Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 26th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 26th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Ajay says sanjana sign the papers. He grasps her hand, she says i wont sign and crumples up the paper. Ajay is about to slap her but stops. He leaves. Sanjana stands there in the rain. The song ‘hamari adhuri kahani’ plays in background.
Ajay stops a car and says something to the driver. The car stops near sanjana and says sister come i will drop you. That guys has asked me to give you a life, he points at ajay. Sanjana walks away.
Bhushan sees two brothers offering each other ice cream. Bhushan says look at them? Why am i not happy for my brother? Shreya calls him and asks are you okay? I was worried for you. He says I am totally fine. I should be happy for amar and I am. Amar deserves to sit on that chair. He has always been smart and

brilliant. No one was better than him for this post. I am coming home.
Shreya says this is too much, he should have been mad. Instead he is happy for amar.
She calls her mom.

Sanjana is sitting in her room. Ajay wonders as well. Sanjana is in tears. The song ‘darmiyaan’ plays in background. She lays down in tears. Ajay says i made a mistake. She must be hating me right now. But that is what i wanted.

Kirlok says to elaichi lets go to paris. Tell me where would you like to go? Elaichi stands up and says let me check kitchen. Kirlok says you dont have that responsibility anymore. Sit here and decide where would you like to go. shreya’s mom comes home. She meets Elaichi. She says i was passing by so I paid a visit. Eaichi says i am glad you came. Shreya comes and hugs her. Shradha says you have forgotten us? Shreya says no i was busy a little. Elaichi says shreya go to your room and sit there with her. I will send you tea and stuff. shreya says i will do it. Elaichi says i have nothing to do in this house, let me do this at least.

Eaichi comes, shradha pretends and says this is all wrong. shreya says mummy please dont provoke me. Her mom says you should see what bhushan is going through. Shreya says bhushan has to accept papa’s decision. Shradha says bhushan was out all night. He is upset. Shreya says he is going to stay out tonight as well. Shradha says if bhushan gives up he will walk on the wrong path. shreya says mummy please stop it. Shradha says who does this to their own son. What if bhushan does something wrong?

Sanjana’s sister sees her in wet clothes. she says sanjana you have fever, sanjans doesn’t respond. she says papa isn’t home either what should i do? She calls ajay but he doesn’t pick up.
Elaichi is folding the clothes. Shreya says is there something? ELaichi says bring bhushan’s clothes for laundry. Vinati says i will bring rest of the clothes. Shreya takes out bhushan’s clothes. She takes out a bottle and pours something on bhushan’s clothes. Vinati says mummy i will do this. Elaichi says what will you do? You have whole house’s key. You should do the important things and leave rest of things up to me. Vinati says you are right i should check the kitchen.
Elaichi asks shreya when did bhushan come? Shreya says he came this morning. It would better for him and everyone to accept this.
Elaichi says where is this whiff coming from? She smells bhushan’s shirt and says bhushan came drunk? Shreya says please don’t tell anyone, I know bhsuhan made a mistake but he is upset. Please don’t tell papa. I know he has broken rules but he is not like ajay. He really loves and respects you and papa. I know his pain. Elaichi says what is it? Shreya says bhushan thought papa would recognize his hard work. Don’t think he is not happy for amar.But he is. papa could give him finance for his brilliance. Anyways, he wont drink again and I promise that. I apologize on his behalf. Don’t tell anyone especially papa. Elaichi leaves.

Precap-Elaichi says to kirlok we focused too much on didi’s kids. Kirlok says its not like that. Elaichi says why didn’t you make bhsuhan MD then? Kirlok says till amar is here bhushan can’t get any post. Bhushan and shreya are overhearing.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. awsom episode

  2. nice epi…we want to more ajay and sanju scenes…

  3. Shreya sabotaging her own husband. This serial started of really nice…. now i dont look at it. Shreya breaking apart the family with her lies

    1. This is so sad that everyone is falling for Shreya tricks and no one can see her lies…why not. Amar An Vinati has been there for all these years and nothing bad has happened and all of a sudden Illaichi is believing everything bad that Shreya is saying about this girl who has been a faithful family member. Think people!!!!

      Bushan is no good either…he is just like the wretch of a wife he married. He is a selfish person and family does not matter.

      So sad.

      I never liked the girl Shreya from the first time I saw her and still do not.

      I watch it for Ajay and Snajana only.

  4. At least increase ajay and sanjina or avni and meshaad ‘ s scenes

  5. I luv u ajju nd sanju

  6. I hate this serial now.. it’s turning out worse… please don’t come up some Shit just to run the serial..

  7. I watch this serial every day. Shreya rocks on the show.Rest of the team also do a good job.

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