Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update


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Shaina holds ajay’s hand and comes close to him. She asks him to tie knot of her sari. Ajay says go now. she says you made me wear the sari. She comes closer, sanjana sees them and comes in the room. Shaina says don’t you have manners that when husband and wife to be are alone you shouldn’t disturb them. Sanjana says I have manners and courage to knock people like you out. She throws water on her face. Shaina says how dare you. Sanjana says you better not talk about manners. Ajay is still my husband and now you tell me what were you doing in my room with my husband. Better stay in your limits. She takes ajay with her.
Shaina says you have made a big mistake. You will pay for it. I will insult you in front of whole family.

Sanjana says to ajay why are

you doing this? He says I am sorry. She says I was the most angry girl of college. If i see you near her.. He says but.. She says did she ask you to make her wear sari. He says did I do this with my will? She says do this then.. She is in tears. Ajay brings her closers and kisses her.He says you are my passion. I did all this to save you. I love you.
Sanjana says no one can apart us. I will make everything okay. I love you.

Angoori tells Sanjana that Vinati has sent milk for her. Sanjana is in washroom, she asks her to place it on table. Shaina comes in and mixes something in the milk. She says after drinking it you will do much that you will be insulted in front of whole family. shaina comes in and says you have brain and you know how to use it. Shaina says thank you. Sanjana comes out and takes a sip.
She smells it and drinks rest of it. Shaina and Shreya are looking in. Shaina says real mahabharat will start now. Sanjana’s head hurts.

Anuj’s family comes to house. Ajay says anuj you loved mishri then what happened? Anuj’s mom says he is our only son. He can’t go against our decision. Sanjana throws a glass and says hi, you people are here. What you wanna say? She is drunk. Sanjana says you people have problem with mishri? You three? she laughs. Sanjana says Mishri has been deceived. Elaichi says what are you saying? Whats wrong with you. Sanjana says wrong is with them. Shreya says to shaina very good. Love teaches people so many things.
Sanjana slips ajay and elaichi pick her up. Ajay says what have you eaten? Mishri throws water on her face. Anuj’s mom says you can’t handle your own daughter in law and asking us. Kirlok says just tell us how is anything mishri’s fault. Mishri says who knows only wedding was celebrated or the wedding night too. Ajay says shaina keep your mouth quite, Elaichi says dont say a single more word. Anuj’s mom says who knows, she is right. Elaichi says people blaming my daughter belong outside the door. They are leaving, sanjana says wait a minutes anuj you must have read ramayan. Ram asked sita to give test. She was proved innocent but she left him after that. I hope that doesn’t happen to you. What if you lose your love forever. Shaina says but mishri was married to ajju. Sanjana says that was not anuj or mishri’s mistake. Relationships are made with love not force. a girl like you can never understand love and base of relations.

Precap-Anuj’s mom says lets go. Sanjana says stop, don’t you have any stains in your past? Didn’t you have any relation with minister’s wife?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. They say those with faith can never lose..in today’s episode ajay made it clear tht he loves sanjana and only her..forced love is no love at all Shaina..sanjana should’ve throw acid on her face instead of water.. B*tches like tht deserve to wear paper bags over their faces.. Not because they are ugly but because they are shameless..in jodha Akbar Shaina played queen ruq..she wanted another woman’s husband,position and child…she was twice as evil as she is now but at the end she lost everything including her right to stay in the mugal empire…while jodha remained with everything…due to God… Shaina will lose again… Shreya stands to loose the most.. The time is coming… Whoever thinks tht shreya and Shaina will win,stop d*ck riding and stifling ya conscience cause you’re only fooling your selves…but then again, do whatever makes ur boat float.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Shaina and Shreya will lose badly. I really wanted Shaina to target Bushan when she came on, l thought she was supposed to be Shreya’s karmic reply, who knows what these writers are smoking these days…

      1. Omg that would be great if she targeted bhushan especially with the trust issues he has with shreya.. I seriously hate those b*t*hes they make my blood boil. #teamsanjana

  2. don’t rock the boat…honorable ladys shreya shows us time and again DONT get caught with the red hands if you do? cover upp.. dont get jealous GET EVEN,so so important please take note cause realistic consequences can be avoided its possible to even get away with murder if you know your story. and remember if you can whoo a man were his wife cant your sett, dont get jealous of that lawyer docter who ever that spouse is cause if the man can leave his successful wife for you? – you get half of that hospital or whatever the first wife (or mora aptly put PRACtice wife) slaved for and got sleepless bags under her eyes for. as for sanjana she is just showing true colors low class slumm mentality of hers and ugly woman alike…sorry god didnt give you our looks cause god didnt hava plan for you other than for you to slave for our kind in every way possible.

  3. that fact that shaina was a queen in jodha akbar is testimony to her royal blood. noble blood.. . Queen shaina.. and goddess shreya as I have mentioned earlier. if you wana be like sanjana you wont be royal or god material.

    1. Tranny she was a barren queen who lost her kingdom, her husband and her honor.

  4. One specific person here is really sick but doesn’t want to accept tat fact.but when you really do think about it,some whores are just disgusting and negative.at they same time some whores aren’t all whores..they dumb wouldn’t understand. Maybe some pl get milk out of evil thinking..act greedy while you’re alive but how will u bare the consequences later?when you’re dead!!when you have to answer to the almighty!. Women destroy women tats y they can never b a man’s equal as much as they try to be.pity!!they talk about jealousy and riches as if tats all to life and its sad.but then when you’re born with nothing and you’re uneducated, have no talent and all u can do is spread your legs you’re surely turn to evil to gain.take wht some one else owns but when u die where will it fit in your casket?
    Cheers to the pretty ass independent women tat gained everything they own due to much hard work and didn’t destroy and cheat their way to the top but rather educated them selves and worked their asses off.ladies we now living like queens with clear conscience.

  5. Woman like shreya make good woman like sanjana just look bad. I find certian viewpoints leaving a bitter taste in my mouth.Rather not mention names.
    If those 2 pains are out the picture a well meaning person can succeed.

  6. Shals kindly shut up ur mouth if u have nothing else 2 say,stop exposing ur self.no one cares if u eat and dine with d devil, it is ur life, don’t try 2 influence others.

  7. Caroline I agree with you. u can’t force some one to love u , love is just feeling which u can’t get by force or by powers. But as sanju said to shaina some people like shaina don’t understand that, and when sanju asked ajay if shaina asked him to make her wear sari, he said did I do this with my will? It was like “O my God! Shaina and shreya park your bags

  8. Seriously This shals girl something crazy. What’s wrong with her, and as for the drama just love ajay and sanjana. A bit sad that it’s ending but the writers were darring it. If it was only about ajay and sanjana, than they wouldn’t be having low trp. Still going to miss ajay and sanjana. Hope to see them in a new show together

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