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Scene 1
Kirlok says on call this is such a good deal. I will call you later. Elaichi comes in, Kirlok says start packing up we are going to dubai. She gives him a bangle. Kirlok says what is it? Eaichi says maa ji gave this to me and didi. Didi gave hers to me while dying. She took a promise that i will take care of her kids. but i think i wasn’t a good mom. Kirlok says you have taken well care of them. Elaichi says this is not didi’s. Its my own. shreya overhears all this. She says bhushan should hear this. Kirlok says did someone say anything to you? Kirlok says i think we have been unjust to our own kids. krilok is dazed.

Agarwal comes in. Amrita says papa sanjina is not well. She is faint. I think she is very hurt. Agarwal says did you tell ajay? She says

i have been calling her but he didn’t pick up. Agarwal calls ajay and tells him that Sanjana is not well. He says maybe if you come here she will gain consciousness. Ajay hangs.

Elaichi says we couldn’t focus on our own kids. Kirok says its not like that. Elaichi says then why didn’t you make Bhushan MD? And at least you could make him finance head. He is talented too. Shreya takes out bhushan and somehow takes him near Kirlok’s room. Elaichi says isn’t bhushan brilliant? Kirlok says there should be only one head. Two head will create a fuss. The MD can handle finance. Elaichi says we could create brilliance out of didi’s kids and couldn’t focus on our kids. And we can create that post if there wasn’t any. Kirlok says i never said no to you but today I have to. Till amar is here Bhushan can’t get any post he will have to work under Amar. And dont think too much about it just starts packing up. Elaichi goes out of room she sees bhushan and shreya. Bhushan says if this is what papa wants i accept it.

Agarwal says we shouldn’t wait for ajay we should take sanjana hospital. Ajay comes in he says where is sanjana? Agarwal says in guest room. Ajay goes there and sits next to sanjana. He says sanjana what i did yesterday i shouldn’t have done that. I am so sorry. Please open your eyes. She opens her eyes. Sanjana says for me this relationship changed long ago. Did it change for you too? Have you ever longed for me to be your wife? Have you ever wished that we stayed together forever. Ajay takes her hand. Sanjana tries to sit down. Ajay helps her.

Shreya comes to bhushan and says mummy wants to talk to you. he takes the phone. Shradha says shreya’s papa want to offer you a job. Think about it. We know that you are in your business and you are really hard working. If there is no post for you in pethywala business then you can handle our business. shreya is our only daughter it all belongs to her. Bhushan says thank you but i am glad where i am. She says you can contemplate and answer me later. He says i will think about it. Shreya says what happened? Bhushan says you don’t care about my reputation. Why did you tell her? Shreya says she is my mom whom would i discuss my problems with. Bhushan says my family matters shouldn’t go out. Shreya says you asked me to not use this word outsider. You said family is everything. What your family did for you? What will our kids do when we have them? Just think about it. she sleeps resented.

Sanjana says please speak up ajay, your silence scares me. Please tell me have you ever loved me? Ajju calls on sanjana’s phone. Ajay sees it he stands up. Sanjana says please tell me what were you saying? He says i dont feel anything all i know is that youa re ajju’s gf. She says you are lying. After meeting you i got to know real meaning of love. After knwoing you i got to know love doesn’t stop for anyone. sanjana is for you not for ajju. you know you are my husband and thats all for me and i really love you . I know what you are thinking that i am ajju’s gf. There is somethin else in my fate. Where i am today I am happy. I am really happy with you ajay. And its not like i wasn’t going to tell ajju. I wanted to tell him before you i kept calling him but never picked up and sent that gift. He doesn’t understand no girl likes such gifts. ALl i want to say is that love doesn’t stop for anyone. Sanjana wont stop for ajju either. Because i know your heart is for me too.

Precap-Ajay says you wanna know why i didn’t sign papers because they and you dont matter to me. You are just ajju’s gf for me. And stay away from me because i can’t live with a third class girl like you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i wish sanjana and ajay make up back n live togerther for ever n let tht stupid girl get catch while shes doin she her wickedness

  2. I think Sanjana must leave Ajay alone, the distance makes the heart grow fonder. But, she must tell Ajju she doesn’t want to be with him. Then, see what happens. It looks like it will take time to unite with Ajay thinking of her as Ajju’s gf and also the promise he made to Kirlok. Insulting her on the precap is just low.

    1. Tell me about it, somehow I want ajay to accept his feelings but at the same time i want their love story to continue like this….twisted right? Lol

  3. he’s insulting her cause he wants her to hate him but I wish he realizes he loves her too and stand up to kirlok to accept her as bahu

    1. I know that but still it’s not right. What if a girl, any girl takes that to heart and start looking at herself in that manner. He can just be clear in saying no but not insult her.

  4. A finaly bhushan realise shreya doesn’t care about him and his family’s reputation although it wasn’t serious but he said so and I hope he understand soon enough

    1. He won’t realise it yet. He might say but Shreya’s still going to cause more deeper cracks than these.

  5. well of course its not right. he called her characterless ffs. why would we want to be called that? I think he should have just told her what kirlok said cause she would have understood and he wouldn’t have to do any insulting.

  6. Ajay needs to be a man and stand up for himself, he knows he loves Sanjana then he shouldn’t ignore her love for some compromise and promise that he made. no one understands his love better than himself.

  7. guyz plzzz tell me wats d song name played wen ajay n sanjana scene

    1. hamari adhuri kahani

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