I have to pay this way. Sanjana says i am trying. Just dont let this wedding happen. ajay hugs her. He says my hands are tied, and I did this all to save you. Sanjana says its my first karwa chauth tomorrow. If you marry her my life will be worse than jail. Please

dont do this. Shaina comes in and says leave him. He is mine now. Go from here. She hugs ajay.

Bhushan checks Shreya’s phone. He sees so many call from same number. he saves it. Shreya’s sari get stuck in the door. bhushan says in heart I have found a proof against you that will take me to ajju.
Shaina hides sanjana’s wedding locket in a jar in kitchen. Dadi comes and says shaina.. Shaina says you here? Dadi says what are you doing here? SHe says i cme to drink water. Shaina leaves.

Sanjana gets dressed for karwa chauth. Sanjana comes in shaina’s room to look for wedding locket. Shaina comes in and says its not here. Sanjana says i have ajay and thats enough for me.
Sanjana comes downstairs. Shaina is walking after sanjana. She has a rod in her hand. Shaina hits sanjana with the rod. Sanjana’s head starts bleeing and she falls off the stairs. Shaina says bye bye. Shaina drags sanjana to storeroom and ropes her there. She says good bye sanjana. you had to die. because since you are alive ajay will never love me. Shaina leves. Sanjana opens her eyes slightly.
ajay is looking for sanjana. Shaina collides with him. She says sorry. He says why are you perspiring? She says because of makeup. She hugs him and says you look so handsome in this. Lets go. Ajay says where is sanjana? She says sanjana will come. I gave her the first card. She will come. Ajay stops. Shaina takes him downstairs. Shaina says do you want to see her in jail again?

Mishri is talking to anuj on phone. Vinati teases her. Mishri says he said he will come today. Elaichi says he will. Where is sanjana? Vinati says she must be getting dressed. Elaichi says let her get dressed. pandit ji comes in. Shaina says i have called him. Why are you all so shocked? Its karwa chauth and mine and ajay’s wedding. Vinati says dont you dare. Shaina says keep calm today. Its my special day today. Elaichi says shreya lets go prepare for arti. Let her do what she want.

Prepca-Dadi says let me bring sanjana. Shaina says she has not come? Maybe she wants to die before seeing her husband getting married. Ajay says shut up and slaps her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. superb slap by ajay to shaina…waiting to see each and every single person slapping shreya and shaina…. shreya sud be slapped in such a way that she begs in street and bhushan sud marry some gud one…

    anyone here, can u please say: is “KAALA TIKA” replacing “TUMHI HO BANDHU SAKHA TUMHI”

    1. Yes, it is. THBST ends on Friday and that show starts next Monday.

      1. Thank u for ur reply Ms.Amanda. Wish cud see more of ajay and sanju romance and fights…OMG its ending

  2. Awwww,Shaina is so desperate she resorted to murder.what a pity!.she knows that Ajay will never love her..she’s not worth anybody’s love.Shaina you’re a waste of space and air in gods world.not only u but the women that are just like u.u want something or someone to call your own?go work for it b*tch cause as long as u try to take what belongs to someone else you’ll never have the pleasure of enjoying it.u got a slap in your face!!I bet u don’t think that’s love.it pains me to call women like my self names but u don’t deserve to b treated like a woman nor a LADY!u deserve to b treated like what u r,a THIEF! You attempted to murder..so a MURDERER also.go sink in hell.And as for shreya,humiliation is not far away from u.beware!writers let them filthy,evil,low thinking b*t*hes suffer.

  3. hhhhhhhhhhh waiting to see wat bhushan does wen he sees shreya’s new face

  4. Is Shaina stupid? So now when they find Sanjana, YOU WILL be charged for murder. You mash up your own plan lolololol…..that’s idiots fuh yuh lol

  5. ai…trouble in paradise.

  6. I don’t like this serial anymoh.((( depressing. ontop of that everyone is swearing me and upset with me. if I was shaina ne and ajay smack me so I would’ve threatened him with assault charge that way forcing him either way to marry me.and if I was shreya I would’ve paid that doc off. IF ONLY. at least my goddess and my queen made HELL before they what thrown. and please stop swearing me B’s I never swore anyone during my confessions. but I do pleasure tha bad. and I think if ur a bad person dont pretend…be open about it.

    1. Dog forker tranny, we only have to deal with your insanity till Friday then you’ll find a well to drown yourself in. At least you have your house of ill repute… and your dog’s. PS your Shreya is committing suicide. Get lots of tissues your idol is going to dieeeeeee

  7. Hay shals! Caroline is waiting to treat your depression in her hospital you should start booking that plane ticket hahaha and take your witch duaghters with you!:)

    …I mean it as joke please don’t get aggressive shals, my wife reads these comments with me so please do not humiliate me infront of every one. I just feel the neeed to say the above

  8. This delusional Shals here…..too funny!!!! Hear nah, I not cussing you, but I laughing at you. From your comments you do remind me of Shreya….so when I laughing tomorrow or Firday when Shreya get exposed by Bhushan, I’d be laughing at your ignorant tail too lolol

  9. Its sad that pl find the show depressing all of a sudden because soon good will win.its just like satan got angry cause he couldn’t put breath into man.
    It happens!.this world wasn’t meant for evil pl and evil works.shreya ain’t no damn goddess she’s a delusional pain in de ass.
    Shaina ain’t no queen of hearts she’s a low life thief & a murderer.
    They weren’t meant to be wife material.in my country they would have been so severely punished that death would’ve been their only solution out.

  10. Cory she don’t need to book her own ticket.. I’ll happily do it for her.. Lol
    Here comes the low talks in 5,4,3,2,1

  11. Kristelle a few of my patients(kids)thinks you’re funny as u called shals ignorant.lol.
    Shals they can’t wait to meet u since I told them all about u.I also told them that u will b joining our hospital soon.please don’t disappoint them OK.

  12. die vokken naai mense met hulle djas kak yhene is almal befffok…no thank you ill be fine I dont need help mentally or physically its not the first time I must go through this sssshhh*tttt.!!! endings!!!, in reality this is a LIE we are in MY age the age of kaliyug it is our time to shine and loot and use abuse exploit in truth you can succeed if we learn from our goddess shreyas mistakes and learn from shainas mistakes it can be perfected I mean look at me I succeeded? no 1 realizes the power of the dark side – responsibly free from your actions you can do as you please and so much more why restrict yourself? … I did what I did I cheered who I cheered so please I have a perfect body and mind that doesnt need physicians uglier than me to fix it. I will be fasting this week for shreya. and I totally believe in god, I just hate the f*cker!

  13. Again top “Directors” communicating again ffor nothing. Sigh………

  14. I thought these people only existed in the Indian serials….but like mad people really rampant!!!! Cheers Shals!

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