Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 27th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Shreya’s mom says take that Cd from her and then she wont be able to blackmail you. Samar comes in crying and says take this paint off, Uppal called me joker. Shreya says samar we dont have time yet. He says you scolded at me, i will tell dadi. Vinati brings everyone tea. Dadi says where is samar? Vinati says shreya is getting him ready for fancy dress competition. Shreya has changed a lot. Dadi says that is because of our love. Mishri says sanjina will too.. Samar comes downstairs, vinati says what happened? Shreya says he is upset with his look. Shreya says lets go and think about a new look. Samar says then you wont scold at me? Vinati says why would she scold at you? Shreya says teachers scold at him but i am not your teacher, lets go.

Sanjana and ajay

are in jungle. She says its so good here. Ajay says i knew you were made for jungle. She says i am running you will keep looking for me.
Agarwal’s thugs are looking for sanjana and ajay. They ask a man where does this way go? They say towards the jungle. Ajay says sanjana forget it. She says tell me you are sorry, like hold your ears and sorry. He says its okay. She says you have to apologize. You think you are perfect, you are self obsessed. He says now tell me where is the waterfall way. She says apologize first. She turns back and sees that ajay is not there, ajay is on the lower side, he says i will find waterfall myself. She says that is the wrong way, don’t go. Ajay goes there. She says okay keep going i wont stop you. She says okay keep looking. She says i will reach the waterfall before him. agarwal’s thugs are in jungle they follow the footsteps and go in different directions.

Samarr says to shreya what are you thinking. Please come up with an idea. Shreya says give me two minutes i will go out and think of something. Samar says i will go with you too. Shreya says there are so many cartoons in my phone watch them i will be back. he says come soon. Shreya goes to Sanjana’s room and rummages for the CD. Elaichi comes in and says shreya.. What are you doing here? Shreya has Cd’s in her hand. Vinati comes in as well and says who did this to the room.
One of the thugs sees ajay. The thug is about to attack him but slips himself.

Shreya says i was looking an idea for samar, i came here and saw the room this way. I thought i should clean it. Elaichi says you dont have to do this. She will do it herself.

ajay sees sanjana sliped, he goes to her. she says i have sprained my ankle. He stnads her up and it starts raining. Ajay says come sit here. She says it really hurts, she slips. Ajay holds her hand. Sanjana stands up. He says you are a stupid, She says scold at me later but please do something of this foot it really hurts. Ajay tries to fix her foot. She pulls her saari upward. Ajay massages her foot. She says we should call the family, ajay says no network here.

Samar comes to sanjana and says please tell how to dress. Sanjana says you drank the milk? he says yes. Shreya says in heart he drank the milk and still okay? Shreay says give me sometime. Kirlok says we will all think collectively. Shreya says this means he didn’t drink the right milk. Elaichi asks did ajay and sanjana come? SHreya says no they didn’t. Kirlok says i will call agarwal and ask him where they are?
Kirlok calls agarwal, agarwal says did you do it? Kirlok says its me. Did you contact ajay? Agarwal says don’t worry about them. they will reach home and they can even stay there. Kirlok says if you contact them ask them to contact us. Agarwal hans up and says he wont be facing this if he didn’t marry my daughter.

Precap-sanjana screams because of some insect, ajay comes in to help her and falls on her. they are in a camp.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ohh shreya hw cn u becum soo mean? Cant u jst care fr tat small kids age? Nimage manassadru hege banthu aa sanna hudugana haalinalli maddu haklikke? Ketta mele buddi bandre prayojanvilla… Start changing urself… Or else u hav to regret fr all ur sins one or d othr day…

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