Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 27th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 27th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Sanjana says to Shaina a girl like you can never understand the power of wedding locket. You don’t know what love is. Love is the base of all relations. Anuj’s mom says anuj we dont need to listehn all this. Sanjana says wait. Didn’t you have any stains on your past? Didn’t you have any relation with minister’s wife? Mishri always knew it. Dont forget that you came here for mishri proposing her. So much happened to her and you dont even want to take responsibility. How can you do this. Dont you think you should have protected her.
Anuj goes to mishri an says I dont wanna lose you. Please forgive me mishri. I did as my parents said. I had an affair still you accepted me.
Anuj says today I will take you from this house as my wife

and fill your hairline with sindur in front of God. Do you accept it. Mishri nods. He swipes her tears and takes her to temple. Anuj fills Mishri’s hairline. Everyone is in tears. Mishri hugs Anuj. They touch anuj’s parents feet. Anuj’s mom says lets go from here. They leave. Anuj and Mishri take blessings from all the elders. Mishri hugs Kirlok. Ajay hugs anuj. Anuj says thanks to Sanjana. He says if you had not stopped me today I would have made such a big mistake. Because of you I have my mishri back today. Sanjana says I have done all this for my mishri. She is my sister. If you annoy her again, I will be so cruel. Mishri you promised me this and did it in 24 hours. Thank you. She hugs her.

Scene 2
Next morning, Doctor checks bhushan. He says i am getting this dengu test. Please this is for protection. Doctor takes her blood sample. He says rest her i will see off the doctor. He says in heart now i will know if you are pregnant or not. You can’t deceive me this time.
Bhushan talks on call and says are you sure these reports are negative? Doctor says yes. Bhushan says don’t tell anyone please. He is disappointed. He says you lied to me again. You are not pregnant. Why you did this to me. You deceived like every time. I will clear everything today. But if i ask you i will never know your real mission. I have to keep an eye on her. This time i have to use my brain instead of anger. Like Sanjana.

Sanjana is in her room. She sees that her neck is itching. She says where is my wedding locket. She looks everywhere but its nowhere. She says has someone stolen it? She looks footsteps in her room. Sanjana someone came in my room and stole it. It can be shaina only.

Bhushan tells everything to dadi and sanjana. Dadi says she is doing this again. Bhushan says this is an honor for a woman and shreya made this a joke as well. I loved her so much and she did this to me every time. Dadi says God is testing you. Bhushan says she ruined my family. she doesn’t know only lucky people have a family like this. he says dadi Sanjana, now your fight is my fight as well. Dadi says my blessings are always with you. Sanjana says we have to bring peace of this house back. She says if ajay gets married tomorrow, i will lose my ajay forever. Dadi says if shreya is in this she must have ajju’s address. Bhushan says probably. I saw her texting someone. Sanjana says we have to keep an eye on her. She is the only way we can reach ajju. Bhushan says I will find ajju, this is my promise.

Sanjana is doing the pooja. she says tomorrow is my first karwa chauth and ajay’s wedding with Shaina. Please help me to find my way. I chose ajay and then you gave me my ajay and now we can’t live without each other. I can’t let my love go. Don’t take my ajay from me. Shaina says don’t waste your time and tears Sanjanaa. Sanjana swipes her tears. Mishri says what is yours today was someone’s yesterday and will be someone’s tomorrow. Ajay is mine now, so you better used to living without him. or you can find someone else. You were looking for someone did you find him? Neither ajju nor your wedding locket. Sanjana says time will change. I have 24 hours and that are enough. Shaina says keep hoping. Sanjana says my hope wont shatter you know why? Because I love ajay.

Precap-sanjana says before Karwa chauth i will have my wedding locket back. Shaina says for now see this, she shows her wedding card.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. So happy for mishri☺i kno sanjana would’ve made everything right.
    Shreya you’re exposed and you don’t even kno it..even great scientists made mistakes hunny..if god can make a mistake when he made satan,do u think u can get away with your evil doing? You’re smart but not tht damn smart..look at tht,god is making everything fall into place..soon everything will b great again.. Someone calls shreya the queen of queens..soon she’ll b the queen of begging on her knee’s. Haha!!.
    Shaina I have a preposition for u..wanna hear it?push tht wedding invitation in your ass cz you’ll never have what belongs to sanjana..you’re a thief and thts all you’ll ever b..A blo*dy thief!!queen of hearts?na!!more like queen of pack your bags and go back to the streets..gutta rat!!quess who the real queen of the show is?SANJANA ♕

  2. Lol.Nia said everything that i wanted to say.
    Pack your bag girls(shreya&Shaina)the family that you r trying to destroy will send you on a never ending outting pretty soon.

  3. Bhushan finally took off his rose colored lenses I really want Bhushan to be the one that marries Shaina. The look on Shaina and Shreya’s faces when they realize they both got screwed would be priceless. Anyway more rona dhona first so they can drag the soap till mid November.

  4. Nyc episode…

  5. Finally bushan deed a good job. Keep going bhashan

  6. Finally bhushan wake up and found the devil in his bed !??? I really wanted bhushan to be the one exposes shreya this time around

  7. Yeaaaaay! Nice episode..

  8. Haha! Your right Nia, shaina should put the wedding card in her a*s!!!! THE QUEEN OF QUEENS and THE QUEEN OF HEARTS should start packing ther bags. Lol!

  9. ajay will never forget shaina he will come back one day for more.like all your men do and that will be our second chance

  10. oh sh*ttt….i am speechless, sanjana won the battle this time my goddess will loose the war soon.VOK

  11. All good things come to and end…So does all bad things aswell.

    Someone special must be p#ssed off right now.litterally and figuratively.

  12. Shadi m Ajay Ki jagah bhusan baidh jaye mja a jayega. Shreya ka face dekhne layak hoga.

  13. I’m so eager to know tomorrow’s episode n I wish this time round mamiji n dadi throw shreya n shaina out

  14. Shals, hope u are learning ur lessons,there are differences between love , lust, infatuation, obsession etc. Ajay Will never come back 2 shaina because he never loved her, he never lusted for her infact shaina is even much older than him and sanjana is his size and the two are compatible.

  15. If this show is really going off air the producers and writers have only themselves to blame,it started off brilliantly and was nicely topped with the ajay sanjana romance,then went downhill with the stupid Shreya tracks.They shouldve focused entirely on the family standing together and trusting each other and they shouldve developed the other siblings loves and lives too.i just don’t understand why these serials insist on prolonging these stupid evil tracks especially when ppl just want to see the evil characters caught and punished.Anyway good luck to the actors in their future endeavours.

  16. shals… evil ways never last 🙂

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